Chapter 811 - The Location of the Divine God of Battle

    "There's nothing here."

    Qin Nan returned to the original spot. Despite expecting this, his eyes were still filled with disappointment.

    Meanwhile, Xuan Yue had gone completely berserk toward the two hounds and one mouse. Those three assholes were being too vicious with their words, and his suppression and cultivation had no effect on them!

    Xuan Yue whose anger had yet to dissipate uttered a hollow laugh, "Stop thinking about useless stuff, even if there were any treasure, they were most likely taken away. You should use your time to improve your cultivation instead, as we will be taking part in the Monarch Ranking Trial in a month's time!"

    "Monarch Ranking Trial?"

    Qin Nan was startled.

    "That's right. The Two-Starred and Three-Starred Factions of the Middle Continent would only recruit new disciples once every year. Therefore, if the fresh recruits were planning to enter the Monarch Ranking for a chance to compete in the Monarch Horoscope Contest, we must take the trial." Xuan Yue added.

    "I see..."

    Qin Nan nodded.

    "I'm heading off to cultivate!"

    Without giving Qin Nan a glance, he blurted out the words and left.

    He aimed to acquire a good ranking in the Monarch Ranking Trial!

    A higher ranking would mean greater benefits.

    Qin Nan looked around and saw the two Heavenly Fortune Hounds, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, and Mu Mu begin searching around the Human Peak or find a spot to cultivate.

    Qin Nan took a deep breath, and without pondering further, he went to a huge boulder deep within a forest and sat on top of it with his eyes closed. A moment later, he exhaled deeply and opened his eyes.

    This trip to the Dragon Emperor Clan had allowed him to learn a great deal.

    A first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was nothing significant here in the Middle Continent.

    In the case of the Dragon Emperor Clan, he was able to stumble into Xuan Yue and Bai Yang who possessed bloodlines that were equivalent to fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits at a mere recruitment trial, not to mention the other second-grade Tian ranked and first-grade Tian ranked beasts.

    If he were to include the current disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, how many geniuses would he find?

    On top of that, this was only at the Dragon Emperor Clan. There were still few dozen Two-Starred Factions and hundreds of Three-Starred Factions. If all these were added together, how many Tian-ranked Martial Spirits would he be able to find?

    The total would be unimaginable!

    "Giving the reverse scale to the chief has made me an inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan. I don't really have much to do yet here in the Middle Continent. My priority for now is..."

    Qin Nan showed no sign of being discouraged. Instead, his eyes glittered with excitement.

    Although the rank of his Martial Spirit was still too weak, it was only the beginning!

    The first-grade Tian ranked Divine Battle Spirit could still rank up!

    "Before when the Divine Battle Spirit was still Huang ranked, it needed pills to rank up, which changed to Primary Stones when it reached Di ranked! Now that it is Tian ranked, what could it possibly need to rank up?"

    Qin Nan frowned.

    This question had always brought a headache to him.

    However, one thing that he was sure of was that both pills and the Primary Stones were quite common in the lower district and the Eastern Continent. They were both something valuable to the cultivators.

    Therefore, the thing that it needed to rank up after reaching the Tian rank should be something similar too.

    "Hang on a second!"

    Qin Nan's figure shuddered violently all of a sudden.

    He forgot something extremely important!

    Devouring pills or Primary Stones was not the only way for the Divine Battle Spirit to rank up. He could also refine the body parts of the Divine God of Battle!

    Once he refined the body parts, his Divine Battle Spirit would level up as well!

    "I almost forgot the scroll that the right arm had given me. He told me to open it in the Middle Continent."

    Qin Nan's lips curled upward as he took out the scroll.

    According to the right arm, the locations of the remaining body parts of the Divine God of Battle were recorded in the scroll.

    Without hesitation, Qin Nan inserted his Divine Sense into the scroll.

    "Mm? What's this?"

    Qin Nan frowned.

    There were formations of various sizes in the scroll being stacked together like a wall, blocking his Divine Sense.

    Why would it be sealed off by this many formations?


    Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and began to crack the seals open.

    Time gradually passed.

    "This is the last one!"

    After the period it took three incense sticks to burn, Qin Nan glanced at the final formation and cracked it open.

    However, at that moment, a rare phenomenon took place!


    An indescribable force sprang into the sky like a brilliant meteor and charged into Qin Nan's mind.

    "What just happened?"

    Qin Nan was astonished, and immediately took a look at his Divine Sense.

    He could only see a new white glow in his mind.


    The white glow suddenly exploded.

    Before Qin Nan could react, he was knocked unconscious by the powerful explosion.

    After some time...

    Qin Nan slowly awoke.

    However, when he finally opened his eyes, his surroundings had changed. He was in complete darkness.

    His body had become illusionary too.

    It was as if his soul had been dragged out from his body by a mysterious force, and placed him deep within the rift.

    "What's going on? How could this be..."

    Qin Nan was dumbfounded. Wasn't the scroll going to tell him where he could find the body parts of the Divine God of Battle? How did it come to this?

    "Mm? Is that?"

    Qin Nan suddenly saw something ahead in the darkness. He focused his sight and was able to take a clearer look.

    It was a door!

    The door was extremely huge, towering into the sky, penetrating the Heavens and Earth and the rift. It was boundless just like the darkness.

    Qin Nan's presence before the door was like a dust particle or an ant.

    Suddenly, a flame was ignited at the center of the door, which burned away its layers, revealing everything that was behind it.


    Qin Nan's face became pale. For some reason, he suddenly felt like he was being suffocated.

    When half of the door was burned into ashes, he could finally see everything behind it. At this moment, he saw something that he could never forget for the rest of his life.

    Within the boundless rift, inside the mysterious door...

    An ancient, magnificent, enormous body sat silently with its legs crossed. The aura it was emitting had surpassed the Heavens and Earth, surpassed all creations, causing everything to dim before it.

    However, the body was quite eerie as well. It had no left eye, or arms!

    Suddenly, its tightly shut right eye sprang open as it became aware of something.


    The darkness was instantly replaced by light.

    Following this, an ancient voice exploded,

    "My master!

    "I'm waiting for you here!

    "Waiting for you to shatter the South-Heaven Gate! To merge with me once again!"
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