Chapter 852 - A Knock on the Door

    Chapter 852 - A Knock on the Door

    Various light beams could be seen traveling to the Human Peak, causing the crowd behind the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast to grow rapidly and resulting in a shocking sight.

    The sky was filled with noises.

    However, as the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast remained stationary in place, no one dared to move. They silently observed the rare change of the Human Peak.

    As for Qin Nan, he was fully occupied by the process.

    He had already prepared himself when he had decided to move the Dao Origin Crystal. Even if all the disciples and elders of the entire Dragon Emperor Clan made their way here, he would not compromise.

    This was a very crucial move.

    Once the Dao Origin Crystal had completely merged with the Human Peak, the Human Peak would become an incredible cultivation ground, which would serve as a huge factor in determining Qin Nan's success in pursuing his new path.

    As such, Qin Nan had come up with a little trick.

    All this in order to become stronger!

    Meanwhile, the crowd noticed that the plants, soil, rocks, rivers, etc. of the Human Peak were enveloped within a tremendous Qi. Some began to grow rapidly at a visible rate into towering trees.

    The space above the Human Peak was filled with a purple aura, which turned out to be the Dao Origin Qi.


    As the spirit of the Human Peak, the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein benefited the most from the change. Its scales began to turn purple, which glowed brightly under the sunlight while its aura ranked up to the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

    Apart from that, the Dao Origin Crystal was slightly different too.

    A hint of the Six-Spirited Qi and aura of the Human Peak was present within it.


    At that instant, everyone clearly sensed it.

    The Dao Origin Crystal had completely merged with the Human Peak into one!

    "It's done!"

    Qin Nan was overjoyed.

    With this, he would no longer need to worry about how he would progress on his path!

    "This kid was planning for this from the start, to turn the Human Peak into a sacred cultivation ground as a long-term investment." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast nodded slightly upon seeing this. She did not feel unpleasant at all. However, for a second, it was as if she saw the glory that the Human Peak had once had thousands of years ago.

    It was as if the Human Peak was revived once again after thousands of years.

    "A cultivation ground!"

    "It's a real cultivation ground!"


    "Qin Nan was planning this!"

    "Crazy! Absolute madness!"


    The crowd began to inhale deeply.

    Most of them were smart enough to know how significant it was now that the Dao Origin Crystal had merged with the Human Peak.

    The Dao Origin Crystal was a precious piece of treasure to begin with, containing a great amount of the magnificent Dao Origin Qi. Over the past thousands of years, countless disciples had relied upon it to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm.

    This was the reason why Elder Ao and the others had completely lost their ground when a fifth of the Dao Origin Crystal had been depleted.

    "What's with the noise? Don't you know that I'm still here? Silence!"

    An unpleasant roar could be heard, which turned out to be the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast.

    The monarch aura that she had withdrawn previously burst out like a tremendous ocean, encapsulating the figures of the elders and disciples.


    A series of explosions took place.

    Many among the crowd were knocked backward by the monarch aura, leaving them with astounded faces.

    The entire place fell into a dead silence.

    Who dared to disobey the order of a Monarch Beast?

    "Sister Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, I believe many here are the witnesses of the bet between us. I assume sister is not trying to go against your own words?" Qin Nan immediately became alert and said.


    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast raised her head and replied, "It's only a Dao Origin Crystal. I won't be fussed about it. I've always been a woman of my words! However, I would like to point out that you've set me up..."

    Saying this, her expression coldened.

    Elder Ao, Elder Hua, and the rest of the disciples from the Cultivation Peak were aware that Qin Nan knew that he could move the Dao Origin Crystal. However, he had still challenged the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast to a bet.

    Qin Nan remained calm as he said with a loud voice, "Sister, what do you mean that I've set you up? I did say that I was able to move the Dao Origin Crystal, but none of you believed it, so I could only show you myself! I was just proving my strength! Isn't the Dragon Emperor Clan a place where strength and rules are prioritized?"

    Qin Nan spoke eloquently.

    Currently at the Dragon Emperor Clan, he had no support whatsoever. Therefore, he had to rely on himself to acquire some resources for his cultivation. Even if it meant using a trick, it was worth the risk.

    That being said, once Qin Nan grew stronger, he would prefer not to use tricks anymore.

    He preferred to talk with his fists!

    "Even if you say so..." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast rolled her eyes and said, "Qin Nan, this Dao Origin Crystal is a precious treasure of the clan. If you were to keep it to yourself, it would definitely hinder the development of the Dragon Emperor Clan."

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast wore a smile, "How about this, you will cultivate with it for a few months and return it to the Cultivation Peak, sound good? In that case, you would not suffer any loss either. Everyone, am I right?"

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast glanced at the elders and disciples behind her.

    The crowd swiftly reacted and stared at Qin Nan with jealousy.

    How could they feel justified now that Qin Nan had been given such a great benefit for free?

    Especially Elder Hua and Hua Jian, whose eyes glittered upon hearing the words. They immediately blurted out with excitement.

    "Supreme elder is right! Qin Nan, you will cultivate for one or two months, and return it to the Dragon Emperor Clan!"

    "That's right! Qin Nan, as a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, you should place the future of the clan first!"

    "Isn't two months too long? Half a month is more than enough for him!"


    The voices echoed in the sky.

    Qin Nan noticed the lips of Elder Hua, Hua Jian, and the others curl upward.

    He had predicted this would happen.

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast had mentioned it at the right time.

    Now that he had solved the problem of his cultivation, it was time for him to get his revenge.
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