Chapter 647 - The Authorities Gather, and the Rogue Cultivator Lone Eagle

    ...Crimson Blood Ocean, on the shore...


    Followed by the suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm, a sinister-looking old man and a middle-aged woman wearing little clothing appeared on the shore.

    They were Elder Yin-one of the Wendao Elders-and the Supreme Elder of the Wanxiang Pavilion!

    "It's been a while." The Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance who had just left the place a few moments ago immediately made his way back.

    "It's been a while indeed!"

    Elder Yin and the middle-aged woman raised their heads slightly, glancing at one another.

    Soon after, a roar could be heard, which turned out to be the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise.

    "Kid, this time, you're on your own..."

    The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise then mumbled to itself. Initially, the Sky-Scorching Emperor had been planning to send Di Fengyun, Mu Chengye, and the others there to help Qin Nan, but the suggestion was rejected by the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise. In its opinion, this was better for Qin Nan's growth.

    "Four authorities have arrived!"

    The rogue cultivators on the shore were dumbfounded.

    As time gradually passed, more experts began to teleport themselves to the Crimson Blood Ocean after hearing the news, resulting in a lively scene that attracted the attention of the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain and the Wanxiang Pavilion.

    Not all geniuses of the Eastern Continent had joined the Four Great Factions.


    At that instant, the barrier encapsulating the Crimson Blood Ocean cracked open, as golden boats were summoned onto the shore. This time, there were nine hundred and ninety-nine of them!

    "Let's go!"

    Yang Gong and Yu Luosha uttered their commands respectively, leading the disciples of the two factions toward the golden boats. The rogue cultivators immediately unleashed their moves, competing with one another to secure themselves a boat, but they did not dare to challenge the disciples of the two factions, as the authorities were watching from behind.

    A loud screech could be heard all of a sudden.

    A black-robed man with his hands spread out like wings flew into the sky like a meteor and landed on one of the golden boats. The rower of the boat immediately started moving the boat forward.

    "Crap! It's the Lone Eagle, he is making his way to the battlefield!

    At that instant, the authorities of the Trading Alliance, the Dao-Seeking Mountain, and the Wanxiang Pavilion were startled.

    Many among the rogue cultivators shuddered as well.

    "Lone Eagle? Isn't he ranked eleventh on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!?"

    "He has been a loner all along. It's said that he extremely hated the people of the Four Great Factions, and he has killed three geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!"

    "Doesn't that mean that the geniuses in the Ancient Battlefield are about to have a hard time?"

    The faces of many rogue cultivators were filled with gloating looks.

    It appeared that they were not too fond of the Four Great Factions either.

    Hearing this, the three authorities turned their heads around and glanced at the crowd with icy auras, causing them to instantly turn quiet.

    "Although these geniuses lack the Disordered Ocean Qi, with their cultivation, they will surely have other ways to resist the pressure from the Ancient Battlefield! Oh Duan Qing, the future of our Luan Clan lies in your hands..."

    Luan Chengjie subconsciously clenched his fists tightly.

    ...Crimson Blood Ocean, the Ancient Battlefield...

    The figures of Qin Nan and Luan Feng swept the place like two tornadoes. Along the journey, many spiritual beasts were crushed into pieces before they could approach them.

    "The pressure is growing..."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

    As they got closer to the center of the Ancient Battlefield, the crimson color of the ground became darker. Furthermore, faint negative emotions struck their Divine Sense like cries of devils, for which they needed to rely on the Disordered Ocean Qi to resist.

    "We're finally here."

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened as he and Luan Feng arrived.

    They were currently one li away from the towering white door, which was emitting a terrifying suppression. Below the door was a dojo made of white tiles, which was only a few tens of li large.

    "The door, it looks like we can enter it!"

    Qin Nan exchanged glances with Luan Feng, before they proceeded to the dojo and went straight toward the door.

    According to their speculation, they would find the succession after passing the door!


    An invisible force was emitted from the door when they reached three zhang away from it, which served as a wall, causing them to collide into it and resulting in a loud bang. Their figures were knocked a few steps backward.


    Qin Nan groaned as he unleashed a powerful slash toward the invisible wall before him. A water-like ripple could be seen in the space before him, before it became calm rapidly.

    "Strange, why can't we move forward?"

    Qin Nan frowned.

    Since the door was opened, they should be able to enter!

    "Someone's here!"

    Luan Feng said.


    Qin Nan collected his thoughts and turned around. A cold grin appeared on his face as he glanced at the arriving people.

    He could see three figures flying toward him, which turned out to be Du Ping, Du Yuan, and Du Feng!

    "Duan Qing, you're here!"

    Their eyes widened after seeing Qin Nan's figure. Not long after, they recovered from their astonishment and uttered hollow laughs, "You have chosen the path to hell instead of the path to heaven! Last time, you had the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise protecting you. Who's going to protect you this time!"

    At that instant, a terrifying murderous intent was emitted from their bodies.

    Luan Feng standing beside Qin Nan drew out an ancient bow that emitted a formidable icy aura.

    "You're--" The trio were stunned. They immediately switched their attention onto the icy-looking woman. Her cultivation was incredible, was she Duan Qing's helper?

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

    A few other experts made their way to the door, and were stunned seeing the face-off between the two sides. Following this, they immediately charged forward, and were all stopped by the invisible barrier.

    "Who are you! Do you know that you will be regarded as the enemy of the Trading Alliance by helping Duan Qing!"

    Du Ping snapped. Duan Qing was already difficult to deal with, and with this woman's presence, they would definitely need to pay a great price to kill them both.

    "Cut the bull**!"

    Qin Nan wore a sharp look.

    Before the succession was activated, he was more than happy to eliminate any person from the Trading Alliance who he stumbled into!


    A saber intent was fired!

    However, at that instant, an icy laugh could be heard coming from afar.

    "As expected of Duan Qing, how scornful, daring to show himself. Are you...looking for me?"

    The voice slowly approached them, which gradually turned sinister.

    The crowd turned their heads and were left astounded.

    The person was none other than Zhu Hang.

    Qin Nan's expression darkened.
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