Chapter 815 - The Touring Dojo

    "Strange! This is too strange! I never recall the Trial of Monarch Ranking taking place prematurely for the past thousands of years, right? Why is this happening now?"

    "The Trial of Monarch Ranking usually takes place on the fifteenth of August, commonly known as the Dao-Proclaiming Day. It is indeed strange for the trial to happen earlier!"

    "Screw it, gather all the new disciples at the dojo at once!"


    Voices filled with incredible shock could be heard in various factions.

    However, these voices immediately disappeared, as everyone swiftly gathered their focus on the Trial of Monarch Ranking, which was about to take place.

    After all, the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking were known as the two legendary godly objects in the Middle Continent.

    Even the three factions of the half-God region had failed to comprehend their secrets despite investing great efforts.

    ...Meanwhile, at the Human Peak of the Dragon Emperor Clan...

    "New disciples, listen up. Head to the dojo within the period it takes an incense to burn! The Trial of the Monarch Ranking is happening earlier, in three days! No latecomers are allowed! Those who are late will lose their chance to participate in the trial!"

    Qin Nan was stunned when he received the news from his inner disciple badge.

    Obviously, he did not expect the Trial of Monarch Ranking to happen half a month early.

    "Strange, why would the Trial of Monarch Ranking take place earlier? Maybe it's because the Monarch Ranking was aware that I'm taking part in the trial, thus it could not wait to witness my strength?" Xuan Yue murmured to himself as he proceeded to the mountain. He was stunned when he saw Qin Nan.

    As one of the Skyhowl Wolves, his sense of smell was quite outstanding. That being said, it was not just sensitive toward smell, it could actually inspect an individual's cultivation according to the change of smell and aura caused by their presence.

    Therefore, he could sense that Qin Nan's cultivation had improved significantly within the past ten days!

    It felt like even his strength was uncomparable to his!

    "Humph! It must be the effect of the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein!"

    Xuan Yue harrumphed as his face darkened and snapped, "What are you waiting for? The Trial of Monarch Ranking is happening soon, we have to head to the dojo now! This isn't a joke, if we can't make it in time, we will have to wait until next year!"

    "Is that so?"

    Qin Nan nodded and his eyes displayed a hint of anticipation.

    The Trial of Monarch Ranking?

    How would it look like?

    Xuan Yue felt like he was being treated unfairly, thus he immediately understood Qin Nan's thoughts when he saw his reaction. He let out a cold grin and said, "Qin Nan, not that I'm looking down on you, but at the Trial of Monarch Ranking, every new disciple from various factions will be present. There will be at least thousands of them, with at least two or three geniuses fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits. Do you really think you stand a chance against them?"

    "Thousands of participants?"

    Qin Nan was shocked.

    Furthermore, it was not just thousands of ordinary cultivators. Each of their Martial Spirits was at least first-grade Tian ranked!

    How grand would the trial be!

    "It's only a trial, excluding the geniuses who are already ranked on the Monarch Ranking. If they were included, how many people would there be? Tsk tsk, interesting, this is very interesting."

    Instead of feeling down, Qin Nan's eyes glittered with excitement.

    "This idiot..."

    Xuan Yue's lips twisted.

    "Let's go!"

    Qin Nan waved his hand and flew into the sky above the Human Peak. He transmitted his voice to the two hounds and the Heavenly Fortunate Mouse and prepared to leave. However, a faint voice was heard, "Qin Nan, are you going to the Trial of Monarch Ranking? Can you bring me along?"

    To his surprise, Mu Mu had come out from the Cultivation Hall. Her eyes were filled with a pleading look.

    "Cough cough, Cultivator Mu Mu, come with us. I'll bring you there!" Xuan Yue uttered a cough seeing this. He could not help but admit that this human lady was indeed gorgeous-prettier than all the female wolves in his tribe.

    "Did you tell her about the trial?"

    Qin Nan's gaze sharpened without answering Mu Mu's plead.

    "It's me! So what? Isn't it just the Trial of Monarch Ranking?"

    For some reason, Xuan Yue was feeling quite guilty. He had befriended Mu Mu after being seduced by her beauty. On a second thought, why should he feel guilty about it?

    Qin Nan glanced downward at Mu Mu.

    Mu Mu remained silent as she became aware of something. Her white dress danced elegantly with the breeze.

    Qin Nan suddenly recalled the words that the Princess had spoken to him. This girl was a fan of Martial Arts, but due to her fate, she could only live for a limited time.

    "Come with me then!"

    Qin Nan let out a sigh in his heart.

    He could somehow guess Mu Mu's thoughts, but he decided not to reveal them.

    Maybe to her, this was her only chance to participate in the Trial of Monarch Ranking.

    The two humans and one beast sprang into the sky and arrived at the dojo under the crowd's astounded gaze.

    At the dojo, those who had previously participated in the recruitment trial had already arrived. The one standing in front was Bai Xingyang unleashing his powerful dragon might!

    "Qin Nan is here!"

    "Xuan Yue is here too!"

    "Tsk tsk, it seems like they are quite friendly toward each other. How come they did not fight one another?"

    An uproar instantly took place.

    Being aware of the noise, Bai Xingyang raised his head and fixed his gaze onto Qin Nan's figure with a hint of curiosity. What rank would this mysterious human achieve in the Trial of Monarch Ranking?

    "Enough! Be quiet!" A figure approached the dojo from the sky, which turned out to be Elder Lin. He quickly scanned the crowd and spoke, "I'll be leading you to the Trial of Monarch Ranking. By the way, same as before, the trial will be held at the Touring Dojo! You have three breaths to prepare yourself!"

    The crowd was stunned.

    Following this, they withdrew their thoughts and prepared themselves.

    "Follow me, come!"

    Three breaths later, Elder Yin reached out his hand to summon a rift, before jumping into it.

    Qin Nan was the first to react. He immediately followed behind Elder Lin with a kick.

    The new disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan all proceeded into the rift!

    ...Meanwhile, at a mysterious space of the Dragon Emperor Clan...

    "So it seems like the Trial of Monarch Ranking is happening earlier..." The pleasant sound of a teenage girl could be heard, "It feels strange too. Is it because some extremely powerful genius will be appearing in the Trial of Monarch Ranking?"

    "I don't think so. Apart from Qin Nan, I don't think any new genius would be stronger than the top five in the Monarch Ranking!"

    The hunchbacked man calmly said.

    "Let's wait and see!"

    A purple glow was emitted from the middle-aged man's body among the trio, "If Qin Nan was indeed the one we're looking for, the Monarch Ranking would definitely test his potential. I believe he won't have any trouble ranking top thirty."

    "Giggle, top thirty, chief, you're being too strict on him..."

    The teenage girl giggled, but her eyes were filled with great anticipation.

    Oh Qin Nan!

    Hope you won't let us down!

    Even better, just go straight to top ten!

    Shock the whole world with your name!
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