Chapter 605 - Power of the Magical Robe, the Assassination

    At the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, Zhou Bihua, Lin Fengxiao, the First Duke, and all other experts who were from the Vermilion Bird Platoon wore a satisfied look.

    "Not bad..."

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor raised his head slightly. Even though the result did not astonish him, it was relatively outstanding compared to the results in the past. It served as an indication that the Emperor's Seal had high hopes for Duan Qing.


    Meanwhile, Di Fengyun's expression became dark, as if a storm was approaching.

    The unpleasant feeling in his heart grew stronger as he witnessed Duan Qing's growth.

    Qin Nan was clueless as to the reaction of the crowd, as he was still immersed in the shock given by the Emperor's Qi.

    The Emperor's Qi was quite magical and pure, which transformed into a warm stream after merging with his body and flowed toward the Law-Defying Primordial Spirit.

    Five hundred and eighty streams of the Emperor's Qi allowed his body to give birth to thirty streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, thus he now had sixty-three streams of them.

    On top of that, Qin Nan's aura changed slightly.

    He had now developed a mysterious connection with the soil, air, buildings, etc. of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Emperor, as if his blood had merged with them. It felt like this place belonged to him, or was his hometown.

    "So it appears that the geniuses are told to absorb the Emperor's Qi to improve the resonance between them and the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Even if these geniuses ended up as formidable experts in various places, due to this connection with the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, they would lend a hand if something happened to the kingdom..."

    Qin Nan nodded his head. As expected of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, to win over the hearts of the people.

    However, he was not displeased by the method. After all, he had already established a close connection with the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

    "What a pity, the Emperor's Qi is still not enough. Otherwise, if I were able to increase the force of the Martial Highness Realm to ninety-nine streams, I would then rank up to the first-layer Martial Highness Realm."

    Qin Nan exclaimed.

    First-layer Martial Highness Realm: Ninety-nine streams of force.

    Second-layer Martial Highness Realm: One hundred and ninety-nine streams of force.

    Third-layer Martial Highness Realm and onward, every addition of one hundred streams meant leveling up to the next layer.

    At that instant, a rare occurrence took place.

    Qin Nan's robe shuddered softly as if it was aware of something, causing it to emit a mystical aura toward the Emperor's Seal.


    Qin Nan was startled.

    Following this, the Emperor's Seal in mid-air vibrated vigorously, as if it was extremely excited to stumble into an old friend.

    The rare phenomenon easily captured the attention of the crowd.

    "What's happening?"

    "Why is the Emperor's Seal turning unstable?"

    "Strange, this is strange!"

    The experts including Zhou Bihua were astounded.

    The Emperor's Seal was one of the heirloom treasures of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom left by the Deceased Emperor that possessed tremendous power. It was ordinary in the possession of the current emperor, and it rarely showed any extraordinary reaction.

    "Mm? Could it be..."

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor frowned. Since he was in charge of the Emperor's Seal, he was the most familiar with its reaction. He suddenly remembered something as he glanced at the robe that Qin Nan was wearing.

    His expression stiffened immediately, Damn it, I've totally forgotten about the Demon God's Robe!


    The crowd could only witness a terrifying aura bursting out from the Emperor's Seal like a brilliant sword glow, slashing the sky apart.

    More streams of the Emperor's Qi were fired from the Emperor's Seal as if the valve had been opened.

    One hundred streams!

    Two hundred streams!

    Five hundred streams!

    The Emperor's Qi burst out continuously, and in the blink of an eye, four thousand streams of Emperor's Qi merged into a surging river flowing into Qin Nan's direction.

    "Why is there so much Emperor's Qi?"

    Qin Nan was shocked, before he soon collected his thoughts. Both the Demon God's Robe and the Emperor's Seal were relics left by the Deceased Emperor. They had once accompanied him in countless battles, thus there existed a bond between them.

    "Demon God's Robe! Thanks for your help!"

    Qin Nan blurted out in joy before he immediately settled his thoughts and refined the Emperor's Qi.

    The Demon God's Robe let out a soft buzz while flapping its corner, as if it was incredibly proud after being complimented by Qin Nan.

    Meanwhile, the crowd was petrified seeing this.

    Four thousand streams of Emperor's Qi!

    Together with the previous five hundred and eighty streams, that was a total of four thousand five hundred and eighty streams! That was three times the amount that the Third Prince had been given!


    Are you sure the Third Prince is being crowned right now? Wasn't it more convincing to say that Duan Qing was the crown prince instead?

    "That guy!"

    The Third Prince opened his eyes and wore a wry smile. It appeared that Duan Qing always had some way to bring him surprises, regardless of the situation. However, this time, the surprise that Duan Qing brought left him in a total shock.

    After all, the crown prince had received less Emperor's Qi than someone else during his ascension.

    It would be a complete joke if this were made known to the public.

    Fortunately, the Third Prince was generous and treated Duan Qing as his own brother, thus he soon recovered after feeling low-spirited for a moment.

    Little did the Third Prince know that his father was even more depressed than he was, whose face was extremely dull.

    "I completely forgot about the Demon God's Robe! I shouldn't have let Duan Qing come forward!"

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor's heart was bleeding.

    With this much Emperor's Qi being consumed, he would need to spend a great effort and a huge amount of elixirs, etc. to help the Emperor's Seal recover to its peak.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan had no idea what a great fuss he had caused to the crowd.

    He quickly refined the Emperor's Qi and turned them into the force of the Martial Highness Realm rapidly.

    A moment later, the Emperor's Qi thoroughly merged with his body, allowing his force of the Martial Highness Realm to reach ninety-nine streams.

    As a matter of fact, Qin Nan was able to produce more streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, but he chose to use the Emperor's Qi to enhance his flesh instead.


    Following a soft buzz, Qin Nan's flesh became dazzling like a gem, as his flesh of the Martial Highness Realm had achieved perfection. Furthermore, whenever he was within the boundaries of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, each of his moves would be added with the force of the Heavens and Earth.


    It was as if a bubble had been poked, as Qin Nan's aura of the half-Martial Highness Realm ranked up to the Martial Highness Realm.

    On a side note, his Martial Highness Realm was not the same as the others, as the Primordial Spirit in his body had yet to transform, and was still retaining its human figure. Qin Nan would have to accumulate enough force of the Martial Highness Realm in order to trigger the Tribulation for his Primordial Spirit to evolve, allowing him to rank up to the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm.

    "Law-Defying Primordial Spirit, first-layer Martial Highness Realm..."

    Qin Nan wore a satisfying look.

    Wit his current strength, going against an ordinary fifth-layer Martial Highness would not be a problem.

    Suddenly, an alarm went off in Qin Nan's heart.

    It was so sudden and faint, that he almost failed to notice.

    Qin Nan had practiced the Sleeping Buddha Method, thus his senses were extremely sharp, allowing him to detect the danger.

    "What is it?"

    Qin Nan's body became tense as he scanned his surroundings.


    A powerful aura exploded without any sign, followed by a terrifying slash aiming at the Third Prince's figure.

    Someone was trying to assassinate the Third Prince!


    Qin Nan immediately reacted and took a step forward, blocking in front of the Third Prince using his flesh as a shield!
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