Chapter 693 - Comprehending Sword Intent by Looking at the Sword Mark

    "It's Zhu Hang, why is he here?"

    "The Trading Alliance has always been interested in the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault. I would be surprised if they weren't intrigued by the rare occurrence."

    "Hehe, it would be interesting if Duan Qing were here too."

    The crowd began to whisper among themselves.

    Everyone knew that Zhu Hang had suffered a great deal at the hands of Duan Qing in the Crimson Blood Ocean.

    Zhu Hang's gloomy expression darkened instantly hearing the words, as if he were going to explode at any time.

    "Shut your mouths up!"

    A blasting roar like a clap of thunder could be heard.

    Qin Nan's figure shuddered. The roar was exceptional, as it could influence one's will. It could even destroy the minds of those with weak cultivations.

    The dojo fell into a dead silence as the voice grabbed the attention of the crowd.

    A young man slowly stepped into everyone's vision with a peak Martial Highness Realm aura. However, the thing that caught the attention of the crowd the most was his eyes, each with eighteen blood dots that were arranged randomly, which resembled a formation or an abyss at times.

    "Wu Hao!"

    "It's Wu Hao!"

    "He's here too!"

    The crowd was stupefied. Their eyes were filled with deep respect and fear.

    Even Gong Yang's arrival had not resulted in such a huge impact to them.

    "Who's still making noise?

    Wu Hao halted his movement while his eyes flickered with a crimson glow, as if it were going to burst out at any time.

    The crowd immediately sensed chills running down their spines and did not dare to make a noise, as if their throats were being clenched tightly by the devil.

    Wu Hao wore a satisfied expression seeing this.

    He hated ants who dared to make noise in front of him the most!

    "Ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, peak Martial Highness Realm cultivation-no-he has reached the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm. On top of that, his eyes possess a tremendous power..." Qin Nan fully inspected Wu Hao's strength with a quick glance.

    Wu Hao's force of the Martial Highness Realm had exceeded nine hundred and ninety-nine streams and had reached the one thousandth mark.

    Such a cultivator was referred to as an Undefeatable Martial Highness.

    Even Gong Yang had yet to reach this stage.

    "Oh? Junior Brother Yang Gong, you're here too? How fascinating!" Wu Hao looked around and detected Gong Yang's presence. His lip curled upward as if he had found his prey.

    "Greetings, Senior Brother Wu!"

    Gong Yang's eyes flickered coldly as he brought his hands together.

    He was ranked last among the five core disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. Meanwhile, Wu Hao was ranked fourth. Due to Gong Yang's rapid growth over the past two years, Wu Hao felt threatened, thus he had been picking on Gong Yang whenever he had the chance.

    From the short exchange of words, Qin Nan could easily tell that these two were definitely not friendly to each other.

    "Junior Brother Yang Gong, are you here for the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault too? Mm? Who's this?"

    Wu Hao finally took notice of Qin Nan who was standing beside Gong Yang. He quickly glanced at him and immediately lost interest after discovering his cultivation to be only at the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm.

    He had assumed Gong Yang's friend would be a peerless genius too.

    "Just a friend." Gong Yang calmly said.

    At that instant, the Blind Swordsman suddenly spoke, "The geniuses have arrived, so let's move on to the trial. It will be quite different this time, as only one person among you all will enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault in the end!"

    The words stunned the crowd.

    They had not expected that the Blind Swordsman would only allow one person to enter the Treasure Vault. Normally, more than ten people were given access in each trial.

    If there was only a single spot, how would they stand a chance against geniuses like Yang Gong, Zhu Hang, and Wu Hao?

    Even Gong Yang wore a troubled look.

    For once, Qin Nan had come to the Dao-Seeking Mountain to ask for his help. As his brother, he would feel disappointed of himself if he wasn't able to successfully get Qin Nan into the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.


    Gong Yang let out a deep breath and clenched his fists tightly.

    He initially had not planned for this, but it seemed like he would have to take part in the trial too. After all, Wu Hao and Zhu Hang posed a great threat to Qin Nan. If he ended up coming first in the trial, he would give the chance to enter the Treasure Vault to Qin Nan instead.

    "Senior, what are the rules?"

    Both Wu Hao and Zhu Hang wore stern faces.

    Even though Wu Hao looked down on Gong Yang, he could not help but admit that Gong Yang was worthy enough to be treated seriously.

    "The rules are simple," The Blind Swordsman then added as a sudden thought crossed his mind, "Before explaining the rules, I would like to remind you all that after the trial, no one will be allowed to enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault even if you've gotten approval from Progenitor Wen Dao himself. You will have to wait until the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault is officially opened three months later."

    The words further astonished the crowd.

    The Dao-Seeking Mountain was clueless about how to acquire the secrets of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault. Hence, they had decided to let the outsiders enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault by passing the trial or finishing missions assigned to them. Who knew? Someone might be able to activate the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

    Most importantly, the crowd was there to check out the rare occurrence of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. They would definitely lose the chance if they had to wait until it was opened again three months later.

    "Now, for the rules, you will need to comprehend the intent hidden inside a sword mark. The first one to do so will be declared the winner. If more than one person comprehends it simultaneously, the results will be compared."

    The Blind Swordsman ignored the gaze of the crowd and slashed the ground with a single swipe of his finger.


    A shocking sword intent was unleashed, slashing the dojo in half. The terrifying sword intent marked the dojo like a seal with a tremendous power.

    The crowd was dumbfounded.

    The sword intent could easily destroy their lives.

    "Comprehending the sword intent from the mark..."

    Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

    He was in luck, as the contents of the trial was definitely his strength!

    "The trial begins now!"

    The Blind Swordsman withdrew his aura after saying this.

    However, little did the crowd know that his eyelids slightly shuddered as if he were eager to open his eyes to observe the geniuses before him.

    "It's been thousands of years. Will the person finally appear..."

    The Blind Swordsman mumbled in his heart and his skinny hand tightened its grip slightly.
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