Chapter 645 - Map of the Disordered Ocean

    "You're from the Luan Clan?" Qin Nan was stunned, before he said coldly, "Kill you? You have an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation. Your body also has a mysterious force within it. If I'm not mistaken, you should have at least five different ways that would allow you to escape from me! Cut the bull** and tell me what you're planning to do! You might be strong, but you're no match against me!"

    "You've seen them all?" The woman wore an astonished look. Not many people on the Hidden Dragon Ranking could have such an outstanding eye-technique.

    "Take a look at this..."

    The woman paused for a moment, before she took out a stone and threw it into the sky, summoning a screen.

    A figure appeared on the screen, which turned out to be the Patriarch of the Luan Clan, Luan Chengjie!

    "Cultivator Duan Qing, I'll keep this short. Our clan has been able to stand firmly in the Crimson Blood Ocean for many years because of a treasure we've found. This treasure is able to produce the Disordered Ocean Qi, which possesses great power, and it has allowed us to defeat Martial Sacred Realm experts! Before we acquired this treasure, we found a scroll beside it with many ancient water-type Martial Arts recorded in it. It mentioned that if we found someone with a more powerful water-type ancient Martial Art who was able to grab all of the Disordered Ocean Qi, our clan had to provide our best assistance. I've sent Luan Feng to help you..."

    Luan Chengjie's figure disappeared as he finished.

    Qin Nan immediately understood the situation. He did not expect the Disordered Ocean Art that the Princess had given him was related to the secrets of the Luan Clan.

    "Luan Feng, right? I don't need your help!"

    Qin Nan softened his grip and prepared to leave.

    "Wait!" Luan Feng's figure appeared before Qin Nan with a flicker and said coldly, "Although I'm not too keen on helping you, this is my Patriarch's order! I have a map here that records the possible locations of fortunate encounters of this Ancient Battlefield; are you sure you don't need my help?"

    "Locations of fortunate encounters?"

    Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat hearing this.

    Previously, he had learned that the Martial Highness Crystal was able to devour the energy within the skeletal hand. If he managed to retrieve all of the fortunate encounters, it would allow him to significantly improve his strength! Furthermore, he might even find the location of the succession through the map...

    "Why should I trust you?" Qin Nan said with a calm expression.

    "I, Luan Feng, swear to the Heavens that if I do any harm to Duan Qing, I will be struck by lightning, and will never be able to reincarnate." Luan Feng immediately swore an oath, whose eyes wore a disdainful look as she continued, "Feel free to seal off my Divine Sense. If I try to hurt you, you can easily destroy my Divine Sense!"


    Qin Nan did not expect this Luan Feng to be this straightforward. He waved his hand and said, "There's no need for that."

    Hearing this, Luan Feng's eyes glistened before she heard Qin Nan asking her, "Why did you attack me?"

    "I was just checking out your strength. If you're too weak, I would never assist you even if it meant betraying the clan!"

    Luan Feng snapped.

    Their clan had spent a few hundred years collecting information about the fortunate encounters of the Ancient Battlefield. The people of the clan had never planned to retrieve them, solely to follow the instructions of the scroll to provide their assistance to the one that was able to control the Disordered Ocean Qi. In Luan Feng's eyes, this was extremely stupid, but she was unable to oppose her father's will, thus she had no choice but to carry out the task.

    If Qin Nan's cultivation was too weak, she would never hand the map over.

    "I see!" Qin Nan nodded.

    "Here's the map."

    Luan Feng threw a scroll to Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan took a glimpse at it. On the map were over two thousand places tagged with various fortunate encounters, like glowing stars in the night's sky.

    "What a surprise to acquire the Luan Clan's assistance this time. Once my strength improves, I shall repay their debt whenever I have the chance..."

    Qin Nan made up his mind. The Luan Clan had helped him to rank up to the sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm and had given him the map.

    "Come, there's one three li away from here."

    Qin Nan wasted no further time and proceeded forward.

    Luan Feng stared at his back for a while before following behind him.

    Along the journey, Qin Nan eliminated a few other spiritual beasts. He took ahold of the opportunity to familiarize himself with the Disordered Ocean Qi, which not only prevented him from being affected by the Ancient Battlefield's aura, but also boosted the power of his Disordered Ocean Art.

    "We're here!"

    Qin Nan came to a stop. Before him was a huge pit covered in darkness, with the faint cries of beasts coming out from it. Furthermore, at the bottom of the pit lay a few stalks of flowers dyed with fresh blood, emitting a demonic aura.

    "The Demonic Sunflower, extremely useful for cultivation, but it..."

    Before Luan Feng could finish, Qin Nan had leapt into the pit and unleashed countless flames that destroyed the spiritual beasts inside it, before plucking all of the Demonic Sunflowers.

    "Please let me finish before you make your move!" Luan Feng wore an unpleasant expression as she scolded, "These Demonic Sunflowers were stained with the blood of demons. You would need a Martial Sacred Realm expert to cleanse them! Otherwise, you can't devour them, as--"

    Qin Nan let out a calm smile.

    The Martial Highness Crystal within his body was activated, which absorbed the Demonic Sunflowers into his body rapidly.

    "Duan Qing-you!"

    Luan Feng was dumbfounded. She did not expect Duan Qing to ignore her advice.

    Was he trying to kill himself!


    Six extra streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm were added to his body.

    One breath, two breaths later...

    Ten seconds after, Luan Feng wore an astounded look, "You..."

    Why was this Duan Qing perfectly unharmed?

    How was he not affected by the Demonic Sunflowers?


    Qin Nan said calmly and was about to head to the next location.

    At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

    Buzz Buzz Buzz.

    A soft vibration could be felt from the ground. Qin Nan immediately saw the stones and shattered armor plates around him begin to quaver.

    "What's happening?" Qin Nan said.

    Even Luan Feng was stunned herself. She had been living beside the Crimson Blood Ocean for a few hundred years and had entered the Ancient Battlefield countless times, but she had never experienced something like this.

    In addition to them, the cultivators scattered around the Ancient Battlefield frowned as well.


    The vibration of the ground became stronger, as if it had gone mad!

    The ground began to quake vigorously. Even cracks were formed on the surface, resulting in a shocking view.

    "What's happening?"

    Qin Nan was astounded.

    "The whole battlefield...is shaking violently!"

    Luan Feng's voice was filled with astonishment.

    "What? The whole battlefield?"

    Qin Nan held his breath and recalled the fact that Jiang Bilan had vanished after her short appearance, and the fact that the copper mirror had asked him to wait!

    What the hell was going on?


    At that instant, in the center of the battlefield, a brilliant white beam was fired into the sky like an ancient dragon, penetrating the barrier that encapsulated the ocean and went straight up into the Heavens!

    The entire Ancient Battlefield...was experiencing a tremendous change!
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