Chapter 835 - Selling the Monarch Arts

    Chapter 835 - Selling the Monarch Arts

    "Qin Nan." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein thought Qin Nan had encountered some problem when it saw Qin Nan opening his eyes. It advised, "Take it easy, it will take some time to learn all eighty-six Monarch Arts, one step at a time--"

    Before it could finish, Qin Nan let out a calm smile, "Senior, I've mastered them all."

    Qin Nan raised his left hand and executed the Monarch Arts in an orderly fashion.

    That being said, he had only mastered the basics of the Monarch Arts.

    If it were a real battle, as he was still inexperienced with the Monarch Arts, not only would he fail to unleash their powers, he could also put himself in a bad spot.

    "What the f**k!"

    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein opened its eyes wide and cursed.

    Are you kidding me!

    Three days-it only took Qin Nan three days to learn all the Monarch Arts?

    Even the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch or the geniuses ranked on the God Ranking from the three factions of the half-God region would not be able to master the Monarch Arts within three days!

    Qin Nan's Martial Skill Talent could be considered the best in the Canglan Continent!

    "Senior, I'll be leaving."

    Qin Nan brought his hands together before collecting the Monarch Arts and leaving the Human Peak.

    Prior to his departure, he took a glimpse and still did not find Mu Mu and Xuan Yue at the Human Peak.

    "Mu Mu had an outstanding performance during the trial, thus she must have attracted the attention of some authorities of the Dragon Emperor Clan, who must have recruited her as their disciple. That's good for her." Qin Nan nodded. There were many experts here at the Dragon Emperor Clan, including the three Martial Monarch Realm beasts. Therefore, if the poison inside Mu Mu's body were to become active, they could easily suppress it.

    As for Xuan Yue's disappearance, Qin Nan was not surprised either.

    Previously, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon at the Crimson Magic Mountain Range had given him its inverse scale and offered him its dragon blood so that he would go to the Dragon Emperor Clan. Following that, the Dragon Emperor Clan recruited him as an inner disciple. It was obvious that this was planned beforehand. However, even though his ranking during the trial was not too bad, it was not too outstanding either, thus the mysterious chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan must be disappointed with his result.

    "That doesn't bother me at all."

    Qin Nan shrugged his shoulders and went past different mountains of the Dragon Emperor Clan before arriving at a giant mountain.

    The mountain was known as the Trading Mountain.

    On this mountain stood the Trading Hall, Auction Hall, Mystical Weapon Hall, Monarch Art Hall, Elixir Hall, Black Hand Hall, etc. These were all built for the disciples to trade with one another.

    "I should head to the Trading Hall, as I would find the most profit there!"

    Qin Nan looked at the All-Knowing Scroll before making his decision.

    He soon arrived at the Trading Hall.

    The place covered an area with a circumference of over one hundred li. The walls had a faint blue glow, while its inside was filled with stalls and shouting disciples.

    "Selling Monarch Arts at the lowest price! Only one hundred and eighty Monarch Crystals each! There are three Monarch Arts here! Don't miss out on the chance!"

    "Selling a destiny-altering map, you might find a bloodline equivalent to a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! Only eight hundred and eighteen Monarch Crystals!"

    "Selling Monarch Weapons, half price only for today!"


    Many cultivators were entering the hall to check out the items they were interested in.

    "Not bad, quite a lively scene here..."

    Qin Nan scanned the place before gathering his focus toward the center.

    If he were planning to set up a stall, he would need to register first.

    Meanwhile, at the registration area, a young man was wearing an unpleasant look.

    This young man was Chi Ling, who was the disciple in charge of the registration for today.

    "Damn it, a day is almost gone, but no one is selling anything that's worth three thousand Monarch Crystals and above." Chi Ling cursed in his heart.

    Every day, there was a quota for the Trading Hall.

    If he managed to reach the quota, he would be rewarded. Otherwise, he would be penalized.

    However, the value today was far from reaching the quota.

    Therefore, he was feeling quite down.

    "Fellow cultivator, I would like to register." A voice appeared.

    "Mm? Qin Nan?"

    Chi Ling raised his head and was startled.

    Currently at the Dragon Emperor Clan, Qin Nan was no doubt the famous one, as almost every disciple would know who he was, including Chi Ling himself.

    "Take a scroll and insert the details of the items that you're planning to sell, and record your identity too. Regardless of the number of items you manage to sell in the end, the Trading Hall will take five percent of your gross profit as the trading fee..." Chi Ling impatiently waved his hand in an unfriendly manner.

    First of all, Qin Nan was a human.

    Secondly, it was impossible for a mere human at the Dragon Emperor Clan to have anything useful. As such, the things he was planning to sell would only worth a few hundred Monarch Crystals at most.

    Qin Nan nodded. He followed the procedures and proceeded to find himself a stall.

    "Such a scornful attitude!"

    Chi Ling shook his head. He picked up the scroll and took a glimpse.

    However, upon taking a glimpse, his eyes widened as he blurted out.

    "F**k me?"



    Qin Nan weaved among the crowd inside the hall.

    "Mm? Isn't that Qin Nan?"

    "What's he here for?"

    "Is he here to buy something? Now that I recall, he earned five thousand Monarch Crystals from the Monarch Ranking Trial!"


    The cultivators whispered to one another upon seeing Qin Nan's figure.

    After all, it was quite easy for a human to grab everyone's attention.

    "This is it!"

    Qin Nan found himself a stall and took out eighty-six Monarch Arts.

    The surrounding disciples were stunned.

    What was going on? Qin Nan was there to sell some stuff? And these ancient books, could they be Monarch Arts?

    "The lowest price of the Monarch Arts being sold here is one hundred and sixty Monarch Crystals! Since I've got so many of them here, if I were to sell them at one hundred and fifty Monarch Crystals each, it would be hard to sell them all today. I've only got a limited time, so maybe I should sell them at one hundred and thirty Monarch Crystals each..."

    Qin Nan murmured before making up his mind. He glanced around him and yelled, "The Human Peak is selling eighty-six Monarch Arts! Each with the price of one hundred and thirty Monarch Crystals! No discount available! Only for today!"

    The words served as a great explosion in the Trading Hall.

    The crowd immediately turned around with astonishment.

    One hundred and thirty Monarch Crystals for a Monarch Art?

    And a total of eighty-six of them?

    Are you being serious!
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