Chapter 621 - The Law-Defying Qi


    The glow instantly encapsulated the garden like a huge bowl flipped upside down.

    Qin Nan and Di Fengyun were astounded by the sight.

    Four Martial Sacred Realm experts, countless crystals of energy. It was highly possible that the formation could resist a single attack of a Martial Progenitor Realm cultivator.


    Qin Nan immediately collected his thoughts and unleashed the left eye of the Divine God of Battle. Although he could not peak at the entirety of the formation, he managed to observe that the aura within the garden was different from before. It was as if the place was now on its own, separated from the Heavens and Earth.

    "It's not enough! Keep going!"

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor let out a roar as golden rays burst out from his body and his strength increased tremendously as if he had executed some sort of forbidden technique.

    The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, and Zhou Bihua all executed their forbidden techniques at the same time, temporarily boosting their power.


    They spat out a few drops of blood to the surroundings of the formation.


    The formation felt like an erupting volcano, with layers of energy being emitted from it, each more powerful than the one before. It was as if giant hands had appeared from the void, trying to pull the garden away from the Canglan Continent.

    "Third Prince, the formation can only last ten breaths!"

    The experts yelled out. They seemed to be losing their life force, as their cultivation dropped rapidly while their hair quickly turned grey, giving them the appearance of dying elders.

    The experts were on the verge of dying just by establishing the formation!


    The eyes of the Third Prince at the center of the formation sprang open and emitted a mystical glow.

    A total of six golden rays began to appear from his back and a metal folding fan emerged from the golden rays and floated in mid-air.

    This was the Third Prince's Martial Spirit, a sixth-grade Di ranked Iron Fan Martial Spirit!

    "Martial Spirit self-explode!"

    The Third Prince uttered a roar.


    The Iron Fan Martial Spirit began to vibrate vigorously as cracks appeared on its surface, before it exploded immediately after.


    The Third Prince's aura dropped rapidly, leaving him with an extremely pale face with no sign of blood flow. He raised his head and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

    He was severely injured as he had discarded his Martial Spirit!

    "Destiny Alteration!"

    At that instant, the white badge flew into the sky and turned into a white ray plunging into the Third Prince's body. The aura of the Deceased Emperor spread within the Third Prince's body, as the Martial Spirit began to merge with his soul.

    Two breaths had passed since the formation was activated!

    At that instant, a strange voice could be heard coming from the sky.

    Qin Nan could feel himself shivering, causing him to raise his head. He could see vague demon-like figures holding reapers in their hands with reddened eyes, searching for something in the surroundings of the formation.


    Qin Nan's soul began to tremble.

    He had never experienced such a terrifying aura since the suppression of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

    "Altering one's destiny is breaking the rules of nature. These figures are most likely the representatives of the Heavens and Earth! If they discover the person trying to alter their destiny, they would most likely attack them. No one here is able to stand a chance against these figures!"

    Qin Nan collected his thoughts and withheld the fear in his heart. His eyes were fixed onto the Third Prince's figure.





    The Third Prince performed hand seals with bloodshot eyes. Each action was carried out in extreme difficulty. As he uttered the four words, four breaths had passed, thus only four breaths remained!

    Each word was taking a breath's time!





    The moment the remaining time was depleted, the formation that the experts had put their lives at stake to maintain instantly shattered. The figures roaming in the surroundings instantly glanced toward the Third Prince.

    A terrifying aura filled the place. At that instant, it felt like everything, including the palace and the entire White Tiger City was going to be obliterated!


    An explosion took place in the Third Prince's body as the previous aura of the Deceased Emperor vanished.

    His pale face slightly recovered.

    Howl howl howl...

    A scorching wind was emitted from the void, grabbing the roaming figures like the hand of a giant beast and pulling them back into the void.

    The garden fell into a dead silence.

    "We've...we've done it!"

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others were relieved to see this, before they fell to the ground unconscious.


    Di Fengyun was startled. He instantly went up and took out herbs and elixirs to construct a formation, restoring the energy of the four experts.

    He was here today to help them to recover their strength.

    "Duan Qing, this stream of Law-Defying Qi is yours!" The Third Prince glanced at Qin Nan and fired a stream of mysterious Qi into Qin Nan's body. Following this, his face was filled with fatigue as he said, "The Heaven-Shrouding Formation was too weak and I was forced to end the process earlier. I will fall into a deep sleep and will only wake up three years later. Wait for me..."

    The Third Prince closed his eyes and fell asleep lying on the ground. His body showed no sign of life as if he had died.

    He could only display the effect of altering his destiny after he woke up!

    "So this...is the destiny alteration!"

    Qin Nan was astounded.

    The Heaven-Shrouding Formation that the four experts had established only lasted ten breaths. Furthermore, the Third Prince could only wake up after three years.

    If he was half a breath late, the entire White Tiger City would have been totally destroyed!

    Destiny alteration!

    How difficult it was!

    If someone else were to acquire the spirit of the Deceased Emperor, the person could have already been killed while refining it.

    "I've already altered my destiny by acquiring the Divine Battle Spirit!"

    "However, it was relatively easy in my case."

    Qin Nan took a deep breath. He understood one thing after spectating the process.

    His fortunate encounter was incredibly precious!

    Therefore, he could not allow himself to let the Divine Battle Spirit down!

    Qin Nan's body shuddered.


    The stream of mysterious Qi that the Third Prince had inserted into his body was experiencing a shocking change.

    The stream of Law-Defying Qi emitted a mysterious absorbing force and fully absorbed the ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm. It then turned restless and rotated non-stop within his body, as if it was turning into some sort of terrifying force!
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