Chapter 733 - Another Storm Approaching!

    As the glow dispersed, a golden mouse could be seen. Its eyes in particular had a magical appearance, as if there were more to them than met the eye.

    Squeak, squeak.

    The golden mouse tittered and leapt out from Qin Nan's body onto his head. It then lay down with a relaxed expression.

    "F**k me! It's the Heavenly Fortune Mouse!"

    Upon collecting their thoughts, the Martial Progenitors cursed and blurted out.

    They had heard rumors about the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, but they never thought it would be born after the Heavenly Fortune Talisman absorbed the Chaos Qi.

    "Heavenly Fortune Mouse, what's that?" Qin Nan was startled.

    He had already taken a quick glimpse at the golden mouse. To his surprise, even he had failed to comprehend the secrets of the ancient runes within it, which implied at its extraordinariness.

    "This Heavenly Fortune Mouse is regarded as a rare existence related to the fortune of the Heavens. I'm not too sure about its capabilities, but it would surely bring good things to you..." The Martial Progenitors exclaimed while glancing at Qin Nan jealousy. How did this guy get all the benefits?

    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse responded with a disdainful gaze as if it were trying to say, You call yourself Martial Progenitors, but you've never seen a Heavenly Fortune Mouse?

    "Good things?" Qin Nan frowned, before a smile appeared on his face. Either way, having the Heavenly Fortune Mouse would not bring any harm to him.

    "Filthy mouse! What's with that look!" The Martial Progenitors had already been feeling unpleasant to begin with, thus they became enraged upon seeing the Heavenly Fortune Mouse's reaction.

    To their surprise, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse ignored their presences and with a leap, it floated before Qin Nan. It brought its hands together and squeaked, as if it was trying to say something with a respectful look.

    "Are you trying to say...'open the Heavenly Fortune Path'?"

    Qin Nan was startled.

    For some reason, it felt like the Heavenly Fortune Mouse was closely bonded to him, thus he could tell what it was trying to say from its gestures.

    The figures of the Martial Progenitors shuddered violently upon hearing this. Open the Heavenly Fortune Path, are you serious? It was still a long time away.

    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse immediately nodded its head. Its eyes were filled with a hint of anticipation, as if it were asking, So do you want me to open it?

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

    Open the Heavenly Fortune Path!

    The opening of the Heavenly Fortune Path would definitely gather the top three geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking and many other geniuses and authorities.

    "The Heavenly Fortune Path is incredibly mysterious; the Heavenly Fortune Talisman alone had caused intense competition between countless geniuses to claim its possession. It's definitely worth exploring. Besides, I still have yet to try out my strength after achieving the Divine Battle Martial Highness Realm..."

    Qin Nan quickly thought and immediately made up his mind. He nodded at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse.


    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse was overjoyed as if it had just been given something precious. It danced happily before leaping onto Qin Nan's head and spitting out a magical golden beam of light from its mouth into the void.


    The Martial Progenitors stared with their eyes open wide. That alone was enough to open the Heavenly Fortune Path?

    Seeing this, Qin Nan's lips curled upward.

    Top three of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

    Finally a chance to witness their actual strength!

    ...Meanwhile, in the southern region of the Eastern Continent...

    There existed a place known as the Crimson Lunar Clan. The clan was incredibly large, and each of its clan members would have a crimson crescent mark on their forehead since their birth, thus the name of the clan.

    As the Crimson Lunar Clan was located right beside the Heavenly Fortune Path, its influence was even greater than the Luan Clan at the Crimson Blood Ocean.

    However, for many years, the members of the Crimson Lunar Clan had never set foot outside. They only remained active within their boundaries, to prevent themselves from being involved in worldly affairs. As such, the Four Great Factions never bothered them, and because of the Heavenly Fortune Path, they were able to maintain friendly relationships with the Four Great Factions instead.


    A brilliant red glow was suddenly fired into the sky at a place behind the Crimson Lunar Clan, dying the entire sky red, as if a crescent moon the color of blood were hung in the sky.

    The members of the Crimson Lunar Clan immediately raised their heads and stared at the sight, which left astounded looks on their faces.

    "It's from the Heavenly Fortune Path!"

    "The Heavenly Fortune Path is activated!"

    "What happened? Why is the Heavenly Fortune Path opening before to the usual day!"

    The entire Crimson Lunar Clan was startled.

    Not long after, the news regarding the strange behavior of the Heavenly Fortune Path was spread to the two existing factions, stunning the entire Eastern Continent!

    The Eastern Continent became restless.

    "The Heavenly Fortune Path has been activated!"

    "Tsk tsk, it's significantly earlier this time! There must be something extraordinary happening! Come, let's go take a look!"

    "What's the point? It's not like we can enter it!"

    "Are you dumb? Once the Heavenly Fortune Path opens, the legendary Qin Nan and the top three geniuses of the Hidden Dragon Ranking will definitely show themselves. Aren't you interested in watching the battle between them?"

    "HAHA, you're right! Since the Dao-Seeking Mountain was eliminated by Qin Nan, Cheng Tiange will surely get his revenge!"

    "Let's go! Stop wasting time here!"

    ...Meanwhile, at the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom...

    The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the authorities immediately reached a consensus. They clearly knew that Qin Nan would surely make his way to the Heavenly Fortune Path. Therefore, they had to send some experts there to assist him. That being said, it was not necessary to send the entire nation. Sending the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was more than enough.

    After all, Qin Nan still had an elder of the Mu Clan supporting him!

    Their main concern was to protect him from death servants or assassins!

    In comparison to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion behaved differently.

    Since the two factions had formed an alliance, the Trading Alliance had moved to the Faerie Mountain Range of the Wanxiang Pavilion. As such, when looking down from above, many disciples and authorities could be seen scattered around the Faerie Mountain Range.

    To no one's surprise, the Faerie Mountain Range was incredibly lively.

    The noise of discussions echoed into the sky!

    "Hehe, I heard that Qin Nan will be there too. I really want to go, maybe he will be fond of me."

    "You stupid woman, stop daydreaming here. Why would he be fond of you?"

    "Hmph, Junior Sister, Qin Nan is now a cripple, is he really worth your time?"

    "A cripple is still better than you!"

    ...Meanwhile, on a peak of the Faerie Mountain Range...

    A woman slowly walked out from a swamp with glistening eyes, who mumbled, "Qin Nan, huh? The man who eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain shouldn't be too disappointing. It's time to meet him."

    This woman was ranked second on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, the top genius of the Wanxiang Pavilion, Murong Xue!

    As the entire Eastern Continent was astounded...

    To the far west of the Eastern Continent, inside a volcano, a man slowly opened his eyes.

    A terrifying aura sprang into the sky, causing the Heavens and Earth to quaver.

    "Qin Nan..."

    The man growled as his eyes emitted a tremendous murderous intent with blazing flames.

    The man was the first ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Cheng Tiange!
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