Chapter 833 - Speculation

    It took Qin Nan five hours to roughly memorize and process all the information recorded on the All-Knowing Scroll. It allowed him to gain a better understanding of the Middle Continent.

    "What a surprise, this Middle Continent is quite fascinating, however..." Qin Nan frowned, "According to the scroll, Monarch Crystals aren't something that I can find easily."

    Qin Nan finally understood why the crowd was astounded after seeing him receive five thousand Monarch Crystals.

    Normally, two hundred Monarch Crystals were enough to buy a Monarch Art, while a thousand to three thousand Monarch Crystals could afford a Monarch Weapon.

    This showed how precious Monarch Crystals were.

    "Even five thousand Monarch Crystals weren't enough to level up the Divine Battle Spirit. I assume that it would need at least another five thousand to rank up to the second grade!" Qin Nan murmured, "It seems like I've no choice but to take some quests from the Dragon Emperor Clan."

    There were various ways to earn Monarch Crystals, and the most common one was by accomplishing tasks given out by the sect.

    "Qin Nan, what are you feeling troubled about?" At that instant, a gentle voice appeared, which turned out to be the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein.

    After learning that Qin Nan possessed the Heaven-Shattering Saber, he became more pleasing to its eyes.

    Unlike the chief, it was very impressed that Qin Nan had managed to be placed at the two thousand and first rank with merely a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

    In the past, when the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch was being assessed the first time, he too had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, but was only ranked three thousandth. His brilliant achievements were only possible after he altered his destiny.

    As such, it was eager to offer its assistance.

    Since the Human Peak did not have any elders to guide Qin Nan, it could only rely on itself to support Qin Nan.

    "Senior, I need a huge amount of Monarch Crystals. It's crucial for me to improve my cultivation. Therefore, I've decided to take on some quests from the sect!" Qin Nan rose from the ground and said.

    "Monarch Crystals?"

    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein was startled, before it shook its head, "I can't help much about that. The Human Peak did have an abundant supply of Monarch Crystals. Once, we even had our own quarry of Monarch Crystals, but they were all taken by the Dragon Emperor Clan..."

    Saying this, the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein recalled something, causing its eyes to glitter, "I almost forgot something. Oh, Qin Nan, even though there isn't much left here at the Human Peak, we do have something that the Dragon Emperor Clan didn't take."

    "What is it?"

    Qin Nan was startled.

    He had already searched the entire Human Peak and had failed to find anything useful.

    "Come with me!"

    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein blurted out and guided Qin Nan to the Cultivation Hall.

    The Cultivation Hall had three floors. The first floor was where the various cultivation grounds were, where the Heavenly Fortunate Hounds and Heavenly Fortunate Mouse were cultivating at.

    "Go to the third-floor!"

    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein prompted Qin Nan to the third-floor.

    The third-floor had a limited space, only eight-zhang long and three-zhang wide. Inside were three wooden shelves, filled with ancient books with torn pages. There were around eighty of them.

    "Senior, is there anything special about this place?"

    Qin Nan quickly looked around with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, but failed to find anything out of the place. The books were just ordinary books too.

    "HAHA, you won't find anything with your eye-technique, but try inserting your aura into the books, and you will find the secrets." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein burst out laughing.


    Qin Nan raised his eyebrows and picked an ancient book. He flipped through the pages and inserted his sacred force into it.

    Following this, the ancient book went through a shocking change.

    The torn pages of the book turned into golden glows that merged together into a golden manual. On top of that, a monarch aura could be felt.

    The words on the manual became obscure as well.

    "Is this a Monarch Art?"

    Qin Nan was shocked.

    He did not expect these ordinary-looking books to be Monarch Arts!

    "That's right, these are Monarch Arts! When the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch achieved the Martial Monarch Realm, he renovated the Cultivation Hall, and modified these Monarch Arts out of curiosity. Even those with powerful eye-techniques are unable to identify their true form." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein exclaimed, "As such, these Monarch Arts were preserved..."

    Qin Nan's face contorted upon hearing this.

    This Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch only did something out of curiosity and ended up preserving over eighty Monarch Arts for the Human Peak. Why didn't he do similar things to preserve more resources for the Human Peak?

    "Senior, so you're asking me to..."

    Qin Nan frowned.

    "These Monarch Arts are quite useless for the Human Peak now, and you're in need of Monarch Crystals at the moment, so why not sell all of them? I believe these Monarch Arts have a value of one hundred and fifty Monarch Crystals each, and you could easily sell them to the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein said in an indifferent tone.

    Qin Nan was the only disciple of the Human Peak. If he was interested in learning the Monarch Arts, he could leave some for himself, and sell the rest.

    It was the only thing that the Human Peak could do to support Qin Nan.

    "Sell them?"

    Qin Nan was astounded. He did not expect the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein to suggest this.

    On the other hand, selling eighty-six Monarch Arts would definitely give him a great fortune!

    "Senior, thank you!" Qin Nan took a deep breath and said with a stern look, "Selling them is indeed an option, but before that, I'll learn all of them. After all, these are the only possessions of the Human Peak. If the Human Peak were to recruit human disciples in the future, they might come in handy!"

    "Qin Nan, I don't agree. There are too many Monarch Arts here. You would be wasting your time trying to learn them all. Besides, it's never a good thing to learn too many Monarch Arts. You should only pick a few." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein advised.

    "Senior, don't worry, I've got it sorted."

    Qin Nan waved his hand with a firm look.

    Since the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein was willing to give him the remaining resources of the Human Peak, as a disciple of the Human Peak, the least he could do was to learn the Monarch Arts to preserve them.

    "Hmm...alright." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein nodded upon seeing Qin Nan's decision. It was quite relieved too, as it appeared that Qin Nan was not an ungrateful person.

    "I shall take a closer look at these Monarch Arts!"

    Qin Nan switched his focus onto the ancient books with a passionate look.

    Monarch Arts were considered Martial Skills too.

    And Martial Skills were definitely his favorite!

    At that instant, Qin Nan began to enter the One with the Mind state, presenting his attributes as a natural Martial Addict as he flipped through the pages of the ancient books.

    Unaware of the time that had elapsed, Qin Nan continued to browse through the books.

    "This kid is a Martial Addict..." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein uttered a laugh before withdrawing its Divine Sense.

    An hour later.

    Qin Nan acted like a puppet, as he picked up another book and revealed its true form. However, when he took a glimpse at its contents, a blank expression appeared on his face.

    A line of words was written on the cover of the manual.

    "This is just my speculation."

    The words were inscribed with the name 'Heaven-Shattering'.

    "This isn't a Monarch Art. It's something that the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch left?" Qin Nan held his breath. He did not expect to find something that the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch left among the ancient books.

    Following this, his breathing intensified.

    The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch was an undefeatable peerless genius a few thousand years ago.

    How precious would the thing he left be?

    Qin Nan tried to calm his thoughts as he continued to flip through the pages. However, as he read the content, it was as if a silent explosion had taken place in his mind.
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