Chapter 755 - Battling Against Two Tribulations


    "It's a Tribulation!"

    "HAHA, this will be our hope!"

    The crowd became excited. They did not expect Cheng Tiange to come up with such a move.

    "Very well, when two tigers fight, one will always get hurt. Maybe both of them will be severely injured..."

    Mu Tianxing squinted his eyes and glimpsed at the other three disciples of the Mu Clan, who wore grins as the same thought crossed their minds.

    Meanwhile, the strength of the Tribulation continued to grow above the dojo.

    Countless stormy clouds swept into the surroundings, with flashes of lightning appearing within it and claps of thunder that shook the Heavens and Earth.

    Ten thousand li, twenty thousand li, thirty thousand li... In the blink of an eye, the Tribulation had expanded to one hundred thousand li. Following a loud explosion, rays of lightning began to descend.

    Cheng Tiange, the first ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

    His Tribulation would surely trigger the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation!

    He could easily destroy Qin Nan by abusing its power!

    However, a rare change took place.

    A tremendous force was emitted from the Heavenly Fortune Path, which cut off the stream of force of the Heavens and Earth. It appeared that the force of the Tribulation had exceeded the limit of the Heavenly Fortune Path, thus its source was cut off.


    Cheng Tiange was stunned.

    Before the crowd could react, countless lightning dots had gathered together, but the claps of thunder had become weaker. Following this, an illusionary thunderous sword slowly appeared, together with an intimidating aura that was emitted from the tip of the sword.

    The rare phenomenon of the Tribulation was merely a single thunderous sword!

    On top of that, the outline of the thunderous sword was close to transparent, significantly weaker than the Tribulation that Tang Qingshan had triggered previously!

    "How could this be!"

    "Damn it, how would this Tribulation be strong enough to kill Qin Nan?"


    The excited crowd could only feel a bucket of cold water being poured onto their hearts. Qin Nan's strength was so outstanding that even Martial Sacred Realm experts were mismatched against him. Judging from the strength of the Tribulation, it was not strong enough to put Qin Nan to death.

    "HAHAHA! Well done!"

    Longhu's expression became joyful. He had been terrified when Cheng Tiange had first triggered the Tribulation.

    Jiang Bilan wore a calm expression. She already knew that even if Cheng Tiange were to trigger his Tribulation, its strength would not be too overwhelming.

    "What a pity..."

    The excited blood in Qin Nan's heart began to calm down as he glanced at the Tribulation in the sky. If the Tribulation was slightly stronger, it would excite him enough to let him draw out the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

    He had never attempted to shatter anyone's Tribulation before!

    "This goddamned Heavenly Fortune Path! It still wants to help Qin Nan at such a time!" Mu Tianxing's expression instantly darkened. A sudden idea crossed his mind as he glanced at the severely injured Jiang Feifan lying on the ground.

    "Consider yourself lucky!"

    Mu Tianxing clenched his teeth. Under the current circumstances, he had no choice but to use the thing.


    Mu Tianxing flicked his finger and fired a brilliant crimson glow into Jiang Feifan's body.

    "What's that--"

    Jiang Feifan who was initially spectating the battle was astounded when something mysterious entered his body. He immediately inspected his body, and sensed a tremendous pure force spreading out, nourishing his limbs and healing his wounds in the blink of an eye.

    "Mu Tianxing, what have you done?"

    Jiang Feifan's face was filled with disbelief. Why would Mu Tianxing help him without good cause?

    Before Mu Tianxing could respond, Jiang Feifan's expression changed all of a sudden.

    Under the nourishment of the tremendous force, the force of the Martial Highness Realm was increased to its maximum capacity. However, the tremendous force showed no sign of stopping.

    The force of the Martial Highness Realm instantly became unstable, and fired a magical absorption force into the sky.


    The force of the Heavens and Earth was accumulated once again, as stormy clouds began to cluster together.

    "What just happened? Is Jiang Feifan triggering his Tribulation too?"

    "HAHA! Qin Nan's death is unavoidable!"

    "Two Tribulations! Qin Nan will surely lose this time!"

    The crowd was overjoyed after being astonished at the beginning, as they did not expect such a shocking turn of events to take place. That being said, none of them were curious as to how Jiang Feifan triggered his Tribulation-they were only concerned about the outcome.

    "What's going on!"

    The smile on Longhu's face stiffened as he stared with his eyes open wide.

    Meanwhile, Mu Tianxing let out a sigh of relief, before a hideous expression appeared on his face. The crimson glow he had fired was a precious drop of blood from a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert, which had great uses.

    As Jiang Feifan was already at the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, the drop of blood could easily trigger the Tribulation!

    If one Tribulation wasn't enough!

    Then he would use two Tribulations to kill Qin Nan!

    Even if Qin Nan managed to survive, he would still be severely injured!



    The dojo was covered in claps of thunder. Similar to Cheng Tiange, the moment the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation appeared, the Heavenly Fortune Path hindered the source of the force, which greatly weakened the strength of the thunderous sword, causing it to appear transparent.

    "Jiang Feifan, you--"

    Cheng Tiange stared at Jiang Feifan with his eyes open wide and was lost for words for a moment.

    "It seems like this was Mu Tianxing's plan all along! But it doesn't matter now! We should work together and kill Qin Nan, and conveniently overcome our Tribulations. We'll worry about the treasures later!" Jiang Feifan reacted and transmitted his voice to Cheng Tiange.

    Cheng Tiange's figure shuddered violently, before he quickly processed the information and cleared his doubts.

    Both of the geniuses glanced downward at Qin Nan at the same time.

    "Qin Nan, die!"

    Two loud roars penetrated the sky.

    Their figures sprang toward Qin Nan at the same time.

    The two thunderous swords floating behind them followed and dived downward!

    "Qin Nan--" Jiang Bilan and the rest were stunned.

    A single Tribulation was nothing to be worried about, but would Qin Nan be able to resist two Tribulations?

    "Don't worry! Just focus on stopping the other cultivators. Leave these two Tribulations to me!" Qin Nan transmitted his voice with a grin.

    The blood of the Divine God of Battle began to boil in his body.


    Qin Nan chose to move forward instead of backing off, whose figure dashed toward the Tribulation like a beam of light.


    Following the roar, the ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm and the single stream of the force of the Divine God of Battle were completely unleashed into his left arm, before he swung it toward the two Tribulations.


    The sky shook vigorously as if it had just been struck by a magnificent blow, as if an enormous ancient dragon had just uttered a destructive roar!
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