Chapter 651 - Epic Treasure-Looting Fest, the Saber Intent of a Martial Sacred

    "Duan Qing, I will not let you go easily..."

    As the formation devoured the figures of the crowd, Zhu Hang collected his thoughts and transmitted his voice to Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan responded with a glance.

    Following this, the formation teleported them to various places on the Ancient Battlefield.

    The guardian spirit glanced at the empty dojo before switching its gaze onto the Light Door, its eyes filled with great respect, before it whispered, "Old woman, everything is going according to your will."




    Qin Nan's figure landed on the ground. He was surrounded by crimson soil and a demonic aura. Raising his head, he could still see the giant white door, thus he was not far from the center of the battlefield.

    "From where I am now, there is a fortunate encounter just three li away..." Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before he departed for his destination.

    Meanwhile, the cultivators in the Ancient Battlefield tried their best to locate the positions of the fortunate encounters. If one were to glance down from above, it would feel like a treasure hunting festival was taking place.

    Qin Nan soon arrived at his destination.

    Before him lay a blood-red river, in which the water seemed to be quite viscous, similar to lava.

    "The river itself is a spiritual being, with a cultivation of at least the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm, and the treasure is at the bottom..."

    Qin Nan discovered this after scanning with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle. He instantly drew out the ancient saber Ira from its sheath.


    The powerful saber intent was unleashed, as if it was going to slash the river into pieces. Following a loud explosion, the river suddenly 'awakened', forming a giant barrier that devoured the saber intent.

    In the blink of an eye, followed by a rapid piercing sound, drops of water the size of a fist were fired with a great force.


    Qin Nan's Demon God's Robe immediately covered his figure and blocked the attack. With a kick, he unleashed his cultivation and sprang toward the bottom of the river at lightning speed, retrieved the treasure, and vanished from sight.


    The river instantly became enraged as it realized that it had been tricked by the human!

    "These fragments are quite extraordinary. They must have been half-Monarch Weapons before to still contain such power after so many years.."

    Qin Nan inspected the fragments he had acquired while flying in the air.

    A moment later, he finally realized that something was not right. The Martial Highness Crystal did not show any reaction.

    "What's going on? Does this mean that the crystal is unable to absorb objects?"

    Qin Nan paused for a moment, before he swiftly proceeded to the next location. This time, he acquired a few stalks of Eight-Leaved Grass. The Martial Highness Crystal finally activated and absorbed them, giving him two streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm in return.

    "So it seems like it's unable to absorb objects, but it does absorb wines and herbs..."

    Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

    On second thought, it would be too unfair if it were able to absorb anything. For example, the Divine Battle Spirit needed pills and Primary Stones to rank up.

    Qin Nan continued to hunt for the treasures.

    Around the period it took for three incense sticks to burn later, he had found at least eighteen stalks of various herbs, which gave him twenty extra streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm. Furthermore, he had also acquired many treasure fragments, and kept them all with him.

    The Chaos Qi had another magical use-restoring these fragments!

    "Duan Qing!" A rift appeared all of a sudden, before Luan Feng's glamorous figure stepped out from it.

    "You actually found me?" Qin Nan was startled.

    "You've practiced an ancient water-type Martial Art, of course I can track you down easily," Luan Feng wore a curious look, "What relationship do you have with Yang Gong and Yu Luosha? Why are they helping you?"

    "Just acquaintances." Qin Nan replied calmly.

    Luan Feng rolled her eyes hearing this. Acquaintances? Why would two great geniuses be willing to offend the Trading Alliance if they were just acquaintances?

    This guy really had a lot of secrets on him...

    Luan Feng collected her thoughts and spoke, "I won't bother asking then. By the way, you won't find Crimson Badges at ordinary fortunate encounters. You're a saber artist, right? Good timing, I know a place where you can find the Crimson Badge."


    Qin Nan became excited.

    Although he had the map with him, he was clueless as to its details, thus he would prefer to spend his time searching for greater fortunate encounters.

    Under Luan Feng's guidance, the duo reached their destination after the period it took for four incense sticks to burn.

    "This is it." Luan Feng said while her body tensed, as if a great foe was approaching.

    Qin Nan glanced forward and immediately saw countless ravines produced from great impacts in the area in front of him, allowing him to imagine the intensity of the battle that had taken place there despite the time that had passed.

    One particular ravine stood out, which was perfectly straight and covered a distance of two li. Its depth was immeasurable as it was covered in darkness, with howls of wind coming out from it.


    The ancient saber Ira vibrated vigorously in his hand as if it were being summoned.


    Qin Nan immediately inspected it with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, leaving him in astonishment.


    Following a loud explosion, the ground around him disappeared. It was replaced by a white glow.

    In the midst of it,  a blurry figure firmly stood holding an ancient saber in his hand.

    The figure was only a phantom, but a terrifying aura could be felt from it.


    The blurry figure's eyes sprang open and locked onto Qin Nan's figure. A terrifying murderous intent was emitted as the figure powerfully swung the saber in its hand in Qin Nan's direction.

    A saber glow was fired.

    It felt like the slash was not aiming at Qin Nan's flesh, but rather his longevity!


    Qin Nan's expression changed tremendously. At that particular instant, he could smell the scent of death.

    Without hesitation, he raised his left arm of the Divine God of Battle and shielded himself.


    A shocking explosion occurred.

    The terrifying saber intent was blocked.

    "What just happened?"

    Qin Nan was astounded. Apart from the slight coldness from his left arm, his body was perfectly unharmed.

    He was confident that even if the left arm of the Divine God of Battle was able to block the slash, his flesh would suffer a great impact.

    If the slash was a mere illusion, his left eye of the Divine God of Battle should have been able to peek through it.

    What exactly was going on?


    A shocked exclamation could be heard.
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