Chapter 626 - Successor of the Emperor of Thieves, Sima Kong

    "Hehe, why so provoked by such a small matter?" The Leader of the Trading Alliance let out a smile and broke the silence, "I was just joking with you, don't be too serious about it. Du Feng, let's go."

    After saying this, the Leader of the Trading Alliance left the place. No one was able to see his expression as he was wearing a mask.

    The crowd collected their thoughts after the duo disappeared from their sight. They immediately glanced at Qin Nan with impressed looks.


    This Duan Qing was f**king brilliant!

    Even the Leader of the Trading Alliance was forced to withdraw as he was scared to make matters worse.

    Was that a joke?

    Had you ever seen any joke like that!


    The Divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe both let out sighs of relief. They would not feel good if the situation had worsened because of them.


    To their surprise, Duan Qing let out a sigh of relief too, who immediately coughed after being aware of their gazes and transmitted his voice to them, "I was just scaring them off. Even if I activated the badges, the two godly beasts wouldn't come here."

    That's right, Qin Nan was only being aggressive to give himself the upper hand.

    The reason being that the four great experts had had their energy depleted after establishing the formation, and were still recovering at the moment. Even if Qin Nan were to use the badges, they would not be able to show themselves.

    "I see."

    The Divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe silently nodded their heads, and were even more impressed by Qin Nan's ability to remain calm facing an authority like the Leader of the Trading Alliance and take ahold of the opportunity to grant him the upper hand. Other geniuses would not have such courage.

    "That being said, it seems like you two won't be able to stay any longer in the Trading Alliance..." Qin Nan slowly spoke.

    "With the Trading Alliance acting so shamefully, I don't think I have any intention to stay here any longer," The Divine Swordmaster wore a calm face and glanced at Jiao Zhe, "I do lack a disciple to accompany me on my trip traveling around the Eastern Continent."

    Jiao Zhe was stunned for a moment, before he joyfully brought his fists together, "Your disciple is willing to!"

    The Divine Swordmaster nodded his head in satisfaction and brought his fists together toward Qin Nan with a smile, "We'll meet again soon."


    Qin Nan did not say anything. Even though he could easily set them up in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, everyone had their own choice. They had the right to decide their own paths.

    Following this, Qin Nan proceeded to meet up with Sima Kong.

    While walking on the Northern Street, he subconsciously glanced at the Trading Alliance.

    The entire Northern Street of White Tiger City belonged to the Trading Alliance, with around thirty palaces built there. Although the palaces were not too massive, one could feel the imperiousness of a city within a city when glancing down from mid-air.

    Each of the palaces had its own usage.

    They were used for auctions, trading posts, selling artifacts and elixirs, etc...

    "Mm? What's that?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

    A distance away in the sky, a huge pair of faint eyes were glancing down, observing the Northern Street.

    "It's said that the headquarters of the Trading Alliance has specifically constructed a few palaces here to store their treasures. If I'm not mistaken, the eyes are probably keeping watch on those palaces. Even if one became invisible, or tried to trespass into the palaces with teleportation or some sort of movement technique, the eyes could still detect them."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

    Following this, he came to an alley in the Northern Street according to Sima Kong's instructions, and arrived before a residence. As soon as he entered, Longhu's grumbling noises could be heard, "What took you so long?"

    "Cut the nonsense, Qin Nan, come in quick. Don't let the Sky Eyes see you."

    Sima Kong said, who was standing aside.

    Qin Nan immediately entered the place and glanced at Sima Kong, who looked different than usual. He was now in his true appearance, wearing a white robe which emitted an extraordinary glow.

    "Hehe, kid, can you tell us what are you up to now? If it's not a big deal, I'll surely teach you a great lesson!" Longhu wore a cold grin. He was having his time with a junior sister before he had been summoned here.

    "Qin Nan, I assume that you know the Trading Alliance is storing their treasures in some of the palaces, right?"

    Sima Kong ignored Longhu and glanced at Qin Nan.


    Qin Nan nodded his head, while his eyes were filled with curiosity.

    Why was Sima Kong asking this question?

    Could it be...

    As he thought, Sima Kong's eyes glittered as he spoke, "Today, us three brothers are going to do something shocking. Let's rob these palaces!"

    Qin Nan and Longhu were stunned hearing the words, before they subconsciously took a deep breath.

    This Sima Kong was trying to rob the treasure vaults of the Trading Alliance?

    They were talking about one of the Four Great Factions!

    There existed countless traps surrounding the treasure vaults of the Trading Alliance, with experts guarding them. Wasn't it suicidal for them three-with merely Martial Highness Realm cultivations-to go there?

    "You're planning to rob the Trading Alliance? Are you out of your mind? Why would we keep you company when you're trying to kill yourself..." Longhu collected his thoughts and burst out scolding.

    Many infamous thieves had tried to rob the Trading Alliance in the past.

    In the end, not one excluded, all of them were crippled, with their dantians destroyed!

    This was the headquarters of the Trading Alliance, guarded by Martial Sacred Realm experts, a completely different story than the Trading Alliance in the lower district!

    However, before Longhu could finish, he was interrupted.

    Sima Kong's aura changed tremendously, with a hint of a Martial Monarch's suppression. A golden seal slowly appeared from his forehead, emitting a blinding glow.

    Longhu's face was filled with astonishment as soon as he saw the seal, "That's the Emperor of Thieves' Seal? You're his successor?"

    Emperor of Thieves?

    The Martial Monarch who was a specialist in stealing?

    Qin Nan was startled. He finally understood why Sima Kong was the first person in history to be tagged with five black marks by the Trading Alliance!

    How many times had this guy robbed the subdivisions of the Trading Alliance?

    Longhu collected his thoughts. His expression remained unpleasant, "So what if you're the successor of the Emperor of Thieves? Damn it, we're going against Martial Sacred Realm cultivators. You're out of your mind, but I'm definitely not..."

    Sima Kong did not reply, but glanced at Qin Nan and said, "Are you in?"

    "Well, it's not too good to rob the others..."

    Qin Nan was quite reluctant, but as he was speaking, he suddenly recalled that the Divine Battle Spirit required a huge number of Primary Stones to rank up, and wasn't this Trading Alliance his enemy as well?

    In the future, once he was strong enough, he would surely wage a war against the Trading Alliance!

    What reason was there not to rob his enemy to let them suffer a huge loss?

    "Let's do it!"
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