Chapter 849 - Arrival of the Monarch Beas


    The disciples cultivating in the caves were confused seeing the ten elders standing in the air with stern expressions. As for Qin Nan, he glanced at Elder Hua for a brief moment, before withdrawing his gaze and pretending that nothing had happened.

    "Something bizarre has happened today..." Elder Hua scanned the crowd and explained the situation thoroughly.

    The disciples on the dojo were astounded upon hearing the explanation. No wonder ten elders were summoned here. A fifth of the Dao Origin Crystal was absorbed!

    "I will only ask this once, are any of you responsible for this? Xuan Yue, is it you?" Elder Hua immediately landed his gaze onto Xuan Yue's figure.

    In addition to him, the other elders had the same reaction as well.

    The reason being that Xuan Yue was the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolf Tribe, whose bloodline was equivalent to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. Therefore, Xuan Yue was definitely the suspect for them.

    "Me? How could it be me!" Xuan Yue felt like crying.

    Dear elders, my middle-tier cave only provided me with a stream of Dao Origin Qi. My cultivation has yet to improve until now!

    "Not him? So is something wrong with the Dao Origin Crystal?"

    Elder Ao and the others frowned.

    "Elders, I'm the one who did it!"

    At this moment, a loud roar suddenly could be heard.

    It immediately attracted the attention of the elders and disciples. They were left speechless when they discovered the person to be Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan was the culprit?

    A human with a mere first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

    "Qin Nan, stop the nonsense, do you really think you are able to absorb a fifth of the Dao Origin Crystal's energy? I'm sure that..." Elder Hua was already furious to begin with, thus he instantly exploded when he saw Qin Nan.

    "Shut up!"

    Elder Ao snapped before casting a sharp gaze at Qin Nan and said, "Qin Nan, are you sure?"

    "I swear in the name of the Heavens and Earth. I'm the one you're looking for."

    Qin Nan calmly said.

    The elders and cultivators were astounded.

    He dared swear in the name of the Heavens and Earth!

    Did he really do it?

    How had he done it?

    "F**k me!"

    "This Qin Nan is too impressive!"



    The disciples on the dojo reacted, but the astonishment in their eyes showed no sign of dissipating.

    As for the disciples in the Dao Origin Chamber, Xuan Yue's expression became dark when he realized something-so it was Qin Nan who had manipulated the rate of Dao Origin Qi being transmitted into his cave!

    "Qin Nan!"

    A furious roar could be heard, who turned out to be Elder Hua.

    He snapped with a thunderous voice and a powerful aura, "How bold of you to manipulate the Dao Origin Crystal, resulting in such a great loss! Today, I shall punish you on behalf of the Disciplinary Hall!"

    He was completely infuriated.

    If something were to happen to the Dao Origin Chamber, regardless of who the culprit was, he would definitely be punished as he failed to look after it!

    "Is that so?" Qin Nan remained calm. He glanced at the crowd and said in a cold tone, "I'm an inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan. I've come to the Dao Origin Chamber and used my own capabilities to acquire the Dao Origin Qi. Elders, have I broken any rules?"


    Elder Ao and the rest of the elders were startled.

    The disciples were stunned too.

    On second thought, had Qin Nan done something wrong?

    There was no rule stating that the disciples could only absorb a limited amount of Dao Origin Qi!

    "As if I care!"

    Elder Hua was extremely furious. He reached out his hand and grabbed at Qin Nan's figure with a shocking power.

    His only thought now was to teach this disrespectful person a lesson!

    "How bold!"

    However, at that moment, an icy female voice could be heard coming from the sky.


    A teenage girl dashed across the sky and descended upon the place.

    Her arrival had caused the surroundings to dim. It was as if anyone would fall under her beauty by taking a second glance.

    A hint of monarch aura could be felt from her.

    One of the three Monarch Beasts of the Dragon Emperor Clan, whose primary form was the Nine-Tailed Skyfox-the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast had arrived!

    "Supreme Elder!"

    Elder Hua's figure stiffened. His face was filled with shock, as he lost control of his body.

    Elder Ao and the rest of the elders and disciples were stunned.

    Normally, the three Monarch Beasts rarely showed themselves!

    However, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast had arrived in person due to the incident at the Dao Origin Chamber!


    What was happening?

    "One of the three Monarch Beasts, huh?"

    Qin Nan raised his head while his eyes flickered with astonishment.

    He had taken the risk of exposing himself as he had a plan in mind. However, he did not expect the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast would come to his assistance.

    "Elder Hua, how dare you use violence on a disciple for no reason? What Qin Nan has said is right, his actions did not violate the rules. Why are you trying to harm him?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast stood in the air and glanced downward. Her terrifying monarch aura filled the entire place.

    The entire Cultivation Peak fell silent.

    This was the power of a Monarch Beast.

    Suppressing everything with its arrival!


    Elder Hua's face turned pale as lines of cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

    That was a Monarch Beast, the aura alone was enough to suppress his breathing, let alone speaking properly.

    "I'll deal with you later." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast harrumphed before her glittering eyes glanced at Qin Nan as she asked in a curious tone, "Qin Nan, I'm very curious. How did you communicate with the Dao Origin Crystal? Are you willing to tell me?"

    "I'm sorry." Qin Nan showed no sign of being affected by the monarch aura. He brought his hands together and said, "Supreme Elder, this has something to do with my secrets, thus I won't be able to tell you."

    The words brought great astonishment to the crowd.

    How daring was this Qin Nan to reject the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast!

    "I see..." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled, before saying in an unpleasant tone, "Don't call me Supreme Elder. It sounds so old, I'm still a teenage girl..."


    Qin Nan's forehead was filled with black lines. However, his eyes flickered as he spoke, "Senior, may I ask you a question?"
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