Chapter 769 - Run!

    "Confusion Shadow Clone Art!"

    Qin Nan instantly reacted by executing the Monarch Art, summoning hundreds of clones with his real figure and blended among them, making it difficult to be identified.

    However, the attack taking the form of the ferocious dragon was aware of his movements and exploded into hundreds of different forces.

    It was as if these forces had some kind of intelligence, chasing tightly behind each clone despite their efforts to try and dodge it.


    A series of explosions took place as one clone after another was destroyed.

    Qin Nan's hair stood on end. Without hesitation, he immediately used his left eye of the Divine God of Battle to observe the attack and dodge it with a near miss.

    Despite that, the gust from the impact of the force was enough to send his figure flying, crashing into the wall. Following a groan, a line of blood could be seen at the side of his mouth.

    Even though the attack was weakened significantly, he still did not stand a chance against it!

    The crowd was stunned to witness such a brilliant confrontation between the two within a breath's time.

    "HAHAHA! Qin Nan, you're definitely worthy to be called the top genius of the Eastern Continent. You almost tricked us!"

    Mu Kun burst out laughing.

    The crowd collected their thoughts.

    Had Qin Nan actually lied to them?

    On second thought, they immediately came to a realization. If Qin Nan did know how to execute the attack of the Martial Monarch Realm, he would have used it facing Mu Kun's attack.

    Mu Fengsha could not help but curl his lips upward as the heavy stone in his heart finally sank to the bottom. It was also a bet for him and it had turned out to be the right move!

    "Qin Nan, I shall cripple you now!"

    Mu Kun withdrew his smile. The attack previously had only been to probe Qin Nan's strength. The next attack would be his true strength!


    Mu Kun executed his move swiftly, summoning a giant pagoda that crushed down onto Qin Nan's figure.

    The pagoda was a Monarch Art, which was known as the Martial Pagoda.

    Those who were crushed by the pagoda-regardless of their strength-would have their meridians, dantian, etc. destroyed, crippling them immediately. It was a vicious move, which was the perfect move to deal with Qin Nan!

    Without hesitation, he immediately transmitted his voice into the badge that the Princess had given him while raising his left arm.

    The situation was entirely out of his control, forcing him to wake the Patriarch up!


    Meanwhile, the Martial Pagoda slammed downward with a formidable power that swept the entire crowd, causing their faces to feel pain from the impact. Despite that, they stared with their eyes open wide, not willing to miss out on any detail.

    Was the top genius of the Eastern Continent going to be crippled?

    "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, once I have claimed the succession you have, I'll surely be able to alter my destiny. Princess Miao Miao will be mine too--" Even Mu Fengsha could not help but burst out laughing at this moment. When the battle ended, his life would be completely different, allowing him to win the favor of his beloved woman while obtaining a superb talent!

    However, as the dust cleared, his expression stiffened upon taking a glimpse at the scene below the pagoda.

    In addition to him, the eyes of Mu Kun and the elders widened too.

    They could only see Qin Nan's black robe flapping wildly as he held the pagoda with only his left arm. Apart from a minor injury, he was perfectly fine!


    Mu Fengsha wore a blank expression.

    He had resisted it!

    Qin Nan had managed to resist the attack with only his left arm!

    How was this possible!

    The entire hall fell into an eerie silence at this moment.

    "Father, attack at once! His left arm must be an artifact, try attacking him with other moves so that he won't be able to use his left arm!" Three breaths later, Mu Fengsha reacted and blurted out.

    There was no other possibility apart from his left arm being an artifact!


    Mu Kun prepared to strike again after he collected his thoughts.

    However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

    Inside some forbidden area deep within the Mu Clan, an ancient presence began to wake up, opening its eyes before arriving above the Clan Hall with a stomp.

    "Stop at once!"

    Following a roar, an old white-haired man appeared before the crowd.


    Mu Kun's arm subconsciously stiffened as his heart was filled with a hint of terror, the same as the rest of the crowd.

    It was natural for them to feel intimidated, even though they had learned that the Patriarch's strength was no longer as strong as at his peak.

    "Patriarch, do you really think you can change the situation? Your cultivation is only at the half-Martial Progenitor Realm! No, it's even weaker than that now. HAHAHA!" Mu Kun took a glimpse at the old white-haired man and upon seeing his cultivation, he could not help but burst out laughing, "If you were to surrender at once and hand over everything you possess, maybe I could spare your life considering that you were once my Patriarch."

    Qin Nan immediately glanced toward the old white-haired man.

    Following a glance, his expression stiffened. The Patriarch's cultivation had dropped to the peak Martial Sacred Realm!

    "Mu Kun, are you seriously planning a rebellion?" The old white-haired man scanned the crowd with a thoughtful expression as he spoke, "The rest of you as well? I've never mistreated you."

    The eyes of many elders glittered as complicated feelings arose within them, but they remained silent.

    Patriarch, times have changed.

    "I don't care how you treated us before. Since you're not willing to cooperate, I won't waste any further time!" Mu Kun's eyes flickered murderously. He didn't care about friendship or other useless stuff. All he wanted was the title of the conqueror of the Eastern Continent!

    However, before the battle erupted, the old white-haired man suddenly laughed.


    The laughter was filled with disdain, pleasure, and a slight hint of disappointment.

    "You..." Mu Kun frowned. Had this old man just gone mad prior to his death?

    "Ridiculous, what an absolute joke." The old white-haired man scanned the crowd with an icy expression, "Do you really think...that I'm suffering from a strange injury? Do you seriously think my cultivation has weakened?"

    The crowd was stunned hearing the words.

    What did he mean?

    Mu Kun and Mu Fengsha were dumbfounded as a bad feeling arose within them. Did this mean that he had never lost his cultivation? Was he implying that it was his conspiracy all along?

    "Open your eyes wide and look carefully!"

    The old white-haired man let out a roar.


    A terrifying aura burst out from his figure.

    The aura resembled the primary force of a Martial Art, one that no one among the crowd could match against. The difference was like the distance between the Heavens and Earth, and the illumination of the Sun and Moon and a firefly.

    The crowd only felt themselves to be miniscule.


    Even Qin Nan was astonished. The Patriarch was still a Martial Progenitor?

    The faces of Mu Kun, Mu Fengsha, and the rest of the elders turned pale white instantly.

    The aura of a Martial Progenitor!

    It was the real aura of a Martial Progenitor!

    It had been the Patriarch's plan all along!

    They were...


    "Qin Nan!"

    A loud roar caused Qin Nan to raise his head subconsciously.

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