Chapter 845 - Controlling the Purple Crystal

    Chapter 845 - Controlling the Purple Crystal

    Qin Nan's eyes were filled with astonishment.

    The mysterious golden seal in his body suddenly emitted a glow, as if it was trying to say something.

    The golden seal was somehow related to the copper mirror in his Divine Sense. Although the mysterious lady in the copper mirror had never mentioned the golden seal, Qin Nan had relied on it many times to suppress evil presence.

    Therefore, it was quite strange for it to show some reaction under the current circumstances.

    "Could it be that it was aware of what I wanted, so it's volunteering to communicate with the purple crystal?" A thought popped up in Qin Nan's mind, which prompted him to communicate with the golden seal with his Divine Sense.


    The golden seal buzzed slightly, as if it was trying to tell Qin Nan, I know what you want, leave it to me.


    A golden glow burst out from the golden seal onto the purple crystal, forming the mark of a golden seal on its surface. Meanwhile, a golden seal also appeared on Qin Nan's forehead.

    The two marks were synchronized, as if they were one.

    "This golden seal..."

    Qin Nan tried sending his thoughts. Following this, the purple crystal immediately responded like a servant by sending a stream of Dao Origin Qi.

    "Damn! I can control the purple crystal!"

    Qin Nan was shocked.

    The scene was completely unbelievable.

    The purple crystal was not ordinary to begin with, and was under the protection of the formations constructed by the Dragon Emperor Clan. Even Martial Monarchs were unable to manipulate it, let alone peak Martial Progenitors, but the golden seal had done it with ease!

    "Great, awesome, this has solved the problem! Golden seal, thanks a lot!" Qin Nan reacted and said to the golden seal joyfully.

    The golden seal let out another buzz, as if it was trying to say, I've helped you this time, so you owe me a favor.

    "No problem!"

    Qin Nan nodded with a solemn expression.

    The golden seal had helped him a great deal this time, saving him a lot of trouble.

    The golden seal was satisfied hearing Qin Nan's answer, and immediately fell silent. Seeing this, Qin Nan switched his focus back to the purple crystal.

    "Now...it's time for a breakthrough!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he communicated with the golden mark with his thoughts.


    A magnificent stream of Dao Origin Qi burst out from the purple crystal and surged into Qin Nan's body through the formation.

    In comparison, the Dao Origin Qi received by Mu Mu, Bai Xingyang, Xuan Yue, and the others were incomparable; like the difference between a drop of water and a river.

    If Mu Mu and the others were to know this, they would definitely vomit blood.

    "This Dao Origin Qi is incredible. There is no obstruction even after absorbing a huge amount into the body!"

    Qin Nan was energetic.

    His entire body was like an ocean being heated up, as his skin and bones experienced a tremendous change. Meanwhile, the force that the Dao Origin Qi continuously merged with the sacred force and force of the Divine God of Battle in his body, causing the force to have a magical change.

    If it continued, he would be able to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm.

    Time gradually passed, until the third day.


    An explosion took place in Qin Nan's body all of a sudden.

    An obscure Martial Progenitor Realm intent suddenly appeared between the sacred force and the force of the Divine God of Battle, trying to merge the two forces into a Martial Seed.

    "Split up!"

    Qin Nan's eyes sprang open as he snapped with a crazy, strong will.

    If the force of the Divine God of Battle merged with the sacred force, it would only produce a Martial Tree, which meant his plan would fail!

    The force of the Martial Progenitor Realm struggled after being suppressed by the Divine Sense. However, as Qin Nan's Divine Sense was extraordinarily overwhelming, it slowly dissipated a moment later.

    Qin Nan's body retained its calmness.

    "As I thought, this path is not an easy one. The stream of progenitor force tried to merge the two forces the moment it was produced in order to form a Martial Seed. I need to understand it more, to come up with a way to manipulate it..." Qin Nan frowned as he began to deduce a solution.

    However, his expression remained troubled after a prolonged period of time.

    It was his first time seeing this obscure progenitor force, thus he was totally clueless about its characteristics.

    "That's right!"

    Qin Nan's lips curled upward when he recalled something, "This would be quite difficult to solve normally, but definitely not here!"

    There were currently over forty disciples trying to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm here at the Dao Origin Chamber.

    Qin Nan could use his left eye of the Divine God of Battle to observe their process of ranking up to the Martial Progenitor Realm, which would give him an opportunity to inspect the obscure progenitor force.

    "First form of the Divine God of Battle, Unrivaled Warrior!"

    Qin Nan uttered a roar, as his left eye emitted a brilliant glow inspecting the cultivators who were cultivating in the caves.

    "Mu Mu, Xuan Yue, and Bai Xingyang are about to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm. The others are still some distance away..." Qin Nan scanned the disciples and controlled the purple crystal to supply a stream of Dao Origin Qi.

    It would be a waste of his time if he were to wait for them to rank up. Therefore, he might as well provide them with more Dao Origin Qi so they could rank up faster!

    Meanwhile, inside the caves where Mu Mu, Bai Xingyang, and Xuan Yue were cultivating at...

    The figures of one human and two beasts shuddered, as their eyes sprang open in astonishment.

    What just happened?

    Why was the Dao Origin Qi suddenly a few times stronger?

    "Who cares!" Mu Mu swiftly closed her eyes. She was on the verge of ranking up, thus she could not afford to lose her focus.

    "Great chance!"

    On the other hand, Bai Xingyang was overjoyed and immediately focused on absorbing the Dao Origin Qi to rank up.

    However, in comparison to them...

    Xuan Yue burst out laughing after being stunned for a moment, "HAHAHA, the Heavens has shown its kindness to me by increasing the Dao Origin Qi! Mu Mu, Bai Xingyang, so what if you've got yourselves the top-tier spots, I'm getting more than you!"

    "Hehe, Oh Qin Nan, once I achieve the Martial Progenitor Realm, I'll definitely teach you a lesson!"

    Xuan Yue wore a hideous grin as he imagined the scene.

    Qin Nan who was sitting inside the cave at the bottom of the mountain wore a cold gaze upon seeing this. It seemed like the previous lesson wasn't memorable enough for him.
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