Chapter 763 - Skyedge Island

    The Boundless Ocean was the border between the Eastern Continent and the Middle Continent. The ocean appeared to be endless, and its water was golden. Furthermore, the weather on the ocean was unpredictable, with occasional storms which were powerful enough to kill Martial Sacred Realm experts instantly.

    As such, most cultivators of the Eastern Continent who were planning to enter the Middle Continent had to head to Skyedge Island and hire a unique ancient boat made by the Mu Clan to cross the ocean.

    It took Qin Nan five days to reach Skyedge Island.

    Within this period, he made use of the time to master the foundation of the ancient Martial Arts and Monarch Arts given by the Cloud Soaring Martial Monarch.

    As such, his strength had improved significantly once again!

    "So this is Skyedge Island, interesting..."

    Qin Nan's figure floated on the golden ocean as he stared downward at the giant island. He could sense a powerful aura within the island that seemed to be hibernating. Its cultivation had reached the peak Martial Sacred Realm.

    It was not a human, nor a beast, but the spirit of Skyedge Island.

    On top of that, on Skyedge Island stood a giant city, known as Skyedge City.

    Skyedge City was crowded with cultivators, resulting in a lively scene. Meanwhile, the other half of the city was the location of the Mu Clan. However, due to the forbidding aura protecting it, Qin Nan was unable to peek through it even with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

    "Qin Nan, I've sensed your aura!" Princess Miao Miao's voice was filled with a hint of joy, "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

    "Princess, I'll go to the Mu Clan right away." Qin Nan responded with a smile. He did slightly miss the Princess since it had been a while since their last meeting.

    "Mm, just come in through the entrance straight away, make your entry as noisy as possible! Don't worry, since you now have the Precedent Dream Flower in your hands, no one in the Mu Clan would dare to harm you!" Princess Miao Miao's voice became cold.

    "Noisy, huh?"

    Qin Nan squinted his eyes and landed before Skyedge City. He paid the entrance fee and stepped inside, heading straight toward the Mu Clan. A while later, he halted right before the entrance of the Mu Clan.

    Each brick used to construct the clan was made from a mysterious ancient yellow rock, which was extraordinarily solid. Even a punch from a Martial Highness Realm expert would not leave a single mark on it.

    A plaque was hung at the entrance of the clan, with the characters '' (Mu Clan) on it, written in an antique manner. An obscure intent could be felt from it, mixed with a vague aura of a Martial Progenitor.

    Two guards stood at the entrance with peak Martial Highness Realm auras.

    Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and walked straight toward the entrance.

    "Who's there?"

    The guards stared at Qin Nan murderously with their eyes open wide.

    Even though the Mu Clan was considered the conqueror of the Eastern Continent, the people of the Mu Clan rarely showed themselves in the public, thus the disciples seldom left the clan. As such, it was easy for the guards to remember those who occasionally left the clan.

    "I'm...Qin Nan!"

    Qin Nan brought his fists together, as he raised his tone while uttering the last two words, which felt like a thunderous explosion.

    The expressions of the guards stiffened.

    Qin Nan?

    Why was this name so familiar?

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan's shout had grabbed the attention of the crowd.

    An uproar took place inside the clan; powerful auras were unleashed, as if an army was making their way to the entrance.

    It was extremely rare to witness such a scene taking place in the Mu Clan!

    The two guards immediately gathered their thoughts. Their faces were filled with astonishment. It was Qin Nan, Qin Nan was here!

    Following this, a voice was transmitted into the minds of the guards.


    The voices of the guards began to tremble.

    Qin Nan's arrival had already grabbed the attention of the elders. They were confident that once this man entered the Mu Clan, a great chaos would be stirred!

    Qin Nan raised his head slightly and proceeded into the Mu Clan.

    As soon as he stepped inside, he immediately saw ten middle-aged men floating in mid-air, who were all Martial Sacred Realm experts. Some of them had even reached the peak Martial Sacred Realm.

    On the main path stood countless young cultivators, who were the disciples of the Mu Clan!


    The ten Martial Sacred Realm experts immediately unleashed a terrifying suppression into the surroundings, causing the eyes of the disciples to widen.

    Qin Nan!

    The name that everyone was familiar with!

    The top genius of the Eastern Continent, who had acquired the precious treasure of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain, obtained the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path, and killed Mu Tianxing and the others!

    Many among the crowd had been looking forward to meeting Qin Nan, and their wish was finally granted today!

    "Xiao Nanzi, great job. Don't worry about them, come to me from the main path. I'll be waiting!" Princess Miao Miao's voice became excited as she took note of how the situation had developed.

    Qin Nan nodded and walked forward with an expressionless face, as if the presence of the experts and disciples was totally ignored by him.

    "This Qin Nan has such a powerful aura, his cultivation is immeasurable!"

    "How bold, he dares to enter without saying anything! Does this Qin Nan have no respect for our Mu Clan?"

    "Damn! He dares to come after killing four Senior Brothers?"

    "Qin Nan is so cool!"

    An uproar instantly took place.

    Some were wearing furious looks. Some remained calm, while others wore great anticipation on their faces.

    Meanwhile, at this instant...

    Several powerful auras extended from the Mu Clan and descended upon the place.

    Many authorities of the Mu Clan were startled by Qin Nan's arrival!

    "The Mu Clan is indeed filled with experts..."

    Qin Nan scanned his surroundings.

    Through his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he could sense the presence of thirty Martial Sacred Realm experts here, twelve of whom had reached the peak Martial Sacred Realm, while one of whom had reached the half-Martial Progenitor Realm.

    That being said, there was one terrifying aura deep within the Mu Clan, which had surpassed the Martial Sacred Realm!

    It was highly possible that the person was the Mu Clan's Patriarch!

    Besides, there were two other places that were encapsulated within mysterious auras, such that even Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle could not peek through it.

    Such a powerful formation, as expected of the conqueror of the Eastern Continent.

    Even with all factions including the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom combined, they were still incomparable to the Mu Clan!

    Speaking of which, why wasn't the Mu Clan interfering with the business on the Eastern Continent?

    Qin Nan's mind was filled with doubts.

    "Stop at once!"

    A shockingly furious roar could be heard as a figure sprang into the sky, unleashing a powerful aura of the third-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

    Qin Nan squinted his eyes.

    The eyes of the crowd glistened.

    Let the show begin!
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