Chapter 751 - The Battle Begins

    "Among the three treasures, those two corpses that look like dogs are called Heavenly Fortune Hounds, one of the precious treasures of our Heavenly Fortune Tribe. Once the corpses are refined, you would be reborn as a Heavenly Fortune Hound, carrying on its duty." Madam Heavenly Fortune said, "As for the one in the middle, I'm sure you've guessed what it is. This is the corpse of a Martial Monarch. Once refined, one would surely achieve the Martial Monarch Realm."


    A shocking thunder clapped in the hearts of the crowd.

    They immediately ignored the Heavenly Fortune Hounds.

    No matter what, no one would want to be reborn as a hound.

    But this Martial Monarch Corpse was absolutely shocking!

    A guarantee to reach the Martial Monarch Realm once refined!

    The two half-Martial Monarch Corpses were nothing comparing to this Martial Monarch Corpse!

    No one could resist such a temptation!

    Who would not dream of becoming a Martial Monarch, roaming across the Canglan Continent as a peerless legend?

    "Now that the treasures have been revealed, it's up to you all now to decide who their owners are."

    Madam Heavenly Fortune spoke as her figure began to swirl and slowly disappeared.

    There were no rules in the final stage!

    It was all up to them now!

    "Up to us, huh?"

    Qin Nan was slightly startled.

    He had initially thought that the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path would have some sort of trials here.

    However, Qin Nan soon collected his thoughts, as his eyes emitted a shocking gaze.

    Up to us!


    Liked the sound of that!

    The entire dojo fell into a dead silence, to such an extent that they could easily hear a pin drop to the ground. However, three breaths later, everyone immediately reacted by unleashing their murderous auras!

    "It's mine!"

    "The Martial Monarch Corpse is mine! I'll kill whoever dares to take it!"

    "Charge! I'm about to alter my destiny, I'm going to become a Martial Monarch!"

    Several deafening roars could be heard in the blink of an eye.

    Almost every cultivator wore bloodshot eyes.

    The opportunity was right before them!




    A series of explosions instantly swept the entire dojo as the cultivators made their moves. Their figures rushed forward toward the treasures.

    Behind them, mystical glows were emitted to pull their figures back, restraining their movements.

    The entire place was immersed in absolute chaos, as if an epic war had erupted.

    "Qin Nan!"

    Jiang Bilan whispered softly.


    Qin Nan stomped off the ground as a tremendous battle intent arose within him. However, a rare occurrence took place. A burning sensation could be felt coming from his heart.

    "Qin Nan, help me get the Precedent Dream Flower!"

    Princess Miao Miao's voice suddenly appeared in Qin Nan's Divine Sense with a serious tone, "Don't let Mu Tianxing and his crew get it! Otherwise, it would serve as a great trouble to us!"

    Qin Nan was stunned.

    He did not expect Princess Miao Miao would transmit her voice through the Illusionary Mirror at this moment.

    Before he could reply, Princess Miao Miao's aura had disappeared.

    "Forget it, regardless of what happens, since the Princess has spoken, I shall get her the Precedent Dream Flower!"

    Qin Nan swiftly made up his mind and glanced at Jiang Bilan, Yu Luosha, and Longhu.

    "Move out!"

    As soon as the words were uttered...


    In the midst of the chaotic battle, a terrifying aura sprang into the sky. Although Qin Nan's crew only had four people, their presence was exceptional like an army, grabbing the attention of the crowd.

    "Qin Nan! It's Qin Nan! He's making his move!"

    "Damn it, what shall we do?"

    "Don't panic! We'll act according to the circumstances!"

    At that instant, the rogue cultivators fighting each other were startled and immediately communicated with one another.

    "Jiang Feifan! Cheng Tiange!" Mu Tianxing, who was weaving among the crowd, sharpened his gaze and transmitted his voice.

    "Let's cooperate!"

    "Qin Nan needs to be gotten rid of first!"

    The eyes of Cheng Tiange and Jiang Feifan flickered murderously as they glanced toward the figure in the sky.

    Qin Nan was strong!

    But with them working together, they could surely defeat him!

    "Aim for the Martial Monarch Corpse!"

    In the air, Qin Nan ignored the crowd's gaze as his left eye emitted a purple glow that locked onto the Martial Monarch Corpse in the center. The ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm were entirely unleashed.


    Qin Nan's figure sprang forward like an arrow being fired, resulting in a tremendous gust of wind.

    His speed was utterly terrifying!

    Before the crowd could react, Qin Nan's figure was only less than five zhang away from the Martial Monarch Corpse!

    "Qin Nan, don't you dare!"

    A loud roar could be heard.

    Mu Tianxing immediately collected his thoughts. He took out a talisman from his storage bag and crushed it with a pinch. Following this, countless chains were summoned and flung downward like huge claws aimed at Qin Nan's figure.

    Qin Nan halted his movement and unleashed a powerful aura, shattering the chains into pieces.

    "Trio-Mystery Mountain-Suppressing Formation!"

    The disciples of the Mu Clan immediately dashed forward the moment Qin Nan came to a stop, and established a formidable formation that crushed down onto Qin Nan from above.

    A tremendous pressure surged toward Qin Nan like a tide.


    Qin Nan's left eye flickered as he uttered the thunderous word, before slashing with his right hand!

    The formation began to crumble as if it were struck with a destructive force, causing the disciples of the Mu Clan to have astounded expressions as they were knocked backward.

    Left eye, identifying the weakness!

    Right hand, emitting a saber intent and shattering the formation!


    Mu Tianxing was shocked. He did not expect that the formation could not even restrain Qin Nan for more than a breath's time.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Two powerful figures sprang into the sky, which turned out to be Jiang Feifan and Cheng Tiange.

    They were preparing to flank Qin Nan from both sides!

    "I shall be your opponent!"

    Jiang Bilan wore a grin as an overwhelming Death Qi was unleashed, swarming toward the duo's figures. She had no intention of showing any mercy as a sigh was uttered from her lips.

    The Breath of Death!


    A terrifying force of death descended upon them, as if the God of Death were demanding their lives.


    The two geniuses were astounded.

    "Soul Chaining Art!"

    "Revolving Heavens Palms!"

    "Soaring-Eagle Hook!"

    Meanwhile, several figures approached Qin Nan and executed their attacks, who turned out to be the rogue cultivators. They were aware of Qin Nan's formidable strength. But did it matter now?

    As long as Qin Nan dared to go for the treasures, they would all target him!

    The glows of the ancient Martial Arts and artifacts swept toward Qin Nan's figure in an astounding manner.


    A blasting roar could be heard all of a sudden.

    Longhu had transformed into his true form and used his body as a shield.

    Yu Luosha performed a hand seal and summoned a powerful throne.

    "Qin Nan, go now!"

    They both yelled.

    Facing the tremendous attack, they could only hold on for a single breath!


    Without hesitation, Qin Nan's figure turned into a beam of lightning as his hand grabbed toward the Precedent Dream Flower and the other treasures.
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