Chapter 805 - Dragon Emperor Clan!

    The beasts at the scene, including the Leopard-Striped Dragons, were astonished. Their figures took a few steps backward as if they had just experienced a huge impact, while their hearts were subconsciously filled with fear.


    The Golden Barbarian Ox opened its eyes wide and was unable to speak as if its throat were being clenched tightly by a giant hand.


    The Leopard-Striped Dragon's eyes widened while its figure trembled violently.

    Are you kidding me!

    This human had dragon might in his body!

    However, little did they know that Qin Nan only possessed the dragon might after soaking himself in the pool of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon's blood. If he learned the actual technique to unleash his dragon might, he could easily showcase the dragon might of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon.

    When that happened, every beast would drop to their knees!

    It was the might of a dragon emperor!

    "What now? Do you still want me to give him the spot?" Qin Nan looked around and uttered a hollow laugh.

    The entire place was immersed in a dead silence. Be it the Golden Barbarian Ox or the Leopard-Striped Dragon, they did not dare to speak!

    The fact that this human possessed the dragon might indicated that he was related to the dragon tribe!

    Although he might not be too close with them, beasts of their rank could never afford to offend the dragon tribe!

    At that moment, the beasts finally understood why Qin Nan dared to visit the Dragon Emperor Clan at this time!

    "Activate the portal!"

    Qin Nan glanced toward the Golden Barbarian Ox and unleashed all of his dragon might without mercy.


    The Golden Barbarian Ox no longer had its previous imperiousness, as it was being devoured by fear. Together with the other Martial Progenitor Realm beast, they immediately performed hand seals to activate the formation.


    A brilliant glow flickered from the formation, encapsulating the figures of Qin Nan and the others.

    Following this, the place fell dead silent.

    Even the Leopard-Striped Dragon remained silent with a blank face.



    The transportation was different than the one Qin Nan had experienced when he was heading to the Middle Sector City from Crimson Magic City. He could only feel a tremendous power enveloping his figure and barrelling into the distance at an unimaginable speed.

    "Dragon Emperor Clan!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

    Apart from the top three factions of the half-God region, the Dragon Emperor Clan was considered the most powerful faction in the Middle Continent! Therefore, he was interested in checking it out!

    Even Mu Mu's eyes were filled with great anticipation.

    Meanwhile, the two hounds inside Qin Nan's body began to pray diligently. They had stumbled into the beasts of the Dragon Emperor Clan in the past, and none of them could be described as kind and loving. They only hoped that Qin Nan would not be targeted by some peerless beast!


    Qin Nan and the others could feel their bodies lightening as they dropped from the rift onto a black dojo. As soon as Qin Nan landed, he immediately unleashed his dragon might into his surroundings.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    As he thought, his action immediately grabbed the attention of a few hundred gazes, each possessing a shocking power!

    "What's going on here? Two humans?"

    "Good heavens! That kid possesses dragon might! Can someone explain this?"

    "Could it be that this human is here to take part in the trial too?"

    Countless curious voices echoed around them.

    Mu Mu subconsciously turned her head around and immediately saw more than hundreds of young cultivators staring at them in disbelief. This caused her figure to shudder, before she positioned herself behind Qin Nan.


    Qin Nan turned his head around and scanned with his left eye, causing him to wear an astounded face.

    When he had first landed, he could already sense the formidable auras, but after taking a closer look, each of the auras felt like an immeasurable ocean, not to mention their identities.

    At least a few dozens of them possessed a stronger bloodline than the Leopard-Striped Dragon!

    Some of them even possessed terrifying bloodlines!

    "It seems like this Dragon Emperor Clan is holding some sort of trial, and I happened to stumble into it!" The thought flashed across Qin Nan's mind. His face remained calm under the gaze of the crowd, as he raised his head and took a look at his surroundings.

    Although the auras around him were quite outstanding, his dragon might was not any weaker!

    At least, the beasts were not daring enough to trouble him!

    "So this is the Dragon Emperor Clan?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment as he checked out his surroundings.

    The huge dojo was located deep within a mountain range. Therefore, the dojo was surrounded by mountains that emerged tall from the ground in a magnificent manner, each presenting a shocking sight. With a rough glance, there were at least fifty-eight mountains!

    Apart from that, there was a stone pillar the width of a water tank deep within the mountain range that elevated high into the sky, surpassing the height of the mountains and went straight up into the clouds. At the end of the stone pillar floated a mysterious palace that even Qin Nan's left eye failed to peek through!

    "So many...beasts!"

    QIn Nan took a deep breath.

    The reason being that he could detect the presence of countless terrifying auras from the mountains.

    Even with his cultivation of the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm and his strength that could match a first-layer or second-layer Martial Progenitor, he felt as miniscule as an ant standing before the mountains!

    This was the Dragon Emperor Clan!

    Where countless powerful beasts resided!

    Even Qin Nan who was standing at the peak of the Eastern Continent was insignificant in this place!

    A shocking roar suddenly exploded, "Human, are you here to take part in the recruitment trial?"

    Among the young cultivators, a bulky young man stepped forward.

    A terrifying might could be felt from his body. Even though he had already concealed it, the beasts felt themselves to be tiny standing before the young man.

    "It's Man Wu!"

    "Tsk tsk, this is getting interesting!"

    "No one knows where this human came from! Hopefully Man Wu is able to probe his strength!"

    The eyes of the cultivators glittered.

    Obviously, they were extremely curious about Qin Nan's identity.

    Qin Nan glanced toward the young man before him. This young man with the name Man Wu was a Five-Flowered Demonic-Runed Bull, whose bloodline was relatively outstanding among the beasts. His cultivation had reached the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm!

    Qin Nan was about to speak when a rare sight took place.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Cracks began to appear in the sky as a teleportation portal was summoned.


    A terrifying beast suppression was unleashed from the portal, which swept the place like a storm, leaving the beasts in astonishment.

    Even Qin Nan's eyes glittered.
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