Chapter 760 - But I’ve Always Seen You As My Brother

    The forbidden area of the palace was extremely quiet.

    "How marvelous of this Martial Monarch Corpse..."

    Qin Nan's eyes wore an astonished look.

    As his aura completely merged with the aura of the Martial Monarch Corpse, he could finally clearly see the runes engraved on each of the bones, which felt like obscure Monarch Arts. Even with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he still could not comprehend the runes immediately.

    On top of that, the force contained in each of the bones had reached an unclear level. The difference between Qin Nan's power and its power was like comparing a sand particle to the sun.

    "I'll need fire to refine it, and luckily I've acquired the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, thus that won't be a problem for me."

    Qin Nan thought and quickly unleashed a stream of the force of the Divine God of Battle, taking the form of purple flames.

    The strength of the purple flames entirely surpassed the power of his Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire.

    "Let's start refining it."

    Qin Nan wore a stern look.

    The trial had yet to come, thus he had to be extremely careful!

    However, Qin Nan did not notice Longhu's face turning dark all of a sudden. Puffs of black Qi were emitted from his back.

    "How could this be! How could you be me!"

    Longhu wore a shocked expression and burst out yelling.

    "You don't believe me? Take a look yourself and decide whether I'm speaking the truth or not!" The voice was filled with a scornful tone. Following this, Longhu could feel his mind shuddering as images began to appear.

    During their first encounter at the Longhu Mountain Range, Princess Miao Miao sacrificed her life to save Qin Nan. At the Sacred Areas of the lower district, Qin Nan rose like a comet, shaking the lower district. Despite Longhu cultivating in seclusion for many years, no one would notice his presence. At the Ocean of Death, Qin Nan entered the limelight and caused the Reaper's Platform to explode...

    The images popped into his mind consecutively.

    Longhu could see himself disappointed, sad, and heaving sighs in the images.

    At that instant, Longhu was stunned.

    It seemed like the mysterious voice was actually himself!

    "See that! See that! That was you! You are jealous of Qin Nan, you hated him, hated that he has always treated you like a stepping stone; he never saw you as his brother!" The voice burst out laughing, "HAHAHA, how can you stand a person like him? Now! Collude with me and kill Qin Nan. The Martial Monarch Corpse will be ours! We will become a Martial Monarch-or even achieve the Martial God Realm-and conquer the Canglan Continent and be respected by everyone!"

    "A Martial Monarch, the Martial God Realm, conquering the Canglan Continent, respected by everyone..."

    Longhu's eyes slowly sprang open while staring at Qin Nan. His gaze was filled with a black glow and a hint of ferocity.


    Kill Qin Nan!

    You will become a peerless expert!

    You will make your ancestor proud!


    A mysterious corpse floated behind Longhu and covered him like an armor-plate, causing his aura to become even more sinister.

    "Use this saber and behead him!"

    The corpse snapped.

    A black saber appeared in Longhu's hand out of nowhere.

    "Kill him...no, he's Qin Nan, he's my brother..." Longhu wore a struggling expression.

    "Don't you want to be with Princess Miao Miao? Don't you want to become an expert? If so, just do it! He has never seen you as a brother!"

    The corpse yelled.

    Longhu's figure shuddered. The hint of a struggle on his face had disappeared, replaced by a dark expression.


    Following an explosion, a shocking murderous intent burst out from Longhu's figure.

    He took a step forward and slashed at Qin Nan without hesitation!


    Kill Qin Nan!


    The eyes of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse sprang open and screamed seeing the attack. Without hesitation, it kicked the Crimson Blood Progenitor-who was now a Heavenly Fortune Hound-straight at Longhu,


    The black saber struck the hound without mercy.

    "F**k me..." The Crimson Blood Progenitor let out a cry as his figure was sent flying. His eyes were filled with despair! What have I done to deserve this! Why do I have to suffer if Qin Nan was the one he wanted to kill!

    Qin Nan immediately opened his eyes after being aware of this.

    However, the sight before him caused his mind to go blank.

    Had Longhu...

    Slashed at him?

    "Dumb dog, how annoying! Attack again, you can't miss the opportunity!"

    The corpse let out a furious roar.

    Longhu slashed at Qin Nan once again as the saber emitted a terrifying glow.

    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse panicked when it saw the previously undefeatable Qin Nan daydream at such a crucial moment. It immediately kicked another Heavenly Fortune Hound without hesitation.


    The saber struck another hound, sending it flying.

    "What on Earth--"

    A painful cry could be heard. Not only was the Disordered Ocean Progenitor spitting mouthfuls of blood from his mouth, his heart was bleeding too!

    I've already turned into a dog!

    Why do I have to suffer still!

    "Damn it!" The corpse went mad. Such a perfect opportunity being interrupted twice in a row.

    "Wh...why?" Qin Nan unconsciously asked as Longhu stood right before him.

    Was this a dream?

    "Why? Qin Nan! I've always been suppressed by you! Miao Miao was stolen from me! And now, even the best treasure was taken by you! How is this fair! You're not my brother! You will die today!" Longhu's eyes were pitch-black as he uttered an enraged roar and swung the saber aiming at Qin Nan's head.

    The eyes of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse widened.

    Why wasn't master resisting?


    A ferocious snap could be heard.

    It appeared that Jiang Bilan was now awake, who swung her hand and slapped the saber.

    "Don't you dare interfere!" The corpse let out a roar and unleashed a powerful force, causing the aura of the saber to skyrocket!

    "Qin Nan, what are you waiting for!" Jiang Bilan yelled.

    Her slap only managed to alter the course of the slash, while her figure was knocked a few steps back by the saber aura.

    In the blink of an eye, Longhu flipped his wrist and stabbed towards Qin Nan's dantian.


    Blood was splattered onto the hounds not far away.

    "Qin Nan, you--"

    Jiang Bilan stared with her eyes wide open. Why didn't he resist?

    Even Longhu was startled.

    Cough cough...

    A trail of blood leaked out from Qin Nan's mouth. The incredible pain served as a sign that it was not a dream. He stared at Longhu and let out a wry smile as he said, "But, I've always seen you as my brother."

    Longhu's figure shuddered.

    His grip on the saber softened.
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