Chapter 656 - Defeating the Three Stars, a Magnificent Loo


    "Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling!"

    Qin Nan raised his right hand and swung it in the direction of the Three Stars.

    Three illusionary bells were summoned that encapsulated their figures before emitting an endless chime that was enhanced with the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and the Sky Thunder.

    Qin Nan had mastered the Heavenly Accumulating Strike and was able to utilize it in his abilities to amplify their power.


    The trio immediately used their Mystical Weapons to protect themselves, which were all shattered into pieces while their flesh suffered the remaining impact from the attack. Their figures were knocked a few steps back, while spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

    Before they could react, three ancient sabers rose into the sky and executed the Aging slashes!

    A chain skill!

    Within the brief moment of their astonishment, they were continuously attacked by Qin Nan like an enraged tsunami!

    "Damn it!"

    The trio straightened their faces as they guided their defensive artifacts to form a wall before them. As the slashes landed on the wall, the Weapon Spirit and the formations that existed within the artifacts aged rapidly and were completely destroyed.

    With just two attacks, there were only a few Emperor Weapons left in their bodies.

    "Kill him!"

    The trio's expressions became hideous.

    The order that they had received from the Trading Alliance was to detain Duan Qing in order to learn his secrets. However, the strength that Duan Qing had displayed was too terrifying, resulting in a great sense of danger to them.

    Not to mention the fact that Duan Qing's cultivation was currently only at the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm.

    If he ranked up to the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm, would Zhu Hang stand a chance against him?





    At that instant, the trio made up their minds and executed hand seals, causing a magical force to be emitted from their bodies into the five Sacred Weapons. Following this, the Sacred Weapons vibrated vigorously before a powerful force burst out from them.


    Even with the left arm of the Divine God of Battle, Qin Nan's flesh was experiencing a great pressure. The Demon God's Robe immediately covered his figure to resist the attack.


    The trio roared.

    A terrifying force was fired from the five Sacred Weapons in Qin Nan's direction, as if it were going to destroy everything in its path!

    The Three Stars relaxed their minds seeing this.

    They were utterly confident in their attack. Even a top fifteen genius from the Hidden Dragon Ranking would have a hard time resisting it, thus despite Duan Qing's outstanding flesh, it would be impossible for him to survive the attack.


    A loud explosion could be heard.

    With Qin Nan at the center, the surrounding ground was completely shattered into pieces. Even the space surrounding him was filled with cracks, as the area was covered in plumes of dust.

    This sight alone indicated how terrifying the attack was.

    However, as the dust dispersed, their hearts skipped a beat.

    They could see Qin Nan's figure standing firmly while the Demon God's Robe glowed brightly. His left arm was perfectly unharmed. That being said, a trace of blood could be seen on his lips.

    Even though the left arm of the Divine God of Battle and the Demon God's Robe had resisted the majority of the impact, the remaining impact had still damaged Qin Nan's flesh.


    The trio dropped their jaws. Their eyes were filled with terror for the very first time.

    Duan Qing was only a seventh-layer Martial Highness!

    Had he only suffered a light injury when he was struck by their terrifying blow?

    That didn't make sense at all!

    "Martial Spirit unleash!"

    Du Ping instantly yelled out as eight golden rays were emitted from his back.

    Du Yuan and Du Feng immediately collected their thoughts and unleashed their Martial Spirits.

    Three eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits had been unleashed!

    "Martial Spirit Resonance, three Martial Spirits in one-die!"

    The trio executed a forbidden technique, allowing the three Martial Spirits to merge into one, combining their strength before attacking Qin Nan's figure.

    Apart from the Mystical Weapons, this was also one of their strongest moves!

    Their eyes became bloodshot. This was their last chance!

    "Kneel down!"

    Qin Nan snapped as eight golden rays were emitted from his back. The Divine Battle Spirit stood in the air as its hollow eyes gazed toward the merged Martial Spirit.


    A terrifying suppression could be felt, as if it was from the law of nature itself!

    This was one of the abilities of the Divine Battle Spirit; Martial Spirits with the same rank or below would be suppressed, without exception!

    The trio immediately witnessed a shocking sight. Their merged Martial Spirit began to tremble violently as if it had encountered some frightening presence, causing it to kneel down on the ground as if it were a servant paying tribute to an emperor.

    Their Sacred Weapons had failed, their Martial Spirits had failed... The astonishment struck their hearts like waves, causing their eyes to become devoured by fear.

    This Duan Qing, what kind of monster was he!

    Apart from his terrifying flesh, his Martial Spirit was able to suppress their Martial Spirits!

    It was something they had neither encountered nor heard of before!


    Meanwhile, Qin Nan raised his head and locked his gaze onto the Sacred Weapon in the middle of the formation. His eyes displayed an overwhelming battle intent.

    "Aging, Fire, Thunder, Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, Disordered Ocean, Divine God of Battle...slash!"

    His right hand drew out an ancient saber as he accumulated all of his strength.


    A terrifying saber glow was fired in a destructive manner, slashing the Sacred Weapon perfectly in half.

    Following this, the Sacred Weapon exploded, causing the surroundings to be engulfed in blazing flames.

    Destroying a Sacred Weapon with a single slash!

    The formation formed by the five Sacred Weapons had been instantly destroyed.


    Qin Nan leapt into the air and stared at the Three Stars as he continued to lash out slashes!


    A great sense of danger caused them to collect their thoughts. With pale faces, they immediately controlled the remaining Sacred Weapons to protect themselves.

    At that instant, the trio suddenly saw tiny light dots expanding rapidly before them, which turned out to be some black orbs.

    There were twenty of them in total, which emitted a tremendous lightning power.

    "Lightning Orbs? Does that mean..."

    The trio realized something, leaving them with astounded expressions. Before they could say anything, the slashes landed onto the Sacred Weapons, causing them to lose their power for a brief moment. Within this moment, the Lightning Orbs above their heads exploded.


    Following the loud explosion, countless rays of lightning struck downward, as if the place had turned into a sea of lightning.

    Three cries of agony could be heard simultaneously.

    After enduring the attacks of the Lightning Orbs, the trio was severely injured, and was only a step away from death itself. Qin Nan's eyes coldened, giving them no chance to react as he executed three other Aging slashes. This time, without the protection of the Sacred Weapons, the saber glows completely devoured their figures.

    The Three Stars...were eliminated!

    The four Sacred Weapons let out a buzz and their glows became dimmer before dropping onto the ground.


    Qin Nan could not help but let out a sigh of relief after seeing this.

    The battle was not an easy one at all. Even though his cultivation had reached the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm, the combined strength of the Three Stars was too overwhelming. It would be difficult to kill them without relying on the Lightning Orbs.

    That being said, even though he had won the battle, he had consumed most of the force of the Martial Highness Realm within his body, and was also slightly injured as well.

    Qin Nan immediately took out a few recovery pills and consumed them, allowing his pale face to redden slightly.

    "What a pity, the power of the Lightning Orbs was powerful enough to destroy their storage bags as well. I was looking forward to looting them..." Qin Nan wore a pitiful look.

    There had been no regret for him killing the Three Stars, but he had initially been planning to earn some Primary Stones from it.

    Currently, the four heavily damaged Sacred Weapons were the only things left.

    "Forget it, the Sacred Weapons will do."

    Qin Nan shook his head and put the four Sacred Weapons into his bag. He then prepared to enter the Martial Sacred's tomb.

    "Mm? What's that?"

    Qin Nan suddenly caught sight of something glowing faintly on the corpses of the Three Stars.

    That's... that was three storage bags!
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