Chapter 707 - The Battle Erupts

    ...Meanwhile, at the Sect Leader's Hall...

    "He really dared to show himself!"

    Progenitor Wen Dao's crew was stunned.

    The trap was so obvious with Tong Xingwei and the disciples gathering on the Icy Dojo, but Duan Qing had still dared to show himself. Was he extremely confident, or was he putting on a show?

    The authorities immediately took a closer look.

    It had been three months since they had last seen Duan Qing. His appearance remained the same, the only difference was that his aura was significantly stronger and was unable to be peeked through.

    Even Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew failed to peek through his aura.

    "This guy..."

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others raised their heads slightly as their hearts were filled with anticipation.

    It had been three months.

    Duan Qing, what surprise do you have for us this time?

    ...Meanwhile, on the Icy Dojo...

    "Duan Qing!"

    "It's really him!"

    "Gasp, such a powerful aura, it doesn't feel any weaker than Tong Xingwei's!"

    A few voices filled with astonishment could be heard. Many rogue cultivators had heard of Duan Qing's name, but had never had the chance to see him in person. Today, they were completely astounded after witnessing his aura.

    "Roar!" Longhu uttered a blasting roar and said smugly, "You have finally come! See this? Are you impressed with my werewolves? Do you want them? HAHAHA, no way am I giving them to you!"

    The dojo was filled with Longhu's laughter.

    Sima Kong's expression darkened.

    "Platoon Leader Duan Qing--"

    Di Fengyun and the others were about to step forward and say something, before Qin Nan waved his hand and interrupted.

    When Qin Nan arrived at the Dao-Seeking Mountain, he had immediately discovered the presence of Tong Xingwei and the others. However, he chose not to alter his appearance with the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique. He had just reached the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, thus it would serve as a great chance for him to test out his strength.


    He was there to destroy the Dao-Seeking Mountain, why would he try to hide!

    "Your cultivations have grown stronger."

    Qin Nan glimpsed with his left eye.

    Sima Kong and Longhu had both achieved the peak Martial Highness Realm, while Di Fengyun, Luan Feng, and the others were a step away from the peak Martial Highness Realm. Without a doubt, the geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had grown significantly in the past three months.

    Qin Nan was glad that they had all grown stronger.

    "Duan Qing, you actually showed yourself. I'll definitely make you pay in the trial!"

    At that instant, Zhu Hang snapped coldly with a horrendous murderous intent.

    In the past few months, while he was busy cultivating, his mind had been occupied with a single thought-to kill Duan Qing at all costs to get his revenge.

    Qin Nan glanced at him and easily inspected his cultivation, which failed to grab his attention.

    Wu Hao was too weak for him as well. The only person that he was interested in was Tong Xingwei.

    Tong Xingwei had reached the doorstep of the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, and was only a step away from achieving it!

    "So you're Duan Qing?"

    Tong Xingwei waved his hand and unleashed a ferocious aura.

    Wu Hao and the others were stunned by the aura, not daring to make a noise.

    Tong Xingwei stepped forward and set his gaze onto Qin Nan's face, as if countless swords were being fired as he tried to peek through his secrets.

    "Tong Xingwei, right? I hope you won't let me down when the time comes."

    Qin Nan said calmly, before his figure landed before Longhu and the others with a flicker.

    Following this, it was as if the mainstay of the group had returned.

    Their aura instantly skyrocketed and reached the same height as the group of disciples led by Tong Xingwei, Wu Hao, and Zhu Hang.


    Tong Xingwei licked his lips. It was his habit when he became excited upon encountering worthy opponents.

    "This Duan Qing possesses extraordinary strength..."

    It was Wu Hao's first time meeting Duan Qing. He was here due to Progenitor Wen Dao's order, thus he could calmly analyze the situation.

    "Hehe, we've got strength in numbers, why should we be afraid of him?"

    Zhu Hang grinned coldly.

    Apart from the three, they also had many geniuses supporting them. Hence, Duan Qing would surely die when the trial began!

    "This guy is clouded by his hatred." Wu Hao shook his head as he prepared himself for the battle.

    ...At that moment, on the Icy Dojo...

    Two groups of cultivators were facing each other with great hostility.

    The remaining rogue cultivators and geniuses began to cry in their hearts. They did not expect to be dragged into the battle between the two groups in the thirtieth batch of the trial, which would most likely cost them the chance of acquiring the Dao-Seeking Badges.

    Time gradually passed.

    In just the period it took an incense to burn, the dojo was entirely crowded with people.

    "Since this is the thirtieth batch, it's going to be a grand party..."

    Qin Nan could not help but exclaim after receiving the latest updates of the situation from Sima Kong. His eyes flickered sharply.


    The right arm of the Divine God of Battle in the form of the Heaven-Shattering Saber would return!

    "Into the battlefield!" The disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain descended from above and activated the illusionary door.

    "Let's go!"

    Without hesitation, Qin Nan immediately dashed toward the door with a kick.

    Longhu, Sima Kong, and the others swiftly followed behind.

    The surrounding rogue cultivators and disciples halted their movements seeing this.

    "Follow up!"

    Tong Xingwei uttered a roar and led his group into the illusionary door.

    The thirtieth batch participants had entered the trial!

    As soon as Qin Nan entered the door, he scanned his surroundings with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

    The place was similar to the Sacred Emperor Chamber, but was significantly bigger, covering an area with a circumference of a hundred li. It was filled with countless ravines and lingering intents, a sign that an intense battle had just taken place here.

    At the center of the place stood a middle-aged man.

    The middle-aged man's figure was blurry, indicating it to be a clone.

    "Welcome to the competition for the Dao-Seeking Badges! Here are the final one hundred Dao-Seeking Badges, which will grant you access to the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault! Now, let the battle begin!"

    The middle-aged man flicked his finger.

    Following an explosion in the air, a hundred Dao-Seeking Badges were scattered all around the place.


    "Who dares to compete against me, I'll take his life!"

    "Get out of my sight!"

    The rogue cultivators immediately unleashed their auras and executed their moves.

    The place was instantly in a mess.

    "Duan Qing!"

    A few powerful auras sprang into the sky like meteors, which turned out to be Tong Xingwei, Wu Hao, and Zhu Hang locking their gazes onto Qin Nan's figure.

    A great murderous aura was unleashed, as the battle erupted!
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