Chapter 716 - Pull!

    "HAHAHA, does it matter if our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is going last? I'll show you how I, your Grandpa Long, am going to get the precious treasure!" Before Qin Nan could make his move, a reckless laughter filled the place as Longhu rushed toward the Godly Candles Path.

    The laughter immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd.

    Qin Nan halted his movement with a stunned expression.


    Longhu soon made his way onto the Godly Candles Path, but in contrast to his scornful demeanor, the outcome was a complete letdown. He only ended up getting a rare artifact, not even talking about claiming possession of the precious treasure.

    "F**k this **..."

    Longhu felt like vomiting blood upon seeing the single rare artifact in his hand. Despite his bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger, he had only managed to get a rare artifact, which was most likely the worst result among all of the participants.

    The crowd of rogue cultivators could not help but burst out laughing.

    This guy was such a joke.

    "Piss off!"

    A cold snap could be heard.

    Qin Nan stepped forward with an expressionless face. His Demon God's Robe flapped wildly in the absence of wind while a tremendous aura was unleashed from his body.

    Longhu was about to burst out scolding, but he chose to remain silent and withdrew from the Godly Candles Path when he saw Qin Nan's expression.

    For some reason, an incredible murderous aura could be felt.

    It was as if Qin Nan had become the only source of light between the Heavens and Earth!

    "Come on, bring us a miracle..."

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew could feel their hearts skipping a beat. They were all here and even willing to go as far as opposing Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew as they believed Qin Nan would definitely make miracles happen!


    Progenitor Wen Dao coldly harrumphed.

    The remaining authorities wore unpleasant looks too.

    Most of them bore extreme hatred toward Duan Qing and could not wait to kill him with their own hands.

    Little did the authorities know that the Blind Swordsman's figure shuddered violently, as he clenched his skinny hands tightly.

    Under the crowd's gaze, Qin Nan set his foot onto the Godly Candles Path. The same as everyone else, his first step caused the candles on both sides of the path to light up.

    Without any sign of resistance, Qin Nan's figure soon arrived ten zhang away from the palace.

    Most of the disciples were having trouble advancing forward at this same distance due to the mysterious pressure.

    Similar to the others, Qin Nan's movement came to a halt.

    "You seem like you're very confident, but do you really think that you're able to acquire the precious treasure that many have failed to?" The eyes of the Leader of the Trading Alliance flickered with disdain.

    "I must verify this guy's identity later..."

    Progenitor Wen Dao had expected this to happen, thus he did not utter any mocking comments. Instead, his eyes flickered coldly as if he were planning something in his mind. The shock he had experienced from the rare change of the treasure vault slowly diminished. His desire now was to check Duan Qing's identity and find a way to kill this annoying pest.

    Tong Xingwei, Zhu Hang, Wu Hao, and the other geniuses harrumphed too.

    You were acting so full of yourself at the start, but did that make any difference?

    However, a shocking scene took place!

    Qin Nan raised his foot and stepped forward without any sign of resistance!


    The lights of the candles beside the path became blue all of a sudden, dying the sky a strange color.

    "This is--"

    The pupils of Progenitor Wen Dao and the Leader of the Trading Alliance contracted rapidly.

    The hearts of the crowd missed a beat.

    "Duan Qing!"

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew were utterly astounded, to such an extent that the Sky-Scorching Emperor instantly summoned the Statue of the Deceased Emperor and the Dragon Abyss Tree to make their way here at once!

    Over ten thousand cultivators had entered the Godly Candles Path before him and none of them had triggered any opportunity.

    What did it mean now that Qin Nan was able to trigger such an opportunity?

    It implied that he had a chance to acquire the precious treasure!

    Qin Nan took another step forward, causing the light of the candles to turn pitch-black in color.

    He suddenly quickened his pace and took another few steps.

    The light of the candles switched to different colors, from black to blue, white, and red... The color of the sky changed rapidly too, as if a rare phenomenon was taking place.

    In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan made his way forward and arrived before the golden palace, only an arm's length away from it!


    The golden palace vibrated vigorously, as cracks could be seen filling its surface, as if it were going to break into pieces the next moment.

    Meanwhile, the light of the candles became gold in color!

    The rare artifacts floating in the barrier began to buzz as if they were uttering cries into the sky.


    The progenitors inside Qin Nan's body were astounded, causing their voices to be filled with excitement. Their sacrifice had not been in vain, it seemed like he could actually draw the Heaven-Shattering Saber out!

    Everything took place at a rapid pace.

    Before the crowd could react, Duan Qing had arrived before the precious treasure, causing the color of the candles to switch rapidly, the rare artifacts to buzz, and the golden palace to crack open.

    "Could it be--"

    Progenitor Wen Dao and the rest of the authorities were dumbfounded. Their hearts were swarmed by an uneasy feeling.

    Tong Xingwei and the geniuses who had been uttering mocking comments were currently wearing blank expressions on their faces.

    At that instant, the crowd could feel their hearts clenching tightly, as if they were about to witness a miraculous moment!

    Even the Blind Swordsman rose from his seat.


    A shocking explosion broke the silence of the place.

    The golden palace was shattered into pieces.

    A tremendous saber aura was fired into the sky from the golden palace, which opened a huge hole on the mysterious formation that floated above the thirty-six snowy mountains.

    The aura of its terrifying presence swept the surroundings like a raging ocean.

    The authorities completely lost their minds!

    The precious treasure...

    The precious treasure...

    It actually existed!


    Following the cry of a dragon, the Heaven-Shattering Saber sprang into the sky and floated before Qin Nan. The voice of the right arm of the Divine God of Battle could be heard coming from the saber with excitement, "It's been three months! Three months! Have you decided to draw the saber?"

    The words felt like a question, but also a grumble that was running out of patience!


    Qin Nan reached out his right hand and held the hilt of the saber.

    His aura changed tremendously, as if the Divine God of Battle had come back to life!

    This was his true appearance!

    There was nothing he was scared of! Nothing he wouldn't fight against, and nothing he wouldn't win against!

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