Chapter 836 - Hua Dichen

    Chapter 836 - Hua Dichen

    Normally, a Monarch Art could only be sold once. If someone was discovered to be selling a second-hand Monarch Art, the seller would be persecuted by the crowd. In addition to that, most cultivators would avoid selling their strongest Monarch Arts to prevent the enemies from learning their secrets.

    Therefore, it was rare to see someone selling five Monarch Arts in one go.

    Besides, the lowest price of a Monarch Art was around one hundred and seventy Monarch Crystals!

    Now, not only did Qin Nan plan to sell a huge number of Monarch Arts, he was selling them at a ridiculously cheap price too!

    The Trading Hall fell silent for a period of three breaths, before an uproar exploded.

    "Shit! Are you serious! Where did he get this many Monarch Arts from, and they are so cheap!"

    "It must be from the Human Peak. It's possible that the Human Peak had hidden them somewhere. Otherwise, it's impossible for Qin Nan to possess this many Monarch Arts!"

    "Crap, I almost forgot about the Human Peak!"


    The crowd reacted and gazed at Qin Nan with a hint of envy.

    Eighty-six Monarch Arts, even if each of them were sold at a price of one hundred and thirty Monarch Crystals, he would be getting more than ten thousand Monarch Crystals after selling them all! That was ridiculous!

    Qin Nan remained calm as if he did not see the crowd's reaction, "No one is interested? If that's the case, I'll be leaving."

    Saying this, he rose from the stall as if he were actually going to leave.

    "Don't! I'm buying!"

    "Monarch Arts of the Human Peak, I'm eager to see what you've got. I'm buying too!"

    "Damn, I'm here first. I get to choose first!"


    The entire place was in a mess.

    The beast cultivators swiftly surrounded Qin Nan's stall and began choosing the Monarch Arts.

    After all, the price was too cheap!

    Within the period it took an incense to burn, Qin Nan had already sold thirty Monarch Arts, giving him three thousand Monarch Crystals. Furthermore, the news about his stall was spread to the entire Dragon Emperor Clan.

    Many cultivators immediately made their way to the Trading Hall.

    As for the other cultivators selling Monarch Arts in the Trading Hall, their faces became incredibly dark. Qin Nan was selling the Monarch Arts at a ridiculous price. If they were to sell theirs at the same price, it would be a loss for them. Most importantly, since Qin Nan was an inner disciple, they were too intimidated to confront him.

    Therefore, they could only watch him earn Monarch Crystals!

    "I've got a drop of my primal blood here. I'll use it to trade for eight Monarch Arts. Are you fine with that?" Meanwhile, a young man wearing a black robe had his eyes fixed on eight of the Monarch Arts. In his hand was a jade jar, which contained a drop of blood emitting a tremendous aura.

    "Lin Xiao!"

    "It's Lin Xiao!"

    "He's here too, and offering to trade for a drop of his primal blood!"


    The eyes of the disciples were filled with astonishment.

    Lin Xiao, the genius disciple of the Diabolic Qilin tribe, whose bloodline was equivalent to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit; he was ranked four hundred and thirty-seventh on the Monarch Ranking, who had quite a reputation in the Dragon Emperor Clan.

    "Such an outstanding bloodline, a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, and it's his primal blood too. I should probably take it, as it might be useful for me to rank up to the Divine Battle Martial Sacred Realm." Qin Nan glanced at Lin Xiao and nodded secretly, before he waved his hand and said, "Eight is too many, I'll give you six!"

    "Great, thanks!"

    Lin Xiao let out a relieved sigh. Although the drop of his primal blood was quite valuable, its value was only around five Monarch Arts. Without hesitation, he handed the jade jar to Qin Nan and picked six Monarch Arts. He gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look, before taking his leave.

    The eyes of the disciples glittered upon seeing this.

    "Qin Nan, I'll give you a drop of my primal blood for two Monarch Arts!"

    "Same here, I'm only asking for one single Monarch Art!"


    Qin Nan was left speechless, and immediately rejected the offers.

    He accepted Lin Xiao's offer as his blood was useful to him. As for the other disciples, most of them were only at the half-Martial Progenitor Realm or Martial Sacred Realm, and their bloodlines were nothing significant, thus he had no interest in their primal blood.

    The place remained lively.

    A while later, Qin Nan had now sold sixty Monarch Arts. Including Lin Xiao's trade, that would be sixty-six Monarch Arts, with only twenty remaining.

    At this moment, a calm voice could be heard all of a sudden.

    "Everyone, step aside. I want to have a word with Qin Nan!"

    Following the voice, a young man with a purplish-blue face wearing a white robe slowly stepped forward, emitting a vague imperious aura. On his chest were four dragon-shaped symbols, with the number three hundred and twenty-one.

    In other words, he was ranked three hundred and twenty-first on the Monarch Ranking, which was higher than the previous Lin Xiao.

    "Hua Jian!"

    "It seems like this Qin Nan will have a difficult time!"

    "After all, Qin Nan has sold so many Monarch Arts, thus there's no doubt that he would grab someone's attention..."

    The crowd was startled and began to whisper with one another while backing off a few steps, creating a path for Hua Jian.

    They all knew what kind of person this Hua Jian was.

    "Qin Nan, be careful, this Hua Jian is Hua Dichen's little brother!" At this moment, Chi Ling suddenly transmitted his voice to Qin Nan.

    Initially, Chi Ling was not too fond of Qin Nan, but when Qin Nan helped him to meet the quota by selling the Monarch Arts, Qin Nan was suddenly pleasing to his eye, thus he had decided to remind him.

    "Hua Dichen?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

    The All-Knowing Scroll did mention a few geniuses with outstanding talents from the Dragon Emperor Clan, and Hua Dichen was one of them, ranked thirteenth on the Monarch Ranking. His primary form was that of a Blue-Glow Unicorn, whose father was Hua Lie, the Ninth-Palace Elder whose authority was second only to the three Martial Monarch Realm beasts.

    In other words, not only did Hua Dichen possess a great talent, his background was formidable too.

    Even in the Middle Continent, he was considered an authority.

    "What do you want?" Qin Nan said to Hua Jian.

    "Qin Nan, I'll make it clear, you should know that Hua Dichen is my eldest brother." Hua Jian glanced at Qin Nan as he spoke in a demanding tone, "Since you've gotten these eighty-six Monarch Arts for free, you are required to pay us three thousand Monarch Crystals after you're done selling them. I promise you that no one will dare to trouble you in the Dragon Emperor Clan."

    The surrounding disciples were not surprised seeing this.

    They did not dare to pick on Qin Nan.

    But that didn't mean the others wouldn't!

    After all, these Monarch Arts were quite valuable, thus it was easy for someone to get jealous after knowing Qin Nan had gotten them for free.

    "Three thousand Monarch Crystals?"

    Qin Nan's eyes squinted with an icy glow.

    "What, so you're not willing to?" Hua Jian's expression darkened as he snapped, "Qin Nan, remember my brother Hua Jian's identity! You're a mere human disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, and you dare to go against my eldest brother? Think carefully--"

    "I'm sorry, I'm not giving you the Monarch Crystals."

    Before Hua Jian could finish, Qin Nan waved his hand and interrupted.

    Trying to take his Monarch Crystals?

    No way!

    Even the chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan wouldn't be able to take his Monarch Crystals!
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