Chapter 822 - Battling Against the Top Three on the Monarch Ranking

    Chapter 822 - Battling Against the Top Three on the Monarch Ranking

    "What a surprise, I didn't expect it to be like this. However, I will still need to confirm my speculation since it's so shocking, so that I'm sure that I didn't make a mistake." The old white-haired man mumbled in his heart as he came up with a plan.

    "Qin Nan."

    The old white-haired man recovered from the astonishment and glanced toward Qin Nan.

    "Mm? Senior, did I pass the trial for my destiny?"

    Qin Nan asked as he collected his thoughts.

    Even though his secrets were all exposed to the Monarch Ranking, it was impossible for him to stop it from peeking at them as it was too powerful. Besides, it seemed like the Monarch Ranking was not hostile toward him, otherwise it would have already made its move.

    "Mm, your destiny and Martial Spirit have passed, so only the last part is left." The old white-haired man chuckled and continued, "The final trial will be testing your strength. I will arrange a few people with the same cultivations to be your opponents. As long as you're not defeated, it's your victory."


    Qin Nan nodded without hesitation. Battles were his favorite all along.

    The old white-haired man flicked his finger, causing the scenery to change rapidly. The Longhu Mountain Range was replaced by an ancient dojo, which was surrounded by dense woods.

    "Your opponents are quite powerful. You should prepare yourself beforehand."

    The old white-haired man said.

    "Quite powerful?"

    Qin Nan raised his eyebrows, before his figure landed on the dojo. He sat down on the ground and withdrew his thoughts.

    Seeing this, the old white-haired man raised his head and tapped on the air in front of him, firing a beam of light into the distance.

    ...Meanwhile, in a desolate area...

    A petite figure with bare feet was walking slowly on the scorching sand. Her attractive face was filled with a hint of cold murderous intent.

    Any cultivator of the Middle Continent would be shocked if they were here.

    She was none other than the third-ranked peerless genius on the Monarch Ranking, Sorceress Qian Qian!

    Sorceress Qian Qian suddenly took out a badge and took a glimpse at it, before her eyes widened as she blurted out.

    "The rare one has appeared?"

    Even when she was flanked by Martial Monarchs, she was never this shocked.

    However, if the Monarch Ranking was referring to someone as the rare one, how terrifying would his talent be? How could she not treat it seriously?

    "Amitabha, I believe you've received the news too?" Chen Zilai's voice appeared too, "According to the Monarch Ranking's instruction, we are to suppress our cultivations and fight against the rare one."

    "Us three at the same time?"

    Sorcerer Qian Qian was startled.

    "Interesting." Shi Qingfan's calm voice appeared, "I'm eager to see how talented this rare one is to be able to face us three at the same time with the same cultivations."

    "I will be going too!" The eyes of Sorcerer Qian Qian glittered.

    In addition to Shi Qingfan, Sorcerer Qian Qian, and Sage Chen Zilai were having the same thoughts too!

    ...Meanwhile, among the mysterious woods, on an ancient dojo...

    "Qin Nan, your opponents have arrived. Show me what you've got."

    The old white-haired man floated above the dojo and said with a soft tone.


    Qin Nan who was sitting with his legs crossed suddenly opened his eyes, which flickered like two sharp sabers.

    In the meantime, an ancient formation appeared on the other side of the dojo, from which three figures stepped out.


    Qin Nan frowned.

    The three figures were entirely pitch-black, as if their appearances were concealed by some sort of magic. Even with his left eye, he was unable to see their appearances and sense their auras clearly.

    However, little did Qin Nan know, the three cultivators that he was facing were the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking; Shi Qingfan, Chen Zilai, and Sorceress Qian Qian!

    The three geniuses frowned as well.

    The reason being that they were unable to see Qin Nan or sense his aura either. It seemed like the Monarch Ranking had no intention of them knowing each other.

    "In this battle, you're not allowed to use your Martial Spirits, or forbidden techniques that would endanger your lives." The old white-haired man sat at the center of the dojo. His lips curled upward when he saw their expressions, "Now...let us begin!"


    Three tremendous auras instantly burst out from the trio's figures.

    "How powerful!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment after seeing their auras.

    Although their cultivations had not reached the Martial Progenitor Realm, they had exceeded the strength of the Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm. Similar to Qin Nan, they had achieved their own unique Martial Sacred Realms.

    "That being said, why do I feel like I've seen these two auras before?"

    A doubt crossed Qin Nan's mind.

    Before he could ponder further...


    The three figures in front of him executed their moves. The one in the middle threw a seemingly ordinary punch at him, but it felt like the power it contained was able to destroy everything. The one at the left held his hands together while his figure sprang into the sky and suppressed downward on him like a giant Buddha. The one on the right uttered a soft harrumph, which magically materialized into a powerful attack.

    Three shocking attacks were executed!

    Even an ordinary first-layer Martial Progenitor would have a hard time resisting them!

    "Great timing!"

    Qin Nan uttered a roar as his left eye emitted a brilliant purple glow.

    It allowed him to see through all of the attacks!

    His figure moved at lightning speed, dodging the attacks and swiftly approached the trio!


    Shi Qingfan, Chen Zilai, and Sorceress Qian Qian were left in awe.

    However, as they were the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking, they were incredibly experienced in battles. They swiftly reacted and displayed outstanding teamwork as they continued to attack, leaving Qin Nan with no place to escape to.

    Despite that, it was as if Qin Nan had already expected this. The moment they made their moves, his figure sprang into the air.


    The sacred force and the force of the Divine God of Battle in his body was unleashed, combining into a terrifying punch that struck at the weakest point of the incoming attacks.


    The attacks were instantly nullified, while the remaining might of the punch struck forward like a dragon's tail.

    "Such a powerful eye-technique! Not only could he predict the attacks, he could even identify the weakest point of our attacks." Shi Qingfan said with a stern look as he continued to unleash his moves.

    Chen Zilai and Sorceress Qian Qian had serious expressions on their faces too.

    Normally, it seemed like the capabilities of Qin Nan's eye-technique would not bring any danger to his opponents, but its usefulness was significantly highlighted in a real battle!

    "As I thought, his left eye..."

    The old white-haired man nodded upon seeing this.
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