Chapter 779 - Vital Qi


    "Could it be another succession of the Divine God of Battle?"

    That was the last thought that came to Qin Nan's mind before he fainted.

    While he lost his consciousness, the ancient presence from the ancient world continued to murmur the words into Qin Nan's mind.

    It was something that the Divine God of Battle had planned prior to his death.

    Time gradually passed. A day later, Qin Nan's eyes slowly sprang open, before he swiftly inspected his body.

    He found a small pagoda inside his dantian.

    The pagoda was colorful and had the appearance of a crystal, with seven floors. Each floor was enchanted with countless runes, like ancient seals.

    "This...must be the Seven Forms of the Divine God of Battle!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

    The Martial Skill of the Divine God of Battle, how terrifying would it be?

    Surely the ancient Martial Arts, Monarch Arts, etc. would not be comparable with it!

    "Let's try it out!"

    Qin Nan swiftly calmed his thoughts and scanned the pagoda with his Divine Sense. Following this, it was as if he had triggered some sort of activation, causing the runes on the first floor of the pagoda to be removed. Countless ancient memories swarmed into his mind like a surging tide.

    "The first form of the Divine God of Battle, the Unrivaled Warrior!"

    "Who is worthy to be called a warrior? In the Martial World, countless living beings have the desire to improve. There are countless geniuses within the Nine Heavens, and the one who competes against them all is known as the warrior!"


    Qin Nan's heart shuddered.

    After comprehending it for a brief moment, he realized that this Unrivaled Warrior could be regarded as a Martial Skill or not a Martial Skill, as it did not really have a way to execute it. However, once it was mastered, it would allow him to utilize the power of the left eye, left arm, and right arm of the Divine God of Battle!

    In other words, the first form was useful in utilizing the body parts of the Divine God of Battle!

    "Nice!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he said, "Since I've acquired the three body parts of the Divine God of Battle, their uses are limited to observing, shielding, and slashing. There's nothing much I can use them for! I can finally unleash their real potential with this Unrivaled Warrior!"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath to withhold the excitement in his heart before his focus was immersed into the memories.

    It went without saying that his Martial Skill Talent was exceedingly outstanding, but despite that, it still took him three whole days to understand the basics of the Unrivaled Warrior!

    Therefore, it served as a sign of how obscure the first form was!

    "Let's see if I can activate the second form too!"

    With a thought, Qin Nan scanned the pagoda with his Divine Sense once again. However, this time, an invisible barrier appeared and denied him access.

    "It seems like I can't comprehend all seven forms at once. I can only learn the next form once my cultivation meets the requirement." Qin Nan mumbled. He then recalled the ancient figure that he had seen.

    That figure, it must be the Divine God of Battle, right?

    Did the Divine God of Battle already prepare himself to teach me the Seven Forms of the Divine God of Battle countless years ago?

    For once, Qin Nan was utterly confused.

    "Now's not the time to think about this..."

    Qin Nan shook his head and withdrew his thoughts. He then continued to inspect his body, and was dumbfounded.

    At the center of his Divine Sense was no longer the copper mirror. It was replaced by a black dot.

    Qin Nan clearly remembered that this thing did not exist before he had ranked up to the Martial Sacred Realm.

    "What's this?"

    Qin Nan frowned as he cautiously reached out his Divine Sense. The black dot shuddered violently as if it were aware of his intention, and immediately devoured his Divine Sense.


    Following a buzz, the scenery surrounding Qin Nan fell into darkness rapidly.

    Within the darkness, an ancient world floated in silence!

    "This black dot is able to communicate with the ancient world!"

    Qin Nan was energized.

    Previously, he would have to consume pills or Primary Stones in order to communicate with the ancient world, but he could now do that whenever he wanted. Besides, he had a feeling that he would set his foot onto the ancient world someday!


    The ancient world responded by giving him a stream of mystical Qi.

    "Is this Chaos Qi?"

    Qin Nan was startled.

    However, he was soon able to see the Qi clearly.

    The Qi was thoroughly blue in color, with an aura similar to the Chaos Qi, but its power was stronger and more intimidating.


    Qin Nan's consciousness returned to his own body, as a stream of mysterious Qi flowed into his dantian.

    "If this isn't Chaos Qi, what exactly is it?" Qin Nan frowned. However, he could speculate that it was highly possible that the Chaos Qi had ranked up as well following the improvement in his cultivation.

    Currently within Qin Nan's dantian, apart from seven hundred and ninety-nine streams of sacred force, the Divine Battle Crystal, the small pagoda which contained the Seven Forms of the Divine God of Battle, there were also three little beasts.

    The beasts were the Heavenly Fortune Mouse and the two Heavenly Fortune Hounds.

    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse had fallen into a deep sleep, as if it had gone into seclusion. Meanwhile, the two Heavenly Fortune Hounds were wearing blank expressions in their eyes.

    It was understandable though, as any other Martial Progenitor would lose the hope of living after being turned into hounds all of a sudden.

    The two Martial Progenitors had tried to kill themselves as well, but to their disappointment, the hounds' flesh was incredibly sturdy, such that they could not even inflict any harm on themselves!

    Therefore, they were overwhelmed by despair.

    They were not willing to speak until they accepted their new identities.

    Meanwhile, the two Heavenly Fortune Hounds could feel warmth flowing into Qin Nan's dantian.

    It must be this Qin Nan acquiring some new benefits once again.

    The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds thought in their minds. They were entirely speechless about how good Qin Nan's luck was all the time, but they were quite used to it by now.

    That being said, due to the slight curiosity, they subconsciously took a glimpse of it, causing their minds to be filled with a great explosion.

    "F**k me!" The Disordered Ocean Progenitor was utterly dumbfounded, "It's Vital Qi! It's Vital Qi! Are you kidding me!"

    Meanwhile, the copper mirror in Qin Nan's Divine Sense...

    Although it had remained silent for quite a long time, and stopped showing any interest in getting Qin Nan's Chaos Qi.

    It did not even show any reaction when the golden seal had appeared.

    It was as if the mysterious lady in the mirror had lost her interest in Qin Nan.

    However, that was not the case. The mysterious lady was shocked after seeing Qin Nan's Martial Spirit, thus she had begun to search various places for his true identity.

    As such, she did not have time to care about Qin Nan.

    "Mm? Vital Qi?"

    The mysterious lady blurted out with an astounded voice originating from above the Nine Heavens.

    Translator: XephiZ

    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] TL Note: The RAWS is describing it as 'Hong Meng Qi' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Meng), but I've decided to name it 'Vital Qi'.
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