Chapter 838 - Second-Grade Tian Ranked

    Chapter 838 - Second-Grade Tian Ranked

    The glows on his hand represented various Monarch Arts.

    Some had demonic auras. Some were cold, while others were imperious as if an emperor had arrived.

    The glow on his hand continued to change, which disappeared after the eighty-sixth Monarch Art.

    The hall was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping to the floor would be audible.

    The Mentoring Elder, Hua Jian, and the disciples were utterly shocked.

    Qin Nan had only joined the Dragon Emperor Clan around half a month ago. Had he really learned all the Monarch Arts within half a month? How incredible was his Martial Skill Talent?

    If they knew that Qin Nan had only used three days to learn the Monarch Arts, they would definitely be scared to death. Even the entire Dragon Emperor Clan would be in a great shock.

    "Do you still think that humans are ungrateful and greedy?" Qin Nan glanced at the Mentoring Elder as his words broke the silence.


    The forehead of the elder was covered in sweat.

    Since Qin Nan had learned the Monarch Arts before selling them, it was reasonable for him to sell the manuals, as he was the only disciple left in the Human Peak. Even if the Human Peak were going to recruit more disciples, he could still teach them the Monarch Arts.

    "Sigh, Cultivator Qin Nan, it's my fault." The Mentoring Elder spoke with a pale expression, before he took a deep breath and said in a sincere tone, "It was my fault for not investigating the truth beforehand, and falsely accusing you. I hope you won't mind. Please forgive me."

    It had been his fault to begin with, thus even if he were biased toward humans, even if his status was higher, he had to apologize.

    He was basically humiliating Qin Nan due to the misunderstanding.

    "It's fine."

    Qin Nan waved his hand as his expression became calm, but was as cold as usual.

    Anyone would feel unpleasant after being misunderstood by someone else.

    "Hua Jian, come with me to my hall!"

    The Mentoring Elder was speechless seeing Qin Nan's attitude. He turned around and looked at Hua Jian coldly.

    It was this guy who had notified him with the false information.

    Although the Mentoring Elder was quite virtuous, he was not an idiot. It was obvious that this Hua Jian had been trying to use him.


    Hua Jian wore a wry smile, before giving Qin Nan a glare.

    He had underestimated this guy!

    Not only did his plan fail, he had even tripped himself.

    The crowd finally gathered their attention after Hua Jian was dragged away by the Mentoring Elder.


    "That's crazy, he managed to learn all the Monarch Arts in such a short time!"

    "Tsk tsk, this Qin Nan is not to be underestimated!"


    A series of exclamations could be heard.

    The beast tribe always admired experts, and the Martial Skill Talent that Qin Nan had displayed was worthy of their admiration.

    Following this, the remaining twenty Monarch Arts were sold in the blink of an eye.

    Apart from the six Monarch Arts traded with Lin Xiao, Qin Nan had sold eighty Monarch Arts, which were equivalent to ten thousand four hundred Monarch Crystals. Taking away five percent, the remaining would be nine thousand eight hundred and eighty Monarch Crystals.


    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement. He immediately packed up the stall and returned to the Human Peak.

    Little did he know that the series of events that had taken place at the Trading Hall was already made known to the authorities of the Dragon Emperor Clan through various means.

    A while later, at the Cultivation Hall of the Human Peak...

    After greeting the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein, Qin Nan immediately took out the Monarch Crystals.

    "Let's start devouring them!"

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself and shoved a handful of Monarch Crystals into his mouth.

    One thousand!

    Two thousand!

    Three thousand!

    When it reached five thousand, the Divine Battle Spirit behind him let out a buzz, as a second crimson glow was emitted from it, causing the aura of the Divine Battle Spirit to feel more intimidating.

    Meanwhile, the fourth stream Vital Qi was produced in his body.

    "As I thought!"

    Qin Nan was overjoyed.

    After ranking up to a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, in terms of talent, he could be considered slightly below average. If he ranked up to the third-grade, he would then reach the average level.

    "I shall devour the rest!"

    Qin Nan devoured the remaining Monarch Crystals immediately.

    As a result, he now had five streams of Vital Qi in his body.

    "If I want to improve the Divine Battle Spirit to the third-grade Tian rank, I would need at least double the number of Monarch Crystals of the previous level. I was lucky to be able to trade the Monarch Arts for Monarch Crystals, but I'll need to come up with some way to earn them next time. I should put this aside for now." Qin Nan analyzed the situation quickly. "I should focus on improving my cultivation to the Martial Progenitor Realm..."

    Upon making his decision, his eyes emitted a flicker.

    The speculations of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch had completely awakened the craziness in Qin Nan's bones. Therefore, he had planned to try and break the rules this time, to see if he could achieve a different Martial Monarch Realm!

    At this moment...

    The two mystical grounds on the first-floor of the Cultivation Hall began to glow.

    The two hounds and the Heavenly Fortunate Mouse walked out from the portals.

    After cultivating for many days, the three beasts had slightly different appearances. Their hair had turned golden, but there was no sign of cultivation from their figures.

    "Qin Nan!" Yellow's eyes sparkled as it barked, "I've missed you so much. It's been so many days..."

    It leapt in Qin Nan's direction.

    "Piss off!"

    Qin Nan immediately kicked it into the air without mercy.

    "How saddening! Why aren't you accepting my hug!" Yellow's eyes became sparkling as its face was immersed in grief.

    "Skip the nonsense. You two have behaved well over the past. Here is a stream of Vital Qi to be split among you two." Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired a stream of Vital Qi.

    "Damn! Qin Nan, I love you!"

    Yellow and Blacky shuddered violently. They were so touched that they almost broke down in tears.

    They were finally given the Vital Qi!

    "This is yours." Qin Nan gave the Heavenly Fortunate Mouse a smile and fired a stream of Vital Qi.

    "Mm, this ain't right. We are two hounds, and you only gave us a stream. He is only a mouse, but you still gave him a stream--" The two hounds that thought they had a taste of the heavens instantly felt like they had dropped into hell after learning the truth.

    How could you do this! Wasn't this being biased against them!

    "You should be happy that you got one."

    Qin Nan glanced at the two hounds, before he flicked his finger and fired a stream of Vital Qi toward the figure of the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein inside the mountain.

    "F**k me!"

    The two hounds rolled their eyes and almost fainted.

    Another stream!

    "Qin Nan, is this Vital Qi?" The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein awoke with a hint of astonishment. Where did Qin Nan get such a precious thing from?

    "Senior, thank you for taking good care of me lately. Consider this stream of Vital Qi a gift."

    Qin Nan brought his hands together and said.

    Although Qin Nan was aware that the value of a stream of Vital Qi was over a thousand Monarch Crystals here in the Middle Continent, he was never an ungrateful person.

    Regardless of its value, he was more than willing to help the people around him.


    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein hesitated for a moment, before its eyes displayed a hint of gratefulness and began to refine the stream of Vital Qi.

    In addition to it, the Heavenly Fortunate Mouse and the Heavenly Fortunate Hounds went into seclusion once again.

    "Mm, it's time for me to try ranking up to the Divine Battle Martial Sacred Realm too."

    Qin Nan nodded and took out the jade jar.

    After taking a deep breath, Qin Nan's aura changed tremendously, like a sword being drawn out from its sheath. He reached out his hand to take out the drop of primal blood and devoured it.
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