Chapter 841 - Battle for the Spots

    Chapter 841 - Battle for the Spots

    ...Meanwhile, at the Blue-Glow Unicorn Peak...

    In the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon occupied the first peak, the Nine-Tailed Skyfox occupied the second peak, while the Demonic Qilin occupied the third peak. As for the Blue-Glow Unicorn, they owned the fourth peak. These four tribes were known as the four great beast tribes.

    Inside one of the residences on the mountain...

    "Eldest Brother, I've just received news that Qin Nan has headed to the Dao Origin Chamber. I believe the elder in charge of it this time is Elder Hua Yinghai. Perhaps we can ask Elder Hua to pick on Qin Nan?" Hua Jian brought his hands together facing a young man with a pale skin tone.

    The young man was the famous Hua Dichen, who was ranked thirteenth on the Monarch Ranking.

    "Forget it." Hua Dichen replied with his magnetic voice and a smile, "It's only a mere Qin Nan. If he's unwilling to pay the three thousand Monarch Crystals, let him be. Don't bother wasting your time on him."

    Due to Hua Dichen's identity, it went without saying that he had access to more information than Hua Jian did.

    Initially, the three authorities of the Dragon Emperor Clan had high hopes in Qin Nan, but due to his result at the Monarch Ranking Trial, they had lost their hope in him. Apart from that, Hua Dichen also knew that Shi Qingfan, the Sage, and the Sorceress personally knew Qin Nan for some reason.

    Therefore, Hua Dichen had decided not to intervene further.

    Firstly, it was stupid to bring himself trouble just for three thousand Monarch Crystals. Secondly, Qin Nan did not pose any threat to him, thus he was too lazy to deal with him.


    Hua Jian appeared to have something to say.

    "You just do whatever you want, but it's no longer my concern." Hua Dichen waved his hand.

    Hua Jian immediately withdrew from the residence. As soon as he set foot outside, his expression became dark.

    Hua Dichen was too lazy to deal with Qin Nan, but that didn't mean he, Hua Jian, was able to let him go that easily!

    "Humph, I'm considered a significant genius among the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan. How can I allow a mere human who is ranked two thousand and first on the Monarch Ranking disrespect me? Qin Nan, aren't you trying to achieve the Martial Progenitor Realm at the Dao Origin Chamber? I'll show you what I can do!"

    Hua Jian uttered a laugh and transmitted his voice into the badge in his hand.



    ...At the dojo of the Cultivation Peak...

    The words accompanied by an icy intent had caused the crowd to fall silent.

    Many disciples were astounded. They were aware that Mu Mu was recently recruited as a disciple by an authority of the Dragon Emperor Clan. Wasn't she a human too? Why did it seem like she had some sort of conflict with Qin Nan?

    "What is it?" Qin Nan calmly said.

    Mu Mu's icy eyes flickered in a complicated manner.

    She had mastered the basics of the Heartless Supreme Art. Even Bai Xingyang and the disciple beside her were unable to defeat her. However, for some reason, when she saw the man before her, she would always feel nervous and troubled.

    His achievements were utterly outstanding, but he was her father's murderer as well.

    Why had he killed her father but spare her life? What was he trying to do? Could she really be intoxicated?

    Countless thoughts popped up in her mind.

    Mu Mu suddenly collected her thoughts and took a deep breath, before she snapped coldly, "I'll never forget what happened. I'll make you pay if I have the chance later."

    She turned around and immersed herself in her thoughts.

    Bai Xingyang and the disciple standing beside her shook their heads upon seeing this, before staring at Qin Nan coldly. It was obvious that they were on Mu Mu's side.

    "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, look at you, even the second human disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan is trying to teach you a lesson. You're such a failure..." Xuan Yue burst out laughing with a hint of disdain.

    The crowd's gazes toward Qin Nan was filled with a hint of pity.

    He had already offended two groups of people prior to entering the Dao Origin Chamber. It was obvious how troublesome it would be for him when the trial began.

    At that instant...


    Following a piercing sound, an old man arrived.

    The old man had a lump on his head, with big arms. His appearance was quite strange from a distance. However, the disciples immediately paid their tributes upon seeing him.

    "Greetings, Elder Hua!"

    "Greetings, Elder Hua!"


    Even Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang reacted the same way.

    This Elder Hua's name was Hua Yinghai, who was highly respected among the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan. His cultivation was quite outstanding too, which had reached the peak Martial Progenitor Realm. Meanwhile, his bloodline of the Blue-Glow Unicorn was equivalent to a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.


    Elder Hua slightly nodded his head as he scanned the crowd. His gaze slightly paused when he saw Qin Nan, before he spoke, "Before entering the Dao Origin Chamber, I have to remind you this-when ranking up to the Martial Progenitor Realm, there are portals inside the chamber which will teleport you to the Godly Dragon Space, where you should trigger your Tribulation."

    Goldy Dragon Space!

    The place where the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan would overcome their Tribulations.

    According to the records in the All-Knowing Scroll, the chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan had refined the place with eight of its dragon bones, its dragon blood, and countless valuable treasures, which granted it the resistance toward the destructive Tribulations, allowing the disciples to overcome them.

    The disciples nodded upon hearing this.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan slightly frowned. He was aware of the existence of the Godly Dragon Space, but why did he feel that Elder Hua was somehow hostile toward him?

    "This Elder Hua is from the tribe of Blue-Glow Unicorn too, the same as Hua Jian and Hua Dichen. I must be on guard..." Qin Nan mumbled.

    "Alright, listen up. You all know that the Dao Origin Chamber is classified into the top-tier, middle-tier, and bottom-tier, based on their efficiency. There are hundreds of bottom-tier spots, twenty middle-tier spots and two top-tier spots."

    Elder Hua paused for a while before saying, "We have forty people here. The trial for the top-tier spots begins now!"

    Hearing the words, the gazes of Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, Bai Xingyang, and the rest of the disciples instantly sharpened.

    The atmosphere of the dojo intensified.

    The Dao Origin Chamber was only accessible once every month. If they missed the chance, time would be wasted. Therefore, they had to try their best to secure the spots.

    "The rules are simple. With the dojo as the boundary, within the period it takes an incense to burn, those who are able to get their hands on these two badges will secure the top-tier spots!"

    Elder Hua flicked his finger, causing two badges to float in the air.


    Countless auras were unleashed on the dojo.
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