Chapter 827 - A Burst of Uproars

    Chapter 827 - A Burst of Uproars

    ...Meanwhile, at the mysterious dojo in the mysterious woods...

    The old white-haired man recalled Qin Nan's words and wore a faint smile, "Not bad, this kid knows that now is not the time for him to appear on the surface. He chose to remain low-key for the time being. Good on him, saving me lots of trouble."

    After murmuring to himself, the old white-haired man went silent for a prolonged period.

    Suddenly, his figure shuddered as his aura significantly weakened out of nowhere.

    "I'm getting old..."

    The old white-haired man let out a sigh and raised his head staring into the rift as a sudden thought crossed his mind, "Big Brother, I've found an interesting rare one here. Even I've failed to peek through his destiny. Here is the entire process of the trial."

    The old white-haired man flicked his finger and fired a magical light dot into the rift.

    A moment later, an icy voice accompanied by an imperious aura appeared.

    "Mm, I'll keep an eye on him."

    The voice...

    Belonged to the one and only-God Ranking!



    At the Touring Dojo...

    The crowd could only see the number on Qin Nan's chest change rapidly, as his ranking began to drop continuously.

    One hundredth!

    Seven hundredth!

    One thousandth!

    Two thousandth!

    The number finally came to a stop when it reached two thousand and one, floating silently in the air.

    As such, the crowd was utterly astonished.

    It has been 'one' just a moment ago!

    How did it become two thousand and one in just the blink of an eye!

    What just happened?

    Did the Monarch Ranking make a mistake?

    But this had never happened in the past!

    The entire place was immersed in a great silence. Even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground was audible, with everyone holding their breaths.


    The mysterious black-robed cultivator wore a surprised look.

    How was this possible?

    This shouldn't be his result.

    "Phew, so it's two thousand and first for me." Qin Nan let out a smile as if he was relieved from a burden, "The number one gave me a great scare just then."

    That was right!

    This was Qin Nan's choice in the end.

    First? Who would not want to be first?

    The same went for Qin Nan.

    But he was still not there yet.

    Be it his Martial Spirit or cultivation, it was too weak to even come in the top five hundred or one thousand, let alone first.

    Although the Monarch Ranking had high hopes in his talents, Qin Nan was not a fool. He was currently only a minor character in the Middle Continent, who still could not survive a great storm. Therefore, it was unnecessary for him to attract too much attention with a useless ranking, which would bring unwanted troubles to him.

    In comparison, Qin Nan preferred to use his own strength to earn his spot one day!

    At that instant, the crowd finally reacted and let out sighs of relief.

    "I was almost scared to death!"

    "I thought he actually came first. That would be insane!"

    "Yeah, I'm afraid most of the authorities of the Middle Continent would make their way here instantly."

    "However, we still underestimated his talents before. He has achieved the two thousand and first rank with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, which is significantly higher than Bai Xingyang and Guan Hu."

    "You're right!"

    The crowd, including Bai Xingyang and the rest of the beasts, were looking at Qin Nan differently.

    His rank on the Monarch Ranking was enough to highlight his talents.

    "HAHAHA!" Xuan Yue suddenly burst out laughing, "Oh Qin Nan, your talent is quite impressive too, to be placed at the two thousand and first rank! That being said, you're still a rank behind me!"

    Even though Xuan Yue was only placed a rank higher, in his mind, it still indicated that he was better!

    Qin Nan wore a calm expression as if it was never his concern.


    A hollow laugh echoed around the place, who turned out to be Cui Lixu.

    Cui Lixu stared at Qin Nan with a hint of disdain, "Even though it's quite impressive for a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit to achieve this ranking, the difference between us is still huge. It's like the difference between the Heavens and Earth!"

    As a matter of fact, he was not feeling unpleasant toward Qin Nan.

    The main reason being that he had experienced a tremendous scare when he had seen the number one previously.

    Thus, after seeing Qin Nan's actual rank, he could not help but mock him.

    The crowd shook their heads upon seeing this, but they all stayed quiet. Although Cui Lixu was being scornful with his words, he did have the right to do so!

    However, little did they know...

    The Monarch Envoy in the air began to shiver violently.

    Its heart was filled with utter shock.

    Everyone might assume that the Monarch Ranking had made a mistake, causing Qin Nan's rank to suddenly drop from first to two thousand and first!

    However, as the Monarch Envoy, it clearly knew the reason behind it!

    Why would the Monarch Ranking make such a mistake?

    It was obvious that the Monarch Ranking was purposely hiding Qin Nan's rank!

    However, due to its role as the Monarch Envoy, it was not allowed to be involved in worldly matters. Otherwise, it would definitely take a hold of the chance to befriend Qin Nan!

    "First of all, congratulations on completing the trial." The Monarch Envoy suddenly spoke, grabbing the attention of the crowd, "Due to the sudden change of the rules, those who have come in the top two thousand five hundred will be rewarded this time."

    The crowd was stunned hearing this.

    Xuan Yue was overjoyed, "HAHA, today is my lucky day! I didn't expect to be rewarded too!"

    Those who had come in the top two thousand five hundred would be rewarded with Monarch Crystals.

    Monarch Crystals were extremely beneficial for them.

    Bai Xingyang let out a relieved sigh too. He was ranked two thousand three hundredth, thus he was able to receive the reward too.

    As for Guan Hu, Yu Bing, and the others, their faces were filled with gloomy looks!

    It didn't matter if you're changing the rules!

    But why was it only two thousand five hundred? Why couldn't it be three thousand?

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan gave the Monarch Envoy a thoughtful look. It appeared that it must have realized something. Otherwise, it would not change the rules all of a sudden.

    By making it two thousand five hundred, he was included too.

    "Now, it's time to distribute the rewards!"

    The Monarch Envoy straightened its tone, as if it was about to carry out a sacred ritual.

    At that instant, Cui Lixu, Mu Mu, the mysterious black-robed cultivator, Xuan Yue, and Qin Nan collected their thoughts. What would their rewards from the Monarch Ranking be?

    This was especially true for Cui Lixu, whose heart was filled with great anticipation.

    He was ranked five hundredth!

    Normally, it was safe to assume that he would be rewarded tremendously as he was ranked five hundred in his first attempt! Many geniuses were given maps that recorded the location of fortunate encounters that could alter their destinies!

    The other geniuses glanced at them curiously.

    However, it appeared that the Monarch Envoy was notified of something, causing its tone to change, "I am told that the top three geniuses of the Monarch Ranking are making their ways here to the Touring Dojo. They are interested in meeting the geniuses who participated in this trial!"

    The words served as a blasting explosion.
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