Chapter 607 - Worshiping the Deceased Emperor

    Qin Nan's breathing was now balanced.

    The Emperor's Qi was relatively warm, thoroughly activating his pores. The pain that covered his body gradually vanished due to the warmth.

    Even the poison he had contracted was slowly devoured by the Emperor's Qi.

    "Who would have thought that this Emperor's Qi is so magical..."

    Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart.

    Following this, his heart shuddered after hearing the words of the Sky-Scorching Emperor. It seems like I should speed up the process of restoring my strength and get rid of the poison.

    The reason being that the Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun were planning to make their moves during the phase of worshipping the Deceased Emperor to retrieve the treasure within the statue.

    ...While he was recovering, on the Heaven-Worshipping Ground...

    The high priests had brought out delicacies and wines made of various Martial Highness Realm beasts, and had lit the incense sticks. They then led the crowd in prayer, with the resonance of instruments, combining into a peaceful sight.

    However, behind the scenes, an icy surge was emerging.

    Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiao glanced in the direction of the Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun. In addition to them, the Ten Dukes and the other ministers were gazing at them too.

    It was possible for any royal kin or various faction to conduct the assassination targeting the Third Prince.

    However, the biggest suspect was the White Tiger Platoon!

    The White Tiger Platoon was the only one with enough power and resources to train a peak Martial Highness Realm Death Servant.

    Some of the experts were confused why the Death Servant had not targeted Duan Qing instead. The reason for this was that, in the White Tiger Platoon's eyes, Duan Qing's presence actually posed the lowest threat to the White Tiger Platoon as his cultivation was insignificant in this upcoming battle.

    In the end, it all came down to the competition between the experts!

    What could Duan Qing possibly do?

    At least, by killing the Third Prince, they would be able to free up the title of the crown prince, bringing chaos to the situation.

    Zhou Bihua took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment, before he transmitted his voice to Di Fengyun, "It's me!"

    Di Fengyun's figure shuddered, before he quickly recovered and replied coldly, "What is it that the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon wants from me?"

    "Don't trust the White Tiger," Zhou Bihua whispered, "He's using you!"

    "Using me? HAHA, you all have been using me, how would I not know? Zhou Bihua, stop pretending! If you really treated me as your successor, why didn't you teach me the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird? You said that it would kill me, but how about Duan Qing? So he won't die?" Di Fengyun grumbled as if his scar had been touched upon.

    Zhou Bihua wore a troubled look, "He's different..."

    He had only taught Qin Nan the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird as he was extremely talented in Martial Skills, and was approved by Sacred Leader Qinglong.

    If Di Fengyun were to practice the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird, he really would die.

    "Cut the bull**, remember this, the humiliation you gave me before, I'll give you back ten times the amount!" Di Fengyun wore an icy expression. In his eyes, Zhou Bihua was looking down on him and doubting his talents by not teaching him the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird!

    Zhou Bihua let out a sigh, before his eyes coldened.

    Let the remaining master-disciple relationship be blown away by the wind.

    The heaven-worshipping phase continued at a quickened pace. All procedures were finished in less than the period it took three incense sticks to burn.

    "Let's worship the Deceased Emperor now! Master Di Fengyun is in charge!" The master of ceremonies announced.

    The crowd immediately glanced toward him.

    Di Fengyun rose from his seat and with a flicker, his figure arriving before the Statue of the Deceased Emperor. He had changed his attire to a large white robe, similar to the master of ceremonies.

    The eyes of the many experts glittered.

    The worshipping of the Deceased Emperor-Di Fengyun was the only one that could conduct it!

    Only an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit could resonate with the Statue of the Deceased Emperor and obtain its approval!

    As a matter of fact, the Sky-Scorching Emperor's Martial Spirit was also at the eighth-grade Di rank, but his cultivation had reached the Martial Sacred Realm-the peak Martial Sacred Realm to be exact-thus he could not resonate with the Statue of the Deceased Emperor.

    "Ninety-ninth batch disciples of the three platoons, please come to the altar!"

    Di Fengyun yelled out.

    Longhu and the others rose from their seats and flew to the center.

    The ascension of the crown prince was able to give them the Emperor's Qi, granting them benefits by merging with their bodies. Now, the worship of the Deceased Emperor would resonate with the statue, which would give the geniuses various benefits.

    With these benefits, the geniuses would then swear their loyalty to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

    At that instant, many among the crowd gazed at Qin Nan.

    Would Duan Qing be taking part in the worship of the Deceased Emperor?

    Before anyone could react, Di Fengyun snapped coldly, "Duan Qing was severely injured after saving the Third Prince, thus he should rest! He won't need to take part in the ritual!"

    The words were firmly spoken, giving no one the chance to rebuke it.

    "Now, the ceremony shall begin! Priests, stand forward and unleash your Martial Spirits, perform the ritual!"

    Di Fengyun let out a roar.

    Following this, ten young women wearing white robes ascended the altar, each with five mystical rays emitting from their backs, a sign that they all possessed a fifth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit.

    These ten Martial Spirits were the same type: Guqin[1] Martial Spirits.

    The Martial Spirits floated in mid-air as the ten women played the same melody in synchronization, which echoed throughout the Heavens and Earth.

    The melody started gently, which became firm gradually, as if one was singing in high spirits, causing the crowd's blood to race.

    The giant statue emitted a glow together with a suppressive aura.

    The Statue of the Deceased Emperor!

    In some ways, similar to the Skyhowl White Tiger, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, it was also regarded as the protector of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

    Therefore, the ceremony of worshipping the Deceased Emperor was carried out in an imposing manner.

    "Servant Di Fengyun greets the Deceased Emperor. I pray for you to be awakened, to witness the birth of these new geniuses!"

    Di Fengyun let out a roar and took a step forward. Golden rays began to be emitted from his back, and stopped at the eighth ray when a human-figured Martial Spirit emerged and stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth with a magnificent aura.

    The human-figured Martial Spirit was wearing an armor plate covered in fresh blood.

    This was Di Fengyun's Martial Spirit!

    Rumors said that it was the transfiguration of a Martial Sacred Realm expert after he had passed away.

    The statue began to vibrate softly as if it was aware of the eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit's aura, which gradually grew stronger, and eventually fired a terrifying aura into the sky!


    The aura swept the place like a surging flood.

    It was as if the Statue of the Deceased Emperor had come alive, whose eyes emitted a blinding glow as it glanced at Longhu and the rest of the disciples.

    The eyes of the Skyhowl White Tiger sitting on the white jade chair flickered with excitement. How many years had it been, every time it sensed the aura of the Deceased Emperor, its heart would fill with rage.


    The Skyhowl White Tiger stuck out its tongue and licked its lips. Old man, the treasure that you have left will soon be mine!

    Translator: XephiZ

    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] TL Note: A type of instrument, also known as a Chinese zither.
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