Chapter 837 - The Mentoring Elder

    Chapter 837 - The Mentoring Elder

    "You won't be giving the Monarch Crystals?"

    Hua Jian's eyes widened. Obviously, he did not expect this to be the outcome.

    The surrounding disciples were startled too, before their eyes glittered with excitement.

    It seemed like this human disciple had decided to oppose Hua Jian's will and challenge Hua Dichen's authority.

    As for Chi Ling, he shook his head upon seeing this and withdrew from the scene.

    Now that Hua Dichen was involved, it would be idiotic for him to assist Qin Nan any further.

    "I'll give you one more chance!" Hua Jian took a deep breath and glared at Qin Nan, "Are you giving me the Monarch Crystals?"


    Qin Nan snapped without looking at him.

    "Very well!" Hua Jian became silent for a moment before uttering a hollow laugh, "Good luck with your business."

    Saying this, he surprisingly turned around and walked away.

    Everyone, including Qin Nan himself was stunned.

    They initially thought that Hua Jian would unleash his anger immediately.

    However, Hua Jian was ranked three hundred and twenty-first on the Monarch Ranking. Even though he was only Hua Dichen's little brother, he had his own stance too. Why would he bother dealing with a mere new disciple who was only here by taking the backdoor?

    Hua Jian walked a distance away before he took out his badge and transmitted a message.

    Soon after, the badge responded with a message.

    "As expected of brother, what a solid plan. We can get someone else to do the dirty work instead." Hua Jian's eyes glistened after reading the message, before he swiftly took out another badge and sent a message.

    Following this, he turned around and placed his hands behind himself while staring at Qin Nan with a cold grin.

    The crowd was startled.

    Although Hua Jian did not act himself, it seemed like he had arranged for someone to deal with Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan was aware of this too, but his expression remained as calm as always. Whatever his plan was, just bring it on!

    Either way, he would never give his Monarch Crystals away!

    Due to Hua Jian's interference, the disciples who were there to check out Qin Nan's Monarch Arts had decided to stand a distance away.

    As such, the atmosphere of the Trading Hall became strange all of a sudden.

    However, following a whoosh, a tremendous aura arrived at the Trading Hall.

    It was an aura of a peak Martial Progenitor Realm beast!

    An energetic white-haired old man appeared with a furious look, causing the crowd's hearts to skip a beat, not daring to speak a word.

    "It's the Mentoring Elder!"

    "Gasp, I understand now. According to the rumors, the Mentoring Elder has always been strict and absolutely hated betrayers. Qin Nan has taken all the Monarch Arts from the Human Peak to sell them here. His actions can be regarded as betraying the Human Peak, thus the Mentoring Elder would never forgive him!"

    "How cunning is this Hua Jian, getting someone to do the dirty work for him!"


    The crowd immediately learned Hua Jian's intention.

    Meanwhile, their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with a hint of pity.

    They understood that it was reasonable for Qin Nan to sell the Monarch Arts of the Human Peak, as he was the only one left. However, the Mentoring Elder would not accept that as an excuse.

    "Greetings, elder!"

    Even though Qin Nan was clueless about the arriving person's identity, he still brought his hands together to greet him.

    After all, the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan possessed great authorities. Only the status of core disciples was comparable to theirs. As an inner disciple, it was a must for Qin Nan to pay attention to the rules.

    "Greetings, elder? Humph, do you still have respect for the Dragon Emperor Clan?" The Mentoring Elder paused and took a glimpse at Qin Nan, before snapping with a cold grin, "Let me ask you, are you selling all the Monarch Arts of the Human Peak here?"


    Qin Nan replied calmly.

    "Very well, I knew it! All humans are disgraceful!"

    The eyes of the Mentoring Elder spat out fury as he shouted, "Even though the Human Peak is no longer the same as before, it's still a part of the Dragon Emperor Clan! As a human disciple of the Human Peak, how dare you take all the Monarch Arts and sell them here? Isn't your action the same as betraying the Human Peak? This is unacceptable!"

    The words were uttered thunderously.

    It was as if the entire hall were shaking.

    The crowd did not dare to make any noise. Meanwhile, the grin on Hua Jian's face grew thicker.

    A mere human disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan with a rank of two thousand and first on the Monarch Ranking dared to disobey him?

    This was what you get for doing so!

    Qin Nan frowned and said, "Elder, I bet you've misunderstood. The Human Peak has been taking great care of me, there's no way I would betray the Human Peak. Therefore, I've already learned all eighty-six Monarch Arts. Besides, due to the special circumstances, I'm the only human disciple of the Human Peak. Since I've learned them all, it's reasonable for me to--"

    "Learned them all?"

    The Mentoring Elder burst out laughing, "Today is only the fourth day since you've returned from the Monarch Ranking Trial! Even including the time before that, it's only half a month since you joined the Dragon Emperor Clan! Are you telling me that you've learned all eighty-six Monarch Arts within half a month?"

    The crowd was left speechless too.

    Learning eighty-six Monarch Arts in half a month?

    Are you kidding me!

    Even the thirteenth-ranked Hua Dichen couldn't do that!

    Following this, the Mentoring Elder wore a disappointed look, with a hint of disgust, "I've already told the chief that all humans are the same. The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch betrayed us before, and thousands of years later, the human disciple that we just recruited has betrayed us too! You're only betraying the Human Peak now, but you will betray the Dragon Emperor Clan in the future! Humans are a bunch of ungrateful, greedy pricks! Now, get your ass out of here, and leave all the Monarch Crystals, otherwise..."

    "Shut up!"

    Before the Mentoring Elder could finish, a loud roar was heard.

    It echoed in the entire hall.

    The crowd and Hua Jian had their eyes widen. How dare this Qin Nan yell at the Mentoring Elder!

    Even the Mentoring Elder himself was stunned.

    Obviously, he did not expect this to happen.

    "Senior, I'm aware you have good intentions, but keep this in mind: Firstly, I did not betray the Dragon Emperor Clan! Secondly, humans are not as ungrateful as you think! Only the minority of us are!" Qin Nan's eyes coldened, "Thirdly, if you have yet to learn the truth, you should keep your mouth shut instead!"

    Qin Nan was actually infuriated.

    He understood that this Mentoring Elder was concerned about the Dragon Emperor Clan, but he had been condemning the entire human race since he had begun to speak.

    How could he remain silent after that?


    Some humans valued friendships and relationships more than anything else! Some had their hearts tied to nature! Some valued others more than themselves!

    And he, Qin Nan, was never an ungrateful person!

    "Open your eyes and watch carefully!"

    Qin Nan uttered a grunt as he raised his right hand and unleashed the power of different Monarch Arts continuously, resulting in a powerful aura.


    The Mentoring Elder suddenly drew in his breath, while the hearts of the surrounding disciples shuddered violently.
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