Chapter 759 - Aren’t I You?

    Qin Nan frowned slightly and glanced at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, Qin Nan frowned slightly and glanced at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, which shrugged its shoulders, implying that it had no clue about it either.

    "The real trial of the Heavenly Fortune Path?"

    Qin Nan murmured.

    Although he had slain Mu Tianxing and claimed possession of the Precedent Dream Flower, since Princess Miao Miao was dealing with them, the Mu Clan was not his concern for the time being. Besides, he was currently at the forbidden area of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom's palace, which was inaccessible for outsiders. Therefore, the only possibility that remained was the Martial Monarch Corpse before him.

    "It's highly possible that there's something mysterious about this Martial Monarch Corpse. However, with my first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and the copper mirror protecting my Divine Sense, I don't think it will be a problem."

    That being said, Qin Nan's eyebrows did not ease.

    Would the final trial of the Heavenly Fortune Path be this simple?

    "Screw it, there's no point in overthinking it. I'm ready to face whatever it is." Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He would soon learn the truth once he began to refine the Martial Monarch Corpse.

    After calming his thoughts, Qin Nan glanced at Yu Luosha.

    "I'm about to leave for the Middle Continent," Yu Luosha said smilingly, "I'll be waiting for you there."

    Qin Nan nodded and said, "Sure!"

    Yu Luosha's figure turned into a peach blossom and disappeared from the place.


    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse uttered a cry and lashed out a kick at the two hounds lying on the ground, kicking them into Qin Nan's dantian. Strangely, after turning into the Heavenly Fortune Hounds, the two Martial Progenitors completely lost their cultivations and were placed under the control of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse.

    The two Martial Progenitors tried to resist, but they soon realized that there was little they could do. They immediately chose to give up. If committing suicide did not require great courage, they would not hesitate to end their lives.

    "Those two have already begun refining the corpses. I shall start the process too."

    Qin Nan glanced at Jiang Bilan and Longhu and transmitted his voice to them, before he directed his focus onto the Martial Monarch Corpse. The process of refining the Martial Monarch Corpse was exceedingly difficult. He would need to first understand the structure, then slowly merge his Qi with it to erase the will of the Martial Monarch that had once existed within the body.

    It would take a significant amount of time to do so.

    Time gradually passed.

    During this period, the things that took place in the Eastern Continent were completely beyond the concern of the trio cultivating at the forbidden area of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom's palace.

    Meanwhile, a brilliant golden glow burst out from Jiang Bilan's figure. Her white hair danced elegantly as a mysterious suppression of a Martial Monarch was unleashed.

    "Jiang Bilan! This man before you is your enemy! If it weren't for him, why would you end up like this! Collude with me! Kill Qin Nan and steal his Martial Monarch Corpse! We will surpass the Martial Monarch Realm and achieve the Martial God Realm, conquering the entire Canglan Continent..." A furious roar exploded in Jiang Bilan's mind.

    "Qin Nan, is my enemy... Achieving the Martial God Realm..."

    Jiang Bilan's gaze became blank as if she had lost the control of her will.

    It turned out that the remaining will of the half-Martial Monarch residing in the corpse was seducing Jiang Bilan.

    "Ridiculous!" Jiang Bilan's gaze coldened all of a sudden as she regained her control.

    "Why do you say so? Was I wrong? Don't you want to become..." The will of the half-Martial Monarch let out a roar once again after a slight pause.

    "I've only got a few years of lifespan remaining. Are you really trying to trick me with your words?"

    Jiang Bilan's eyes were filled with a disdainful look. Her white hair was extraordinarily eye-catching.


    The will of the half-Martial Monarch lost his words as if he had just choked.

    "Merge with my will to construct the aura of the Martial Monarch Realm!"

    Jiang Bilan uttered a roar and burned her life force without mercy, which turned into powerful Death Qi that encapsulated the will of the half-Martial Monarch before devouring it.

    Following this, a powerful force was awakened inside her body.

    Before she began to cultivate, she opened her eyes glimpsing at Qin Nan and Longhu and opened her mouth. In the end, she closed her mouth without saying anything.

    The forbidden area fell silent once again.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan was busy using his forces of the Martial Highness Realm and the Divine God of Battle to enfold the Martial Monarch Corpse, and gradually transformed the power of the Martial Monarch Corpse into his.

    "Strange, even though I've finished refining the power of the Martial Monarch Corpse, why isn't anything happening? Didn't the Heavenly Fortune Mouse say that the real trial of the Heavenly Fortune Path had only just begun?" Qin Nan wore a confused expression.

    The Martial Monarch Corpse was so obscure that even the left eye of the Divine God of Battle failed to peak into it.

    Therefore, it was necessary for him to be alert.

    However, little did he know, as Jiang Bilan began to refine the half-Martial Monarch Corpse, Longhu was having some problems himself.

    "HAHAHA! Such a pitiful beast! Despite having the bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger, your life is pathetic! What a pity, what a pity..." A mocking voice exploded inside Longhu's mind.

    "Damn it, shut the f**k up!"

    Longhu was infuriated. He hated being mocked like that the most!

    "What, did I say anything wrong? You're deeply in love with Princess Miao Miao, but she loves Qin Nan instead of you! Can you even call yourself a man when you can't even get the woman you love?" The voice was like a sharp blade penetrating Longhu's heart.

    Longhu's figure shuddered as he was lost for words.

    "Furthermore! After leaving the Longhu Mountain Range, you have yet to showcase your outstanding bloodline! Lower district, the Eastern Continent-is there anyone that remembers your name? Even after acquiring the succession of the second-ranked forbidden area, no one cared about you! And do you know why? It's all because of Qin Nan! He has stolen your limelight!"

    The voice uttered in a ferocious manner.

    "On top of that, you're so kind to him and yet he's unwilling to share the Martial Monarch Corpse with you! Isn't it clear that he had never treated you like his brother? What right does he have to steal your beloved woman, steal your limelight, and claim the possession of the Martial Monarch Corpse?"

    The voice continued to roar like a tremendous storm.

    "I know! You're not feeling content! You're not satisfied! Why did you choose to lower your head to let Qin Nan succeed? Why is that?"

    The voice became sinister all of a sudden.

    It was as if the temperature surrounding him had dropped rapidly.


    Longhu stared with his eyes open wide and said with a trembling voice, "Who exactly are you? How did you know all this?"

    The words were like the cruelness of reality tearing his disguise apart, revealing the darkest side of his heart.


    The voice uttered, "Aren't I you?"
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