Chapter 854 - Peak Leader of the Human Peak

    Chapter 854 - Peak Leader of the Human Peak


    "Chief is here!"

    "Greetings, chief!"

    "Greetings, chief!"


    The elders and disciples wore astounded expressions before they swiftly reacted and brought their fists together.

    Elder Hua and Hua Jian's faces were extremely pale. The seven-inch purple dragon represented the presence of the chief. The situation had gotten entirely out of their control!


    Qin Nan frowned slightly.

    How had the incident attracted the chief's attention?

    The same thought crossed the crowd's mind.

    "Chief, since you're here, I'll let you handle the rest of it. I'm bringing my precious disciple back!" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast said while squinting her eyes. She waved her hand and fired a glow that encapsulated Mu Mu's figure. Before she left, she did not forget to glance at Qin Nan, "Little brother Qin Nan, come to the Nine-Tailed Skyfox Peak when you're free. Let's enjoy some time together..."

    The seductive words caused the elders and disciples to blush, as their minds were filled with various imaginations, causing them to lose their ground.

    Qin Nan remained calm, although his lips twitched upon hearing this.

    "I've learned the truth." The seven-inch purple dragon glanced down at the crowd from above and calmly spoke, "Firstly, Elder Hua, Hua Jian, you two have broken the rules of the Dragon Emperor Clan. I now sentence you to five years of imprisonment in the Dragon Emperor Cave. Any objections?"

    Many were shocked hearing this.

    The punishment was quite serious!

    Elder Hua and Hua Jian were utterly terrified. However, they could not help but accept their fate.

    They were extremely regretful. Why had they decided to offend Qin Nan for a few thousand Monarch Crystals?

    The seven-inch purple dragon grabbed with its claw and fired a glow that covered the two with a magnificent force, causing them to vanish into thin air. Following this, it glanced toward Qin Nan and nodded slightly, "Qin Nan, there's nothing wrong with what you've done. As a matter of fact, it's fairly impressive. I now appoint you as the Peak Leader of the Human Peak. From today onward, the Human Peak is all yours. Your status in the clan will be on par with the elders', and you are allowed to recruit fifty disciples every year!"

    The crowd was startled.


    Are you serious!

    Why was Qin Nan being greatly rewarded after taking the Dao Origin Crystal?

    Even Qin Nan was overjoyed upon hearing this.

    He couldn't care less about his status in the Dragon Emperor Clan, but the identity of the Human Peak's Peak Leader was extremely crucial!

    In other words, from today onward, he had full control of the Human Peak. He could do anything he wished! Even the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan were not allowed to enter the Human Peak without his permission.

    Basically, it was very helpful to him!

    "Wait a second, why did the chief's attitude toward me change suddenly?" Qin Nan frowned slightly. The fact that the chief had discarded Xuan Yue's responsibility as his servant implied that he was utterly disappointed with his result in the trial.

    Although it was quite shocking that he had managed to move the Dao Origin Crystal, most of the crowd knew that Qin Nan was relying on some kind of artifact or trick instead of his cultivation or Martial Spirit.

    "I believe many among you are confused why Qin Nan is being rewarded instead of being punished?"

    The purple dragon spoke in a loud voice as if it could read their minds.

    The elders and disciples nodded.

    The chief's decision would not be beneficial to the Dragon Emperor Clan!

    "I hope that everyone will learn from this incident. Remember, in our Dragon Emperor Clan, obeying the rules is the most important requirement. Even if you were a core disciple, you will have to obey the rules too, unless you're able to defeat me!"

    The seven-inch purple dragon calmly said, "Furthermore, I hope you all will learn from Qin Nan. Similar to the Dao Origin Chamber, various cultivation grounds of different peaks-the Godly Dragon Space or the Ten Thousand Beast Garden-contain quite a few treasures like the Dao Origin Crystal!"

    "Within the rules, there's nothing wrong if you are able to acquire them with your own capabilities and strength!"

    "Our Dragon Emperor Clan is the powerhouse among the Two-Starred Factions!"

    "We believe that rules are important, but we also emphasized the importance of your strength. It's good that you follow the rules, but don't blindly follow them. The rules are dead, but we are alive! What's the point of cultivating strictly by the rules when you can come up with more efficient ways like acquiring more Dao Origin Qi or taking the Dao Origin Crystal away?"

    The words penetrated the hearts of the crowd like a shocking explosion.

    Rules should be obeyed, but not blindly followed!

    "This chief of the Dragon Emperor Clan is no ordinary person indeed. It seems like the Dragon Emperor Clan didn't rely solely on strength to come this far." Qin Nan nodded.

    "That's all I have to say, dismissed."

    The seven-inch purple dragon said before entering the rift. However, its eyes gazed thoughtfully in Qin Nan's direction before he left the place.

    This kid was quite impressive this time, to be able to gather the entire Dragon Emperor Clan when his cultivation was not even at the Martial Progenitor Realm.

    He was definitely comparable to the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch's influence in the past!

    As the chief left, Qin Nan suddenly thought of something seeing the crowd of elders and disciples. He brought his fists together and laughed, "Fellow elders, Senior and Junior Brothers, as I've just become the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, I've got plenty of tasks on my hands now. Pardon me for not being able to welcome you all passionately. That being said, in three days' time, the Human Peak will finish constructing a cultivation ground. By paying a certain amount of Monarch Crystals, you will be allowed to cultivate inside it..."

    Qin Nan paused for a moment before he added, "I believe everyone here knows how beneficial the Dao Origin Qi is."

    After saying this, he entered the Human Peak with a flicker.

    He had tried so hard in order to claim possession of the Dao Origin Crystal, thus it went without saying that he was going to fully utilize it. Not only would it support his cultivation, he could also earn a significant amount of Monarch Crystals to improve his Divine Battle Spirit.

    As he thought, even though the elders were calm, the disciples became restless.


    "This is great! With the help of the Dao Origin Qi, I'll be able to have a breakthrough!"

    "HAHAHA, this is definitely a good news!"

    "Quick, let's go back and prepare the Monarch Crystals!"

    An uproar took place in the air once again.

    After all, most of them only had the chance to absorb Dao Origin Qi while ranking up to the Martial Progenitor Realm.

    "This Qin Nan is very impressive." Meanwhile, a young man wearing an ordinary black robe standing among the crowd mumbled with a pair of glittering eyes.

    He was none other than Hua Dichen, the Young Master of the Blue-Glow Unicorn Tribe who was ranked thirteenth on the Monarch Ranking.

    However, no one was aware of his presence.

    He had purposely kept himself hidden to remain low-key, just so that he could observe the situation.

    "That being said, if I have the chance, I will not show any mercy."

    Hua Dichen's gaze suddenly coldened. Although he admired Qin Nan's capabilities, it did not mean he was planning to forgive him.

    As the saying went, one would need to seek the owner's permission before beating his dog.

    Only he could beat his dog. Others were not allowed to do so!

    Among the crowd, Xuan Yue unnoticedly scanned his surroundings and slowly headed to the Human Peak.

    It was not a peaceful day.

    Be it Qin Nan moving the Dao Origin Crystal away, him becoming a Peak Leader of the Human Peak, or the speech by the seven-inch dragon had greatly influenced the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

    At least, many Two-Starred Factions were aware of the changes.

    Following this, Qin Nan's reputation began to spread once again.

    However, the elders and disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan did not notice something.

    If someone were to glance downward from above, among the mountains of the Dragon Emperor Clan, the once lifeless Human Peak was emitting a faint purple glow, causing the aura of the entire Dragon Emperor Clan to rise tremendously into a new era.

    It was as if the brilliance it once had a few thousand years ago had awakened!
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