Chapter 825 - The Focus of Attention

    Chapter 825 - The Focus of Attention


    In a desolate place, a petite figure appeared, who turned out to be Sorceress Qian Qian.

    "What should we do?" Sorceress Qian Qian picked up her badge and transmitted her voice, "If there's only one Monarch Horoscope available during the Monarch Horoscope Contest, does that mean we're going to compete with the rare one? If that's the case, isn't it in our best interests to kill him now..."

    Her eyes coldened upon saying this.

    The path to the Martial Monarch Realm was extremely difficult, thus she could not afford anyone posing a threat to her, not even the so-called rare one.

    "Amitabha, Sorceress, you're having quite an extreme thought." Chen Zilai's calm voice appeared.

    "The sage is right." Shi Qingfan calmly spoke, "The Monarch Ranking has already told us that; firstly, even if we knew who the rare one was, we're not allowed to expose his identity. Secondly, we can be rivals with the rare one, but we should not treat him as an enemy. Thirdly, the existence of the rare one might not be a bad thing to us."

    "Not a bad thing?" Sorceress Qian Qian was startled, "Do you mean..."

    "That's right. First of all, you have to understand that even the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch from a thousand years ago was not considered the rare one by the Monarch Ranking despite his outstanding talents. As a matter of fact, in the past, no one was ever referred as the rare one by the Monarch Ranking. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that he's going to stir a great chaos in the half-God region and even on the God Ranking in the future." Shi Qingfan shared his thoughts, "We're not quite on the same level with him.

    "The nature of having a rival is that, the stronger the rare one is, the stronger we will become too! Therefore, we will treat him as a rival! To motivate one another! Our talents might not be comparable against his, but we still have a long journey ahead. Who said that we can't continue to alter our destinies, and eventually earn a spot on the God Ranking?"

    Despite speaking in a calm tone, a strong will could be felt from his words.

    "Hehe, you're quite right about that. It's better to have him as a rival than an enemy."

    Sorceress Qian Qian giggled after coming to realization.

    "That being said..." She muttered with glittering eyes, before saying after a slight hesitation, "Even though we can't reveal his identity, it doesn't mean we can't look for him right? Now that we're rivals, we should at least know who he is."

    "I agree! From the battle, we know that he is a saber expert with a powerful eye-technique. I believe we could easily find him at the Touring Dojo even without knowing his appearance and aura. I'm too far from the place, so I'll be sending my clone instead."

    Shi Qingfan smiled gently.

    "Amitabha, my clone is already on the way."

    "Goddamned bald donkey, always taking the first move without telling us!"

    Sorceress Qian Qian stamped her foot in frustration, before her figure turned into a glow and disappeared into the distance.

    The people of the Middle Continent would never expect the top three geniuses would either send their clones or come all the way to the Touring Dojo in person just to meet someone.


    "One thousand three hundredth!"

    "She's ranked one thousand three hundredth!"

    "F**k me! Is she a fourth-grade or fifth-grade Tian ranked genius?"

    "I never knew that!"

    Everyone's faces were filled with disbelief.

    They had completely forgotten about Mu Mu's presence as they were too focused on Qin Nan.

    Mu Mu opened her eyes and was overjoyed seeing her result. It went without saying that she had never expected such an outcome.

    Being aware of the crowd's gaze, she glanced at Xuan Yue and the others with a cold flicker and said, "Everyone, there's no need to guess any further. I only have a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. I didn't know I would achieve such a ranking with only a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit."

    After saying this, a crimson glow appeared from her back together with her Martial Spirit.

    Obviously, she still held a grudge against the crowd for mocking Qin Nan due to his Martial Spirit's rank.

    So what if we only have first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits?

    Even the fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits had lower ranks than us!


    Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, Guan Hu, and the rest of the geniuses were dumbfounded.

    A first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

    How did she achieve the one thousand three hundredth rank with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

    This was absolutely ridiculous!

    This had never happened in the past!

    Following this, another brilliant golden glow emerged, which appeared to be brighter than Mu Mu's.

    The crowd was astounded once again.

    Did this mean someone had achieved a higher rank than Mu Mu?

    Could this person be Cui Lixu?

    However, after taking a glimpse, they were left in awe. It was someone wearing a black robe that they had never seen before.

    Under the crowd's gaze, the golden glow emitting from the black-robed cultivator slowly dispersed and formed a dragon-shaped symbol. The number it presented was utterly shocking.

    "One thousandth!"

    "She is ranked one thousandth!"

    "Crap, since when did such a genius appear in the Middle Continent?"


    The crowd completely dropped their jaws.

    The Monarch Ranking Trial this time had given them too many surprises.

    "She did say it right. So what if it's only a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit? Mine is also a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, but it appears that the Monarch Ranking has more confidence in my Martial Spirit." The black-robed cultivator spoke with a pleasant voice.

    The words served as a great shock to the crowd.

    Another first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

    And the person was ranked one thousandth!

    Even the fifth-grade Tian ranked geniuses were unable to achieve similar ranking when they were ranked for the first time. Therefore, the scene before them had entirely toppled their understanding.

    At this moment, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, Guan Hu, and the rest of the geniuses realized something.

    The Monarch Ranking Trial did not focus only on their Martial Spirits, but their destinies too!

    Did it matter if it was only a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

    They still had chances to alter their destinies in the future!

    If they were lucky enough, becoming a disciple of the top three factions in the half-God region, or entering the God Ranking would not be just a dream for them!

    "Qin Nan..."

    A thought struck Xuan Yue during the process.

    "The trial is coming to an end soon." The black-robed cultivator continued with a loud voice, "Look around you; only Qin Nan and Cui Lixu are still completing the trial."

    The crowd gathered their thoughts and quickly glanced around.

    It was true that only Qin Nan and Cui Lixu were left!

    The crowd immediately recalled the ranks of the two first-grade Tian ranked participants, causing their blood to boil instantly.

    Could it be...

    That Qin Nan was going to show them a miracle too?
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