Chapter 850 - Qin Nan Moving Mountains

    Chapter 850 - Qin Nan Moving Mountains

    "Call me sister next time." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast rolled her eyes. Her tiny movement was enough to cause her surroundings to become dull, "Feel free to ask."

    The elders and disciples were stunned.

    What was this Qin Nan trying to do?

    He was lucky enough to not get in trouble after absorbing a significant amount of energy from the Dao Origin Crystal, and he still wanted to ask questions?

    "Our Dragon Emperor Clan is the powerhouse among the Two-Starred Factions, and we've always emphasized following the rules, a place that is just and fair!"

    Qin Nan calmly said, "So in sis...sister's opinion, as a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, it's reasonable for me to absorb Dao Origin Qi in the Dao Origin Chamber, so I didn't commit any offense. Is that right?"

    "Yes, go on."

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast nodded while wearing an anticipatory look in her gaze. What did this kid want?

    "If that's the case, I was initially cultivating in the Dao Origin Chamber, and my time was not up yet, but the elders summoned me here and interrupted the process. Therefore, it's fair for me to resume the process, or alternatively, move the Dao Origin Crystal to the Human Peak for me to cultivate. I believe that's acceptable?" Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

    This was his plan!

    He had only refined six Martial Seeds previously, and they had yet to grow into Martial Trees, thus he would need the support of some powerful energy. If he were to go searching for it, he was unsure how long it would take, thus he had decided to take the risk.

    Either let him cultivate here.

    Or let him bring the Dao Origin Crystal back to the Human Peak so he could cultivate.

    However, hearing this, the elders and the disciples stared with their eyes open wide.

    What did Qin Nan just say?

    Bringing the Dao Origin Crystal back to the Human Peak?

    Was he being serious!

    The Dao Origin Crystal was protected by various forbidden auras. Even Martial Monarchs had difficulty removing it with brute force, unless it actively changed its position!

    Even if Qin Nan knew some tricks to acquire extra Dao Origin Qi from the crystal, there was no way he could control it!

    "Bring it back to the Human Peak?"

    Even the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was left in awe.

    This guy really had the guts to say that!

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast collected its thoughts and smilingly gazed at Qin Nan, "Are you serious? You want to move it to the Human Peak?"


    Qin Nan said.

    With the help of the golden seal, he was confident that he could control the movement of the Dao Origin Crystal.

    "Hehe..." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled with a pleasant voice, before saying after a while, "Alright, I promise you. If you are able to move it to the Human Peak, I'll allow you to cultivate with it."

    Since Qin Nan dared to say that, he would have some tricks up his sleeves.

    However, she was eager to see how Qin Nan was going to achieve that when he had not even achieved the Martial Progenitor Realm!

    "I've got another question. If I'm able to do that, does that mean I can use it freely?" Qin Nan suddenly recalled something and blurted out. If he were to bring it back, but he only had a day to cultivate, that would be a waste of his effort.

    "Sure, sure, it will be yours once you've moved it to the Human Peak. You can use it however you want!" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast's eyes glistened, "However, if you fail to move it, you will tell me how you're retrieving the Dao Origin Qi from the Dao Origin Crystal."


    Qin Nan became restless, trying hard to withhold the excitement in his heart. He sat on the ground and focused himself to communicate with the Dao Origin Crystal through the mysterious golden seal.

    However, at this moment...

    Elder Ao, Elder Hua, and the rest of the crowd were dumbfounded.


    He was actually doing it?

    Did Qin Nan really have confidence, or had he lost his mind?

    "Little Qin Nan, I'll only give you half an incense's burning time." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast added. She would not want to stay there for too long.

    Qin Nan did not respond. He was fully focused on the task.

    "What can I do within this period? Mm?"

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast glanced at the crowd and suddenly thought of something. She squinted her eyes and said, "Hey hey, listen up, this is the first time in the history of the Dragon Emperor Clan that someone's trying to move the Dao Origin Crystal! Let's have a bet on whether Qin Nan will succeed or fail the challenge. I'll be the host!"

    The words caused the elders and disciples to twist their lips.

    Although they were aware that the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast had always been unpredictable in her decisions, they never thought that she would organize a bet under the circumstances.

    "I bet that he's going to fail!" Xuan Yue uttered a roar.

    "Oh, not bad, I like the spirit, but you would need to bet at least five hundred Monarch Crystals, right?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast landed on the ground and withdrew her monarch aura.

    "I'm betting on him failing too!"

    "Same here!"

    "I don't care what tricks he has, but this is too ridiculous!"


    The atmosphere of the place completely shifted due to the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast's suggestion.

    However, at that moment...


    A slight quaver took place among the Heavens and Earth. It was so weak that no one among the crowd noticed it.

    "Mm?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was startled. Her eyes emitted a glow as she glanced in the direction of the Dao Origin Crystal.

    Buzz buzz buzz!

    At that moment, the vibration became louder, as if the space was receiving some kind of impact.

    The elders and disciples were aware of the strange phenomenon too, causing them to wear blank expressions. Some of them even dropped their Monarch Crystals onto the ground, resulting in loud clanks.

    The initially lively dojo fell silent.

    Could it be...

    "Dao Origin Crystal, come to me!"

    Qin Nan's eyes suddenly sprang open as he uttered a roar.

    Following this, the elders and disciples witnessed the scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives!


    A shocking explosion echoed in the mountain.

    It appeared that a tremendous force had crushed the enormous mountain into pieces.

    Among the pieces of rocks, a huge crystal burst into the sky with a purple glow, which flew rapidly toward Qin Nan in an astonishing manner.

    The Dao Origin Crystal...

    It had flown out on its own!
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