Chapter 595 - What a Wonderful Destiny

    ...White Tiger City, the White Tiger Platoon palace...

    Di Fengyun slowly opened his eyes, which flickered sharply, "As our plan has failed, it's impossible to eliminate the Vermilion Bird Platoon for now! We have no choice but to wait until the Heaven-Worshipping Feast!"

    They had failed to eliminate Duan Qing even though the Skyhowl White Tiger had sent its clone to carry out the assassination. Not only had they lost the title of crown prince, they had also lost the perfect opportunity to get rid of Duan Qing and the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

    After all, their opponents literally had had no idea what had been coming at them, thus they would not have the same opportunity next time.

    "White Tiger, have you got what we need?" Di Fengyun asked when a sudden thought crossed his mind.

    "Don't you worry!" The giant figure of the Skyhowl White Tiger slowly appeared from deep within the palace, "It's only a matter of time until we acquire it! Once we get our hands on it, you can then retrieve the treasure from the Statue of the Deceased Emperor! With it, we will eventually eliminate the Vermilion Bird Platoon and the Black Tortoise Platoon!"

    Di Fengyun's eyes glittered.

    Although he could not wait to kill Duan Qing and devaste Zhou Bihua, he had no choice but to wait now.

    "I'll be going out for now."

    Di Fengyun calmed his thoughts and rose from his seat.



    Meanwhile, Qin Nan had returned to the Vermilion Bird Platoon. He proceeded to the Cultivation Hall without hesitation.

    "I now have two maps on me."

    Qin Nan thought as he took out the two pieces of map.

    The first map was related to the Lost Herb Garden that he had received from Jiang Bilan as part of the deal between them. He would need to hand it to the Princess.

    The second one was an ancient scroll, which he had found on the Second Prince's body after he was killed by Jiang Bilan. It recorded the location of a specific herb in the Crimson Blood Ocean, which the Trading Alliance was aiming for.

    "I will have to wait for the Princess to contact me before I can tell her about the map. As for the Crimson Blood Ocean, only a month is left until it is accessible, thus I shall make my way there when the time comes. The timing suits perfectly." Qin Nan thoughts became clearer.

    The first priority now was the Heaven-Worshipping Feast!

    "Nine days left until the Heaven-Worshipping Feast takes place. I might be able to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm within the remaining time!"

    Qin Nan waved his hand and took out thirty Dragon Abyss Fruits.

    After the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground had come to an end, Qin Nan had equally divided the Dragon Abyss Fruits among his team. He also gave Sima Kong ten of them, and asked him to take an extra one for Jiang Bilan. Once Jiang Bilan was back, she could retrieve it from the Trading Alliance.

    Even though the relationship between Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan was extremely complicated, he was a man of honor.

    He would never go against his own word.

    "Thirty Dragon Abyss Fruits, and a hundred Dragon Abyss Leaves. Normally, these should be enough to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm. However, with my cultivation of the Law-Defying Martial Dominator, I'm afraid that might not be the case..." Qin Nan thought.

    The Dragon Abyss Fruits and Dragon Abyss Leaves were able to improve one's cultivation and comprehension.

    He would also need to find some other items to further increase his comprehension.

    Only with enough comprehension would he be able to learn the secrets of the Martial Highness Realm, allowing his Law-Defying Primordial Spirit to evolve to the next stage.

    "Maybe I should pay a visit to the Starry Pagoda!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

    The Starry Stones were extremely useful, especially the ability to enhance one's comprehension. With enough Starry Stones, he could easily rank up to the Martial Highness Realm after consuming these Dragon Abyss Fruits and Dragon Abyss Leaves.

    "Let's go!"

    Qin Nan did not waste any time longer. He headed straight to White Tiger City after telling Zhou Bihua and the others.

    However, unlike previously, Zhou Bihua had now left a stream of his Divine Sense on Qin Nan's body. If Qin Nan was ambushed by assassins or experts, Zhou Bihua could easily teleport to him.

    When Qin Nan arrived at White Tiger City, the appearance of the city was different than usual.

    If White Tiger City was considered busy before, it was now busier than usual, the streets crowded with cultivators.

    Furthermore, the streets had various formations that were established, illuminating the city with mystical lights.

    The Heaven-Worshipping Feast was a grand occasion, and the Sky-Scorching Emperor would personally host it.

    As such, apart from the ministers of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, every City Lord would have to attend it as well. Nobody was allowed to be late.

    "This Heaven-Worshipping Feast is extraordinary indeed. The sight of it must be spectacular."

    Qin Nan scanned his surroundings and exclaimed, before he proceeded to the Starry Pagoda.

    Along the journey, Qin Nan did see a familiar figure, who was Fan Xinru of the Fan Clan from the Ninth City. Fan Xinru was now more mature, with a stronger cultivation, giving her the traits of a leader.

    Qin Nan was planning to greet her, but he soon got rid of the thought.

    Previously at the Ninth City, regardless of who was right or wrong, Fan Xinru's father had died in his hands in the end.

    "The past faded like the puff of smoke. The journey to becoming an expert would experience countless changes of scenes and people."

    A sudden thought rose within Qin Nan's heart, which felt incredible and obscure, unable to be described with words.

    Even Qin Nan himself did not realize that the sudden thought had caused his will to become firmer and more determined.

    "This is it!"

    Qin Nan soon arrived at the Starry Pagoda andentered the place immediately.

    As the name Duan Qing had shaken the entire Eastern Continent, Qin Nan tried to be as lowkey as possible. He acquired the badge of the Left Star Room from the maidservant and headed deep into the pagoda to avoid being seen.

    However, to Qin Nan's surprise, soon after he entered the Starry Pagoda, an uproar took place outside of it immediately, causing many experts at the main hall to be astonished.

    The reason being that a bulky figure had just entered the hall, who was none other than Di Fengyun!

    "Why is Di Fengyun here?"

    "Shhh, watch your mouth. Di Fengyun is extremely furious after his plan against Duan Qing failed."

    "Damn it, how unlucky. With him here, won't that mean that I'll be getting less Starry Stones today?"

    Many experts grumbled among themselves.

    Di Fengyun showed no expression as he headed to the reception to acquire his badge. However, when the name 'Duan Qing' popped up, his calm eyes flickered coldly.

    "Duan Qing..."

    Di Fengyun withdrew his cold gaze and proceeded to the deeper part of the hall.

    Despite the grumbling, the experts had no choice but to buy their own badges and enter the pagoda.

    Upon entering the light curtain, the people had entered a tall pagoda.

    The pagoda was split into basic rooms, intermediate rooms, advanced rooms, and superior rooms. Many had a beam of light emitting from the rooms, a sign that the room was occupied.

    At that instant, a superior room had been lit up.

    The moment the beam of light appeared, it served as a huge explosion in the hearts of the crowd, causing their expressions to change tremendously.

    The Left Star Superior Room!

    It was the Left Star Superior Room!

    That man...why was he here!
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