Chapter 761 - Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch

    Qin Nan took a deep breath.


    The word was uttered like the chime of a giant bell.

    The single stream of the force of the Divine God of Battle was fired from Qin Nan's body into the half-Martial Monarch Corpse on Longhu's back, causing it to let out a cry of agony. Soon after, the negative influence from it was cut off.

    The black glow on Longhu's face disappeared, as his eyes regained their usual brightness.

    "Qin Nan, I..."

    Longhu spoke with a trembling voice.

    Qin Nan let out a sigh. He finally understood that the Heavenly Fortune Mouse was referring to this as the final trial.

    "Don't say anything, you should leave." Qin Nan exhaled and spoke calmly.

    Longhu opened his mouth and was about to say something, but remained silent. A moment later, as a cold breeze swept past, he slowly left the place.

    "Why did you do that?" Jiang Bilan asked, as Longhu left the place.

    "What should I do then, kill him? Cripple him?" Qin Nan shook his head with a wry smile. Being betrayed, especially by his own brother, was extremely infuriating, but what can he do? There was no way that Qin Nan would do him any harm considering the moments they had shared together.

    Parting ways here might be the best for both of them.

    "Fine, you're right. However, you must remember, humans advance to greater heights, just like water flows to lower heights. Your future lies in the Middle Continent, you shouldn't be tripped up by stuff like this," Jiang Bilan said, "That's all I have to say, I shall be leaving soon for the Middle Continent."

    "It's been a pleasure working with you. I do hope we can still work together in the Middle Continent."

    Jiang Bilan blinked and reached out her hand.

    Qin Nan was startled, before reaching out his hand and shaking her hand briefly.

    Jiang Bilan let out a giggle and without hesitation, she stomped off the ground and turned into a puff of black smoke, exiting the forbidden area.

    "She's right. Even though things like this are hard to accept, my path doesn't end here..." Qin Nan mumbled as his gaze gradually became determined. Everything in the past should be left scattered as the wind blows, and remain deep inside his memories!

    "Now Gong Yang has left for the Middle Continent, and the same with Yu Luosha and Jiang Bilan. There's no news from Sima Kong, so it's most likely that he's heading there too. It seems like everyone has already decided to go there..."

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

    The Middle Continent, the central area of the Canglan Continent, where countless experts gathered.

    A place where Martial Monarchs or even Martial Gods could be found.

    A place where countless geniuses endlessly battled against each other to alter their destinies.

    "Once I have refined this Martial Monarch Corpse, I will head to the Mu Clan and put an end to the things here in the Eastern Continent. I'll then pay a visit back home before departing for the Middle Continent."

    As Qin Nan made up his mind, he directed his gaze onto the Martial Monarch Corpse.

    Longhu's betrayal served as an alarm bell, implying that there must be some remaining will within the Martial Monarch Corpse.

    "Still planning to hide longer? Come out at once!"

    Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple glow unleashing the ten thousand streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm and the single stream of the force of the Divine God of Battle, which summoned an invisible flame that burned the skull of the Martial Monarch Corpse.


    Even the Martial Monarch Corpse was burned by the flame.

    "Kid! If it's your desire to see me, I'll grant you your wish!"

    At that instant, a shocking roar could be heard, which felt like it could penetrate the Nine Heavens.

    A magnificent illusionary figure emerged from the corpse, standing in the air. A terrifying suppression that overwhelmed the presence of everything could be felt.


    The ground of the forbidden area of the palace immediately cracked.

    "Woof! Woof!"

    The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds barked as their figures were pressed down onto the ground by the suppression.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan wore a calm expression as his black robe flapped wildly.

    "Mm? A mere Martial Highness is able to remain calm under my suppression, impressive. However, that's far from enough." The magnificent figure glanced down at Qin Nan and uttered a thunderous roar, "I'll give you three breaths' time to prove yourself! Otherwise, you're not worthy enough to be my successor!"

    "Prove myself?"

    Qin Nan was stunned.

    He had initially thought that this Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch would attack him to devour his flesh.

    However, little did Qin Nan know that the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch had had the thought of devouring his flesh so that he could be reincarnated. However, as his remaining will was too weak, it was impossible for him to overpower Qin Nan!

    Therefore, the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch had spoken those words.

    Instead of dying a worthless death, he was willing to find a successor to replace him that would continue to stir a great chaos in this Canglan Continent on his behalf!

    That being said, not everyone had the right to be the successor of the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch!

    "Senior, just take a look inside my Divine Sense." Qin Nan relaxed his expression. As long as the Martial Monarch was not hostile toward him, he had always been respectful to these experts.

    "Divine Sense?"

    The Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch wore a confused look, before he turned into a beam of light and entered Qin Nan's Divine Sense.

    "What is he planning to do asking me to enter his Divine Sense--"

    The Cloud Soaring Divine Sense began to scan his surroundings with a scowl. However, as he saw the copper mirror and sensed its aura, his voice halted as a shocked expression filled his face.

    He was extremely familiar with the aura.

    Before he died, he had once detected the aura at that forbidden area.


    How did this kid find the treasure?

    Could it be...

    That this kid was the successor that the senior had picked before he left?

    "Senior, what's wrong? Do you know this mirror?"

    Qin Nan was astonished. He had initially planned to show the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch that he had the right to be his successor, but he did not expect to see his reaction.

    "HAHAHA, of course, of course!" The Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch burst out laughing and glanced upward into the distance with a pleasant look, "God of Canglan, Sacred Heaven! You would never expect that senior to leave something in the bottom of the bag! HAHA, wait and be crushed by my successor!"

    The grudge that the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch had held all these years had finally gotten released.

    "Sacred Heaven? God of Canglan? Senior, what exactly is this copper mirror?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He had been intrigued by the copper mirror's background for quite a while, thus it would come in handy if the Martial Monarch knew something.

    Hearing Qin Nan's voice, the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch collected his thoughts.

    It definitely felt good after releasing the resentment within him!

    "Kid, listen carefully, this copper mirror is extremely terrifying. She was the first in the Canglan Continent to--" The Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch straightened his face. His eyes emitted a respectful glow as he slowly spoke, as if he was about to mention something forbidden.
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