Chapter 828 - Creating a Stir

    Chapter 828 - Creating a Stir

    "What? The top three geniuses of the Monarch Ranking are coming again?"

    "Gasp, didn't you hear what the Monarch Envoy said? They are here to meet some genius! It's obvious that they're coming to meet Cui Lixu!"

    "Wow! I'm so jealous!"

    "Cui Lixu's status is about to skyrocket!"

    The place livened up.

    The crowd glanced at Cui Lixu with a great hint of envy and admiration.

    How many geniuses in the Middle Continent were able to grab the attention of the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking? And how many of them were able to make them come all the way here just to meet in person?

    It was happening right now.

    It also meant that in their eyes, Cui Lixu's potential was utterly terrifying!

    Even Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and Guan Hu could not help but wear jealous looks.

    "Why would the top three geniuses come and meet me?"

    The startled Cui Lixu had yet to collect his thoughts.

    Following this, an indescribable sense of joy emerged from his heart.

    How shocking would it be if the news regarding the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking traveling a great distance just to meet him in person was made known to the public?

    Most importantly!

    Once he became friends with them, his status would change tremendously. The other cultivators would treat him as a formidable genius whenever they saw him!

    "I'm definitely the winner of this trial!"

    Cui Lixu mumbled to himself before he quickly adjusted his thoughts and straightened his figure. It was his first time meeting the three geniuses, thus he had to show them a good first impression.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan who was standing among the crowd squinted his eyes.

    "Those three..."

    Qin Nan shook his head.

    He only hoped that they would not expose his identity. Otherwise, his decision of being ranked two thousand and first would be meaningless.

    While the crowd was still overwhelmed with disbelief...

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Following three piercing sounds, Shi Qingfan, Sage Chen Zilai, and Sorceress Qian Qian appeared on the dojo.

    The first two were clones, but the last one was here in person.

    Even though the crowd had just seen them recently, they were still astonished by their arrivals.

    To them, these people existed only in legends!

    "Congratulations on passing the trial."

    Sorceress Qian Qian scanned the crowd and giggled, "We're here specifically for a cultivator, who is a saber artist. I believe he knows that we're looking for him, so I hope he's not trying to hide himself..."

    Her voice was incredibly pleasant to the ears of the crowd.

    Shi Qingfan and Chen Zilai looked at the crowd in silence.

    A saber artist!

    Cui Lixu's figure shuddered when he heard the words. Without a doubt, they were here for him, as his Martial Spirit was a saber, while he was a saber artist himself!


    Under the crowd's gaze, Cui Lixu stepped forward and reached out his right hand with a charming smile, "I'm Cui Lixu. I believe I'm the one you three are looking for. I'm honored to meet you here today--"

    At that instant, Cui Lixu suddenly became cultured and refined, displaying his elegant demeanor.

    It was as if his charm was maximized.


    Sorceress Qian Qian curiously raised her eyebrows, Only the five hundredth rank? Did he purposely hide his rank?

    Before she could reach out her hand, Shi Qingfan suddenly whispered to her with his Divine Sense.

    Sorceress Qian Qian was left with a blank expression, who quickly withdrew the hand that she had reached out with and interrupted coldly, "I'm sorry, Cultivator Cui, please step aside. You're not the one we're looking for."

    Hearing this, the smile on Cui Lixu's face froze.

    Apart from him, the crowd was stunned as well.

    Not here for Cui Lixu?

    Who could it be then?

    Everyone knew that Cui Lixu was the winner of the trial, who was placed at the five hundredth rank with a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

    However, Shi Qingfan's figure budged. Chen Zilai moved at the same time too. Sorceress Qian Qian wore a charming smile as if she had noticed something, and proceeded in the same direction.

    "Who are they looking for?"

    The same question popped up in the minds of the crowd.

    Even Cui Lixu turned around with a stunned expression. He was eager to see who the top three geniuses were looking for if it wasn't him?

    Following this, they all witnessed an unbelievable moment.

    Shi Qingfan, Chen Zilai, and Sorceress Qian Qian went up to Qin Nan, stood firmly before him and stared into his eyes.


    At that instant, Cui Lixu was dumbfounded, Xuan Yue was stunned, Mu Mu was shocked-the crowd was left speechless.

    What was going on!

    Did this mean they were here to look for Qin Nan?


    How was this possible!

    This didn't make any sense!

    Only the Monarch Envoy confirmed its speculations upon seeing this. As it thought, this Qin Nan's actual rank was hidden by the Monarch Ranking! Besides, the fact that they had come here to meet Qin Nan in person was an indication that he was more terrifying than it thought!

    "Guys, please don't expose me."

    Qin Nan wore a wry smile and brought his fists together.

    "Don't worry, we won't tell them anything."

    The trio nodded their heads. They had already come up with an explanation prior to their arrival.

    "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Shi Qingfan, nice to meet you." Shi Qingfan brought his fists together and said.

    "Amitabha, I'm Chen Zilai, some call me the Sage. I'm honored to meet you." Chen Zilai placed his palms together.

    "Hehe, and I'm Sorceress Qian Qian." Sorceress Qian Qian blinked her eyes charmingly, "Look at you, you're quite handsome."

    At that instant, the entire Touring Dojo burst into an uproar.

    Everyone completely dropped their jaws.

    Are you kidding me!

    Weren't they the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking!

    Why would they behave like that with the two-thousand-and-first-ranked Qin Nan?

    Judging from their attitudes, it felt like they were treating him as if he was on the same level!

    "I'm Qin Nan, pleased to meet you all."

    Qin Nan wore a smile.

    As long as they had no intention to reveal the secrets between him and the Monarch Ranking, he was more than happy to befriend them.

    However, following this...

    Shi Qingfan, Chen Zilai, and Sorceress Qian Qian brought a greater shock to the crowd!
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