Chapter 658 - Looting the Treasure, Stunning the Crowd

    "Kid, that's a remarkable eye-technique you've got there, but the treasures are not that easy to take!"

    The Martial Sacred's skeleton suddenly spoke with a hoarse voice, which turned out to be Martial Sacred King of Strength.


    A gust of wind swept the remaining forbidding auras and fired them toward Qin Nan's figure. In the blink of an eye, a huge wall made of forbidding aura was formed, leaving him with no escape.


    Qin Nan's left eye flickered thunderously.

    There was nothing that the left eye of the Divine God of Battle could not peek through!


    His figure began to move once again, deactivating each forbidding aura with a single tap. In just less than ten breaths' time, the forbidding auras were fully disabled.

    Qin Nan's figure landed before the Martial Sacred's skeleton.

    The crowd stared with their eyes open wide.

    The scene that they had just witnessed was like a dream to them, as it was too unbelievable!

    "What right do you have to earn my succession!"

    The Martial Sacred's skeleton glanced at Qin Nan.


    Qin Nan was startled, before his lips curled upward.

    "This is my right!"

    Without hesitation, the Divine Battle Spirit emerged from his back, standing firmly in the air while emitting an imperious aura.

    "An eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?" The Martial Sacred's skeleton mumbled seeing this, before the green flames in its eyes flickered rapidly as it burst out laughing, "HAHAHA, kid, you're an interesting one! Although your Martial Spirit is not considered the best in the Eastern Continent...but you do have the right!"

    Following this, the green flames in the eyes of the skeleton disappeared together with the Martial Sacred King of Strength's will.

    "Senior, thank you..."

    Qin Nan brought his hands together before retrieving the skeleton and the other treasures and storing them into his bag. He quickly glanced at the crowd who was still in awe before making his way toward the exit.

    When the crowd collected their thoughts, Qin Nan had already taken over ten steps.

    "Crap! He's taking all the loot!"

    "He's trying to keep all the loot to himself! Unacceptable!"

    "Stop him!"

    The crowd's eyes spat out flames murderously as they made their moves.

    In the blink of an eye, it was as if a huge army was chasing Qin Nan from behind!

    "Shit, we wouldn't have any chance against this many people. I'll stop them, you should run..." Luan Feng collected her thoughts. Her gaze turned icy.

    "How are you going to deal with them alone?"

    Qin Nan's expression became dark.

    Each rogue cultivator had a remarkable cultivation, and he had to admit that he did not stand a chance facing them all at the same time.

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

    The rogue cultivators continued to chase behind with no sign of giving up.

    Qin Nan's figure suddenly came to a stop after exiting the Martial Sacred's tomb. He drew out his ancient saber and emitted a terrifying murderous intent!

    "So, who's planning to fight against me, I'm more than willing to take up the challenge!"

    Qin Nan wore a sharp look as his Demon God's Robe became restless and flapped wildly, as if it were roaring at the crowd.

    The rogue cultivators were stunned.

    This Duan Qing was only a seventh-layer Martial Highness. Where did he get his confidence from to challenge them all?

    In addition to them, even Luan Feng opened her eyes wide. What the hell was Duan Qing thinking?

    One of the rogue cultivators realized something and blurted out all of a sudden, "Someone killed the Three Stars!"

    The words served as a shocking explosion!

    The crowd subconsciously scanned their surroundings. Their hearts skipped a beat when they discovered the three corpses lying on the ground.

    The Three Stars! Someone had actually killed them! That was the Three Stars, who could even challenge a top fifteen genius on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

    At that instant, the crowd recalled that Duan Qing had chosen to stay outside for a while before entering the Martial Sacred's tomb.

    Could it be...

    That he was the one that killed the Three Stars?

    The cultivators inhaled deeply, including Luan Feng.

    Everyone knew that Duan Qing's cultivation was only at the seventh-layer Marital Highness Realm. Wasn't the thought of him defeating the Three Stars by himself without suffering any significant injuries far too terrifying?

    "Don't be scared. He must be lying! If we attack him together, we can easily kill him!" An eighth-layer Martial Highness yelled.

    Hearing this, many among the crowd were convinced.

    He's right!

    There must be something fishy going on behind the scenes. Besides, with them all working together, they could easily deal with a single Duan Qing!

    "You want to try?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered thunderously.

    Without hesitating, he drew an ancient saber out from its sheath and accumulated the force of the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, Sky Thunder, etc. and fired a terrifying saber intent at the eighth-layer Martial Highness.

    The rogue cultivators were startled. Their bodies tensed as their hair stood on end. They could sense a great threat from the slash alone.

    The eighth-layer Martial Highness's face turned extremely pale as his heart was devoured by the fear of dying.


    The eighth-layer Martial Highness took three steps backward and calmed his thoughts, before blurting out.

    If Duan Qing was targeting him, the slash alone was more than enough to kill him.

    "You might think that you can easily defeat me by joining forces together, and I myself agree too. Frankly speaking, I can still execute the same slash seven more times before my energy depletes."

    Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh, "But, if you're still planning to fight, so be it! I can guarantee that the first seven people charging toward me will surely die!"

    At that instant, a ferocious aura swept the place.

    The hearts of the rogue cultivators shuddered violently.

    Who...who among them would be willing to sacrifice themselves?

    No one!

    "If anyone dares to follow us, death would be your penalty!"

    Qin Nan withdrew his aura and gave the crowd a cold stare. He then flew into the distance with a kick.

    The crowd held their breaths.

    Were they really letting Duan Qing escape with all the loot?

    "These three ancient Martial Skills, I don't need them at all. They're all yours now!"

    A shout could be heard from afar.

    Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired three scrolls containing the ancient Martial Skills toward the crowd.

    "They're mine!"

    "How bold of you!"

    The crowd immediately gathered their thoughts and set their eyes upon the scrolls.

    A huge battle took place following this.

    Luan Feng witnessed the series of events with a blank expression.

    A careless mistake would have caused them to be attacked by the crowd of rogue cultivators, making it impossible for them to run away.

    To her surprise, Qin Nan was bold enough to challenge the crowd and intimidated them to prevent them from attacking.

    "Were you trying to attract their attention with the ancient Martial Skills? So they would give up on chasing us down?" Luan Feng could not help but ask. If that was the case, this man was surely a cunning one.

    "Not exactly." Qin Nan wore a calm smile as he replied, "The ancient Martial Skills are indeed useless to me."

    It was not ideal for anyone to learn too many ancient Martial Skills, as it would be difficult to master them all.

    Qin Nan had already learned a few ancient Martial Skills, not to mention the fact that he had yet to have a chance to comprehend the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird.

    The ancient Martial Skills would have been a waste if he had kept them, thus it would be better for the others to utilize the succession of the Martial Sacred King of Strength.

    That being said, Qin Nan hadn't mentioned something.

    If the ancient Martial Skills were useful to him, even if it meant battling the entire crowd, he would not give them out easily!
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