Chapter 770 - The Netherworld Chains

    A golden leaf the size of a man sprang out from the old white-haired man's body, which transformed into a boat that covered the hall with a golden glow.

    Without any hesitation, Qin Nan entered the boat.

    "Monarch Weapon unleashed, rift jump!"

    The old white-haired man spat out a drop of his blood onto the boat, causing it to unleash a terrifying aura and shatter the hall.

    Following a whoosh, the giant boat vanished into thin air.

    The crowd was left with blank expressions.

    They were not dumb at all. Since the Patriarch had escaped with Qin Nan, it indicated that the Martial Progenitor aura had been a bluff to trick them too!

    "Head over to Mu Mu's residence, and don't let them escape!"

    Mu Kun felt like vomiting blood due to his anger.

    He was extremely infuriated after being tricked twice in a row. That being said, he was able to speculate that the old white-haired man would not be able to run too far away. As such, he would definitely head to Mu Mu's residence.


    Under Mu Kun's guidance, the elders sprang into the sky and formed a formidable army that marched away.

    Meanwhile, inside Mu Mu's residence, a golden boat appeared.

    "Cough cough..." The old white-haired man coughed with a weakened aura, before he let out a relieved sigh, "That was a close call, we almost failed to escape there."

    Qin Nan immediately realized that it had been the Patriarch's trick.

    The Patriarch's cultivation remained at the peak Martial Sacred Realm. If he had not lied to Mu Kun and his crew, causing them to lose their focus for a moment, he would not have been able to escape with his Monarch Weapon.

    The two immediately glanced toward the sky after being aware of something.

    From afar, Mu Kun led the crowd and approached them at a terrifying pace. In just a few breaths' time, they would descend upon the residence!

    "Monarch Weapon, seal off the area!"

    The old white-haired man showed no hesitation as he spat out another drop of blood to forcefully activate the Monarch Weapon, causing the boat to explode into pieces of golden leaves that scattered around the residence to establish a defensive formation.

    Qin Nan gazed at the formation.

    The residence was already protected by a forbidding aura, and with the Monarch Weapon sealing off the place, it was extremely difficult for it to be intruded upon.

    "Mu Kun has already prepared for this moment, thus this place can only hold for another incense's time. Let us go inside, time is running out..."

    The old man said before turning around and entering the wooden hut.

    Qin Nan glanced into the distance with his left eye.

    As the Patriarch had mentioned, Mu Kun had already taken out a Monarch Weapon from his storage bag. With the assistance of the elders, they were able to unleash the full power of the Monarch Weapon, causing the residence to quaver slightly due to the impact.

    He was right that the residence could only hold another incense's time longer.

    "That won't be enough for the reinforcements to arrive!"

    Qin Nan clenched his fists tightly and entered the wooden hut.

    The wooden hut was not large, only covering an area with a circumference of over ten meters, decorated with a bed and a shelf filled with ancient books, each emitting a mystical glow.

    On the bed lay Mu Mu who was fast asleep. There was no sign of the previous evil presence.

    It seemed like she was having a pleasant dream, causing her lips to curl upward, like the blossoming of flowers.

    Meanwhile, Princess Miao Miao was recovering her cultivation besides the bed.

    "Patriarch...you..." The Princess's eyes sprang open, and upon seeing the two and sensing the impact outside the place, she immediately came to a realization.

    "Princess, it's all thanks to you this time," The old white-haired man wore a sincere look as he took out a scroll and said, "This is the thing that I promised to give you."

    Princess Miao Miao received the scroll and remained silent.

    She had only been helping Mu Mu for the scroll at the start, but throughout this period, she had already had a sense of belonging here.

    Qin Nan gave the Princess a pat on her shoulder.


    The old white-haired man let out a sigh staring at Mu Mu, before he spoke, "I'm so sorry. If it weren't for my pride, it wouldn't come down to this. At least, you will be able to enjoy another three years of learning Martial Arts."

    The explosions from the great impact taking place outside the residence echoed in the Mu Clan and the entirety of Skyedge Island.

    Meanwhile, the atmosphere inside the residence was solemn, as the hoarse voice was filled with remorse and regret.

    Qin Nan was startled.

    What did the old man mean by that?

    "You two have done a lot for the Mu Clan. You shouldn't be involved in this affair." The old white-haired man turned around and said, "I can teleport you both away from here when the battle erupts."

    "Old man, what do you mean, what about Mu Mu?" Princess Miao Miao straightened her face and spoke.

    "My current cultivation is only at the peak Martial Sacred Realm, I can only teleport you two away at most. As for my daughter, she has lived a miserable life, there is no point for her to suffer any longer. I'll keep her company as we enter the phase of reincarnation." The old white-haired man spoke calmly. Despite that, his eyes were filled with agony and unwillingness.

    Mu Mu could still live another three years. Maybe, there was some hope in curing her condition within these three years.

    As her father, why would he be willing to witness her death?

    However, due to his weakened cultivation, he could only teleport two people away.

    Both Qin Nan and Miao Miao had been helping the Mu Clan, thus it was necessary for him to ensure their safety. Their Mu Clan never owed anyone favors.

    "Daughter, I believe you understand your father. I hope you won't blame me when we are reborn once again."

    The old white-haired man said.

    The Princess became silent. Her gaze was fixed onto Mu Mu's face with a firm determination. Even if it meant sacrificing her Primary Force, she would protect her at all costs!

    "Patriarch, the Heavens never bar one's way. There's still an incense's time left." Qin Nan wore a calm face as he said, "Are you able to delay them for some time? I might have a chance to turn the tables around!"

    Qin Nan was not a hero. He would not sacrifice his life for someone whom he had just met recently. However, Mu Mu was innocent and kind, while the Patriarch was a man of honor, thus he was willing to provide his assistance to them!

    It was also for the sake of the Princess too!

    "Delay them?" The old white-haired man was startled, before he let out a wry smile, "Qin Nan, I'm clueless as to what you have up your sleeves, but do you really think those assholes out there are strong enough to trouble me?"

    His gaze became icy upon saying this.

    Although he was suffering from a strange injury, causing his cultivation to drop rapidly, he was still able to unleash a Martial Progenitor Realm aura with some mystical technique. However, before he could execute his plan, within an hour, Mu Kun and his crew already knew that his cultivation had dropped, and had immediately started their rebellion.

    Therefore, the old white-haired man clearly understood that there was someone else directing them from behind!

    Qin Nan was astounded.

    Was the situation more complicated than it seemed?

    However, before he could query further, the old white-haired man's face suddenly reddened.


    Behind him, a magical, two-zhang tall tree emerged and emitted a strong Martial Art presence.

    However, an eerie, pitch-black chain was coiling around the tree like a serpent, sucking the life force of the tree away, which would soon strangle it to death.
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