Chapter 831 - An Uproar

    The sentence consisting of a few words left the geniuses of the Middle Continent in total astonishment.

    They had initially thought that it was some destiny-altering map, but the truth was entirely beyond their expectations.

    Most importantly, even if it wasn't a map, even Monarch Crystals or some kind of treasures were still better than what he got!


    He was told to pay the Monarch Ranking instead!

    And the debt was ten thousand Monarch Crystals!

    If he failed to clear it within a year, he would be erased from the Monarch Ranking.

    "You..you...you..." Cui Lixu took a few steps backward as if he had just been struck by a powerful blow, while his eyes were widened and became bloodshot.

    Xuan Yue might have felt like he had descended to the human world from the Heavens!

    In his case, he had dropped straight from the Heavens to Hell. If Hell had eighteen floors, there was no doubt that he was currently on the nineteenth floor!


    Cui Lixu opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    He was not injured, but it was a result of him being overwhelmed by anger!

    Qin Nan twisted his lips. He did not expect the Monarch Envoy would go this far. It was highly possible that this would haunt Cui Lixu for quite a while.

    As for Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang, for some reason, they were feeling quite satisfied.

    In comparison to Cui Lixu, their reward of one hundred Monarch Crystals-or even no reward-was still better than Cui Lixu's treatment!

    "I don't agree! I don't agree! Why is Qin Nan getting five thousand Monarch Crystals, while I must pay ten thousand Monarch Crystals despite being placed at the five hundredth rank--" Cui Lixu screamed at the Monarch Envoy.

    Before he could finish, the Monarch Envoy calmly said, "The rewards of the Monarch Ranking are never fixed. Besides, you should be glad that you're the first person in history to owe a debt to the Monarch Ranking."

    Cui Lixu's figure began to tremble upon hearing this, and almost spat out another mouthful of blood.

    According to the Monarch Envoy!

    He should feel proud that he owed the Monarch Ranking ten thousand Monarch Crystals?

    Are you f**king kidding me!

    Little did Cui Lixu know, the Monarch Envoy was thoroughly inspecting him with its Divine Sense. Although it was trying to express its goodwill toward Qin Nan, it would never go this far normally. It was only picking on Cui Lixu and Xuan Yue to remind them.

    Why were Mu Mu and the mysterious black-robed cultivator not affected?

    Why were you two being picked on instead?

    It was because you two were looking down on Qin Nan.

    But, open your eyes and look carefully. This Qin Nan was not someone you can afford to offend!



    Meanwhile, outside the Touring Dojo, a great sandstorm was present. However, after taking a closer look, one could see several figures with powerful auras standing firmly within it.

    They were the elders of various factions.

    "They should be coming out soon, right?"

    "It felt like the trial this time is taking longer than usual!"

    "I'm not sure what's going on inside."


    The elders communicated with one another with their Divine Sense.

    Even Elder Lin subconsciously clenched his fists, showing a hint of panic for once.

    Suddenly, a brilliant glow was fired into the sky from the Touring Dojo, tearing the space apart.

    The elders gathered their thoughts.

    They were coming out!

    The participants of the trial began to make their exit. However, some of them were wearing strange expressions, while the others were twisting their lips.

    "What happened?"

    "How was the trial?"

    "What was your rank? Mm? What's with that look?"

    The elders immediately went up to their disciples.

    Elder Lin immediately caught a glimpse of Bai Xingyang and blurted out, "Bai Xingyang, how did everything go?"

    Bai Xingyang glimpsed at Qin Nan before he stuttered, "Elder, we..."

    He proceeded to report the ranks of their crew.

    Elder Lin's eyes flickered with astonishment, as he turned his gaze toward Qin Nan. He did not expect Qin Nan to achieve such an impressive result.

    "By the way, Elder Lin, during the trial..."

    Bai Xingyang let out a cough.


    Elder Lin raised his eyebrows.

    Meanwhile, after learning the results of their disciples, some of the elders were overjoyed, some remained calm, while others were disappointed.

    "HAHAHA!" A great laughter took place, "Well done! Cui Lixu, great job! Five hundredth rank! I'll surely let the Sect Leader reward you greatly when we go back!"

    The one laughing was none other than the elder of the Heaven-Saber Sect, whose face had flushed tremendously.

    He would be rewarded too as he was the one in charge of Cui Lixu.

    Meanwhile, the elders of the other factions shuddered upon hearing this.

    As we thought...

    Cui Lixu would definitely achieve an outstanding ranking!

    "Cui Lixu!"

    The elder of the Heaven-Saber Sect immediately fixed his gaze onto Cui Lixu's figure among the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect who were walking out from the rift.

    Due to his excitement, he failed to notice Cui Lixu's disappointed look and went up with a smile, "Nice one, you've done a great job. Once we return to the sect--"

    Before he could finish, another disciple quickly whispered into his ear.

    The elder's voice halted with his eyes widened.


    The disciples of the other factions reported the series of events in the trial to their elders.

    Following this, the elders were all dumbfounded.


    Qin Nan was placed first before, but his rank ended up as two thousand and first?

    Qin Nan was given five thousand Monarch Crystals?

    Xuan Yue was only given one hundred Monarch Crystals?

    Cui Lixu...

    Not only was he not given anything, he was told to pay ten thousand Monarch Crystals?

    Even the elders did not see this coming!


    After the trial ended, the news was spread to the entire Middle Continent.

    "Hey, did you know? Cui Lixu was ranked five hundredth!"

    "What? Five hundredth? Isn't that impressive?"

    "HAHA, you could say so. Guess what reward he got? He now owes the Monarch Ranking ten thousand Monarch Crystals!"

    "You're kidding!"

    "No way!"


    The entire Middle Continent was immersed in an uproar.

    As such, Cui Lixu's name was even more famous than the geniuses who were ranked higher than him.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan and the others returned to the Dragon Emperor Clan.

    What Qin Nan did not expect was that as he returned to the Dragon Emperor Clan, the gears of his destiny had finally begun to rotate.
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