Chapter 830 - Five Thousand Monarch Crystals

    Chapter 830 - Five Thousand Monarch Crystals


    Qin Nan reached out his hand and opened the storage bag without hesitation.

    If he was not mistaken, he had not initially been qualified to get the reward, but the Monarch Envoy had decided to change the rules after learning something.

    However, to everyone's surprise, as soon as he opened the storage bag, a brilliant glow sprang up into the sky, while a faint monarch aura swept the place.


    "What's going on?"

    "What's inside Qin Nan's storage bag?"

    At that moment, everyone's gaze was attracted by the sudden glow on Qin Nan's storage bag.

    The same went for Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and Jiang Bilan.

    Inside the storage bag was a pile of pentagon-shaped crystals each the size of a palm, encompassed by a bright glow that flowed mystically like a liquid, which was the source of the monarch aura.

    There were five thousand crystals in total!

    "What are these?"

    Qin Nan wore an astounded look. After taking a peak with his left eye, it appeared that these crystals would bring tremendous benefits to his cultivation if he were to refine them, which was greater than the Primary Stones. The monarch aura in particular would allow him to comprehend the Martial Monarch Realm.

    Meanwhile, the sight served as a great explosion in the eyes of the crowd.

    The entire place instantly exploded!

    "Gasp! Am I dreaming? Those are five thousand Monarch Crystals! Five f**king thousand Monarch Crystals!"

    "Good heavens, five thousand Monarch Crystals! How could Qin Nan receive this many Monarch Crystals with his rank?"

    "Madness! This is mad!"

    Everyone was filled with disbelief.

    Monarch Crystals, as the name implied, were naturally-formed Martial Monarch Crystals that contained a pure and formidable force and a hint of a monarch aura. They were incredibly useful for cultivators, thus it was treated as the currency of the Middle Continent, similar to the Primary Stones, Martial Emperor Pills, etc.

    Normally, Monarch Crystals were used to trade Monarch Arts, Martial Arts, or things like treasure maps, celestial herbs, etc.


    Five thousand Monarch Crystals was definitely considered a fortune in the Middle Continent!

    A Monarch Art only cost around two hundred Monarch Crystals, while an ordinary Monarch Weapon would cost around one thousand to three thousand Monarch Crystals!

    "Monarch Crystals, huh? It seems like it's something useful. Maybe it's the key to ranking up my Divine Battle Spirit."

    Qin Nan was able to speculate its uses after seeing the crowd's reaction, causing him to feel joyful and immediately store the Monarch Crystals away.

    "Five thousand Monarch Crystals! It's five thousand Monarch Crystals! HAHAHA, that means I'll be getting even more Monarch Crystals from my storage bag!" At that moment, loud laughter could be heard, who turned out to be Xuan Yue!

    The crowd was astounded hearing this.

    That was right!

    Qin Nan was ranked the lowest among them. If he were to receive this many Monarch Crystals, didn't that mean Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, the mysterious black-robed cultivator, and Cui Lixu in particular would receive even more Monarch Crystals? It might even be something more precious!


    Xuan Yue excitedly reached out his hand to open the storage bag.

    However, when he saw its contents, he was stunned in place as if he were struck by lightning.

    The rest of the crowd was stunned too.

    Inside Xuan Yue's storage bag were Monarch Crystals as well.


    There were only a hundred pieces!

    It was fifty times less than the amount that Qin Nan had been given!

    The entire place fell into a strange silence. Even Qin Nan raised his eyebrows as well.

    Mainly because...

    This didn't make sense at all!

    Why was Qin Nan given fifty times more the amount of Monarch Crystals that Xuan Yue was given despite being placed at a lower rank?

    Mu Mu and Jiang Bilan collected their thoughts and opened their storage bags.

    However, inside their bags were one thousand five hundred Monarch Crystals and two thousand Monarch Crystals respectively.

    "What's going on!"

    "She was ranked one thousandth, and Mu Mu was ranked one thousand three hundredth. Why were they only getting two thousand and one thousand five hundred Monarch Crystals instead?"

    "Look at Xuan Yue! His rank is higher than Qin Nan's, but he only got a hundred Monarch Crystals!"

    "F**k me!"

    The entire place burst into an uproar once again.

    Everyone completely lost their minds upon seeing this.

    According to their past experiences, those who were ranked higher should be getting more Monarch Crystals or greater rewards!

    "Could it be?"

    Qin Nan suddenly came to a realization and looked at the Monarch Envoy.

    There was only one explanation why he was getting these many Monarch Crystals. It must be the Monarch Envoy.

    The Monarch Envoy's figure shuddered slightly after being aware of Qin Nan's gaze, as if it was trying to tell him something.

    "AHHHHH!" A cry of agony echoed in the sky, "I refuse to accept this! I'm Master Xuan Yue! Why am I getting fifty times less than this human? Monarch Ranking, this ain't fair..."

    It was Xuan Yue's voice.

    There was no way he could accept the outcome!

    The crowd could not accept it either!

    "Why is this happening?"

    Meanwhile, Cui Lixu collected his thoughts and frowningly stared at the storage bag in his hand.

    He began to feel uncomfortable upon witnessing the tragedy.

    "No way! My reward is definitely better than theirs. After all, I've managed to come in the top five hundred despite being assessed for the first time!" Cui Lixu cleared his thoughts and shook his head, before opening the storage bag.

    The moment the seal was opened, a terrifying glow was emitted from the storage bag!

    "Cui Lixu!"

    "It's Cui Lixu! Judging from the glow, he must be getting something precious!"

    "Phew! He was ranked five hundredth after all. There's no way his reward would be worse than the others'!"


    The crowd fixed their eyes onto the storage bag. They could not wait to see the contents inside the storage bag.

    Cui Lixu was overjoyed too, as he let out a relieved sigh in his heart. The result was obvious judging from the glow.

    Even if he were getting Monarch Crystals too, he would surely get a greater amount than Qin Nan!

    The crowd subconsciously held their breaths.

    After the glow dispersed, everyone only saw an animal skin floating inside the storage bag.

    "Is that..."

    The crowd experienced a great shock.

    Animals skins were usually used to record maps, and if it was a map, there was a high chance that it would be referring to an opportunity to alter one's destiny!

    "A destiny-altering map!" Cui Lixu's face flushed as his hands began to tremble.

    If that was the case, the map would be extremely valuable!

    Meanwhile, the animal skin shuddered slightly, before a line of words slowly appeared in the air.

    Upon seeing the words...

    Qin Nan was startled.

    Everyone was startled.

    Cui Lixu's eyes instantly widened.

    The words read: From today onward, Cui Lixu will owe the Monarch Ranking ten thousand Monarch Crystals. If he fails to pay the debt within a year, his name will be erased and will be permanently banned from the Monarch Ranking!
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