Chapter 674 - Absorbing Two Treasures

    "Wait a second, is Qin Nan planning to preserve his strength while the others were busy fighting one another?"

    The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise and the Sky-Scorching Emperor instantly collected their thoughts.

    Progenitor Wen Dao and the rest of the authorities had the same thought too.

    Why would he choose to cultivate when the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the will of the two Martial Progenitors were right in front of him?

    Any person would definitely try to compete for them, right?

    However, little did they know that Qin Nan actually had no intention of competing for them, but he was not cultivating either. After he took the scroll, he tried to check its contents and discovered another layer of protection inside it.

    "There is something strange about this one..."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

    Inside the scroll was a layer of mist, which his Divine Sense failed to penetrate. Even the left eye of the Divine God of Battle was unable to peek at the secrets of the scroll.

    Qin Nan suddenly sensed a few murderous intents directed at him.

    He opened his eyes and saw some of the rogue cultivators who were competing for the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors casting a cold stare at him.

    Obviously, these people assumed that he was trying to preserve his strength!

    "I have no interest in the two treasures. Stop bothering me!"

    Qin Nan snapped coldly.

    His priority now was to crack open the scroll, thus he could not care less about the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors.

    The rogue cultivators were startled after hearing this, before they responded with disdainful looks. No interest in the two treasures? Who were you trying to trick here? Don't think that we wouldn't dare to attack you just because you're Duan Qing!

    Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

    A few piercing sounds could be heard, which turned out to be the rogue cultivators unleashing their ancient Martial Skills toward Qin Nan.


    Qin Nan was left speechless. It seemed like there was no way he could stay out of the trouble. He immediately kicked the ground and observed the attacks with his left eye, predicting their paths.

    Meanwhile, the battle above the altar intensified.

    Gong Yang, Zhao Fang, Jiang Bilan, Zhu Hang, etc. executed powerful attacks toward their surroundings, knocking back the rogue cultivators who were attacking them. In the meantime, they sprang toward the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors.

    Unlike the scroll, the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors were not protected by any aura. Instead, it felt like they possessed some kind of intelligence, as they would automatically fly away from the cultivators, dodging their grasps.

    "It's too hard to catch the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors!"

    "It's never easy to acquire treasures like these!"

    "It looks like we will have to think of a way now."

    The cultivators participating in the battle exclaimed in their hearts, before they regathered their focus.

    As for Gong Yang, Yu Luosha, Jiang Bilan, and the others, their eyes flickered with excitement. Previously, Madam Heavenly Fortune had given them the mysterious web, and judging from the circumstances, it was highly possible that they could use it to catch the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.

    As for Qin Nan, he began to multitask as he continued to ponder while dodging the attacks.

    "The scroll was left by Sacred Leader Qinglong, and it's obviously left for me..."

    "I can't even peek through the protection, which means that the others won't be able to either. It's possible that the protection is a prevention to stop the others from knowing its contents."

    "Knowing this, how can I crack it open?"

    Qin Nan frowned.

    A sudden thought crossed his mind.

    The key to opening the scroll must be on him, as it did not make sense if he weren't able to open it.

    So what were the things that were related to the Divine God of Battle?

    The left arm of the Divine God of Battle, the left eye of the Divine God of Battle-and finally-the Chaos Qi!

    "Let's have a go!"

    Qin Nan unleashed the Chaos Qi from his body and directed it into the scroll.

    He had accumulated a significant amount of Chaos Qi in his body after devouring all the Primary Stones from before.

    However, without Qin Nan knowing, as he unleashed the Chaos Qi, the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors that were swiftly flying around suddenly halted.

    The brief pause caused the cultivators to become excited and take a hold of the opportunity to grab the treasures!

    "It's working!"

    Qin Nan was overjoyed. As he inserted the Chaos Qi into the scroll, the mist inside it became fainter.


    Qin Nan inserted a thousand streams of Chaos Qi into the scroll.

    However, a sudden occurrence took place!

    The Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors emitted a blinding glow as if they were summoned by something, causing their speed to increase significantly, leaving afterimages behind as they dodged the moves of the cultivators and flew in Qin Nan's direction.

    The sudden change stunned the crowd and the authorities.

    Qin Nan, who was busy directing the Chaos Qi, immediately stopped his actions. He opened his eyes and was dumbstruck by the sight before him.

    What was going on?

    Why were the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors flying toward him?

    It seemed like they were passionate about something?

    "Could it be..."

    Qin Nan suddenly recollected the behavior of the Dao-Seeking Fish at the Qinglong Sacred Area, which was similar to the two treasures in front of him.

    "Are they here because of the Chaos Qi?"

    Qin Nan soon realized that the two treasures would not randomly come to him. The Chaos Qi was surely the reason!


    Qin Nan could not help but swear.

    He had not bothered competing for the two treasures, but to his surprise, they were eyeing his Chaos Qi instead!

    The Chaos Qi was extremely useful to him. He was even planning to use it to do something grand when the time came!

    He was willing to take the wills of the Martial Progenitors. As for the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, he had never needed it, as there was no need for him to alter his destiny at all!

    That being said, he would normally keep such a precious treasure to himself. However, with this many cultivators and authorities watching, if he were to take the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, he would instantly become everyone's target.

    Why would he take something useless at the cost of being chased around and wasting his Chaos Qi!


    Without hesitation, Qin Nan kicked off the ground and sprang away from the treasures.

    He planned to stay away from the Heavenly Fortune Talisman for now. As for the wills of the Martial Progenitors, he would wait until the perfect timing to claim their possession.

    At that instant, a strange scene was taking place on the altar.

    The Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors that the cultivators were desperately chasing after were chasing Qin Nan's figure. Meanwhile, Qin Nan was running away with all his strength as if he had encountered something he despised...

    The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird outside the Ancient Battlefield instantly coughed out flames from its mouth with a blank expression.

    This Qin Nan!

    Was second to none!

    Even when such precious treasures delivered themselves to him, he chose to run away instead!
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