Chapter 824 - The Ranking Unveiled

    Chapter 824 - The Ranking Unveiled

    The battle at the dojo located in a mysterious place continued.

    Gusts of wind resulted from the collisions of attacks swept into the surroundings in a terrifying manner.

    As the three geniuses predicted, their opponent fought even more ferociously as the battle carried on. It was as if his battle intent had transformed into a unique space that placed a restriction on their auras.

    "The trial ends here."

    At that moment, the old white-haired man calmly spoke with a wave, before directing a mysterious force onto their figures, splitting the three geniuses and Qin Nan apart.


    Qin Nan backed off a few steps and glanced at the old white-haired man with creased brows.

    Are you being serious? Stopping me when I just got into the mood?

    "You three may take your leave." The old white-haired man waved his hand. A mysterious force encapsulated the trio and teleported them away from the dojo. Following this, the old white-haired man turned toward Qin Nan with a smile, "I understand you're enjoying yourself in the battle, but it wasn't a fair fight to begin with. If you really want to challenge them, you should try again after improving your cultivation."


    The battle intent in Qin Nan's eyes began to dissipate.

    On second thought, the old white-haired man was indeed telling the truth, as Martial Spirits and forbidden techniques were banned in the battle. Furthermore, it went without saying that his opponents were no ordinary cultivators, thus it was clear that they had somehow restricted their cultivations.

    "Senior, were they the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking?"

    Qin Nan could not help but ask.

    "Yes." For once, the old white-haired man did not conceal the truth.

    "As I thought!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

    It was obvious that the Buddhism aura came from the second-ranked Sage Chen Zilai, while the demonic aura was unleashed by the third-ranked Sorcerer Qian Qian. The last person was stronger than both of them, thus he must be the first-ranked Shi Qingfan!

    "These three geniuses are indeed powerful. Despite being restricted, they still managed to face my strength. The thought of fighting them once I reach the peak Martial Progenitor Realm is enough to get me excited..."

    Qin Nan wore an anticipatory look.

    "Qin Nan." The old white-haired man suddenly laughed, "Now that you've passed all of the trials, it's time to decide your ranking."

    "Decide my ranking?" Qin Nan's eyes sparkled, "Senior, what rank will I be?"

    "Since you're the rare one, the Monarch Ranking is going to make an exception. You will decide the ranking yourself." The old white-haired man said in a calm tone.

    "Decide myself?" Qin Nan was stunned for a moment. Did that even make sense?

    The old white-haired man added, "It literally means that if you want to be placed first, you will be first. If you want to be placed second, you will be second. If you want to be placed three thousandth, you will be three thousandth..."

    After a slight hesitation, the old white-haired man continued after seeing Qin Nan's confused expression, "After all, your talent has exceeded the boundaries of the Monarch Ranking."

    ...Meanwhile, at the Touring Dojo...

    The participants sat on the ground, some frowning their brows while the others wore terrified expressions.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    At that moment, a series of golden glows burst out from their figures. The golden glows slowly merged into a dragon-shaped symbol on each of their chests, which also contained a number in the middle.

    This was a sign that they had passed the trials and were now given their rankings.

    The quiet Touring Dojo suddenly became lively.

    "Crap! Six thousand three hundredth! I'm placed at the six thousand three hundredth rank!"

    "What? Is this a joke? I'm ranked eleven thousandth despite having a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! How's my ranking worse than that guy with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!"

    "HAHAHA, My rank is five thousand eight hundred and thirty-seventh! I'm definitely going to get more resources when I return to my sect!"


    Among the geniuses, some were overjoyed upon seeing their ranks, while others had troubled or furious looks.

    Even though their ranks on the Monarch Ranking would not seal their fates, most of the Two-Starred and Three-Starred Factions would use it as a standard when distributing their resources to the disciples.

    If someone with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was placed within the five thousandth, it was considered a remarkable result.

    If someone with a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit failed to be ranked within the five thousandth, their status would drop tremendously.

    That being said, even those with third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits failed to come in the top five thousand on the Monarch Ranking!

    "Look, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, Guan Hu, and the others are finishing their trials too!"

    One of the disciples screamed all of a sudden.

    It immediately attracted the attention of the crowd, causing them to look in their direction.

    These people were only second to Cui Lixu. What kind of ranking would they achieve?

    Similarly, golden glows were emitted from their figures, which were relatively brighter compared to the other participants'.


    "Xuan Yue is ranked two thousandth!"

    "Bai Xingyang-two thousand three hundredth!"

    "Gasp, even Guan Hu is in the top three thousand!"

    "They are all ranked above the top three thousandth! But it seems like Xuan Yue's rank is the highest!"


    An uproar took place at the Touring Dojo.

    The crowd inhaled deeply with astounded faces.

    "HAHAHAHA!" Xuan Yue burst out laughing in a thunderous manner as he glanced at Bai Xingyang and the rest. He raised his head and blurted out pridefully, "See that? See that? That's Master Xuan Yue for you!"


    Bai Xingyang, Guan Hu, and the others twisted their lips.

    Despite not showing on their faces, they were feeling incredibly unpleasant in their hearts.

    After all, in terms of talent, they were initially considered to be on par with one another. However, the ranking was somehow another story!

    Meanwhile, a rare phenomenon took place!


    Following a piercing sound, a brilliant golden glow burst into the air, which was brighter than the one that was emitted by Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the rest of the geniuses.

    "What just happened?"

    Everyone including Xuan Yue turned their heads around.

    The one triggering the golden glow turned out to be Mu Mu!

    "How could this be?"

    Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang were stunned.

    The other geniuses frowned too. They were aware that this Mu Mu was one of the new disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, who had been quite close with Qin Nan previously.

    The golden glow slowly transformed into a dragon-shaped symbol.

    As the crowd saw the number written on the symbol, they were left speechless with blank expressions.


    Are you kidding?
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