Chapter 855 - Probationary Mount

    Chapter 855 - Probationary Mount

    ...Deep inside the Dragon Emperor Clan...

    "Chief." The Diabolic Monarch Beast let out a calm smile, "Didn't you lose hope in Qin Nan? You've given him such a great reward."

    "Giggle, he must have realized how handsome Qin Nan is now...."

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled while covering her mouth with her hand.

    "Cough cough, Nine-Tailed, don't speak nonsense." The middle-aged man coughed before his eyes emitted a flicker, "You might not know the background of the Dao Origin Crystal. I found it after defeating two Martial Monarchs in the past. The crystal initially had a spirit residing in it, which had reached the half-Martial Monarch Realm. However, since the spirit was not willing to submit to my will, I discarded its spirit and brought the crystal back to the Human Peak."


    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Monarch Beast were stunned. They never knew such an incident had occurred with the Dao Origin Crystal.

    "Although it had lost its spirit, its spirituality still remained, thus imagine what kind of artifact or trick would it need to prompt it to fly out voluntarily? Therefore, as you two mentioned before, there must be some reason why Seventh Brother has chosen Qin Nan."

    The middle-aged man pondered for a while before saying, "I will personally visit the Human Peak in some time to see if Qin Nan is really the one we're looking for."


    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Monarch Beast were shocked. It had been many years since they last met the chief in person.



    Qin Nan's left eye sparkled as he took a glimpse of the Human Peak.

    In just a short period of time, the plants and trees had been nurtured with the presence of Qi, causing them to possess a hint of cultivation. The creatures in the river had become intelligent and began to cultivate.

    "Qin Nan, I never expected that the Human Peak would be able to recover its glory!" The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein approached Qin Nan and exclaimed. The whole thing felt like a dream to it.

    "Senior, the Human Peak will be better in the future." Qin Nan smiled, "However, I have a favor to ask, I need your help to construct a new Cultivation Hall split into several levels, each providing a formation to control the rate of transmission of the Dao Origin Qi."

    Qin Nan was still inexperienced in constructing a Cultivation Hall with appropriate measures.


    The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein uttered a laugh and transformed into its human form. It reached out its claws to exert a shocking force to gather various boulders and refine them into building blocks for the hall. Following this, it constructed various formations connected to the Dao Origin Crystal.

    Qin Nan learned a great deal from spectating the process, before he proceeded to cultivate in seclusion.

    His first priority now was to improve his cultivation to the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

    "Who's there?"

    Qin Nan halted his movements all of a sudden and glanced downward to the bottom of the mountain with an icy gaze.

    "It's, it's me..." Xuan Yue panted heavily as he ran all the way from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Lucky for him, he had used to stay there at the Human Peak, thus he had a badge with him. Otherwise, he would not be able to pass the protective formation of the mountain.

    "What are you doing here?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

    Was this guy really that shameless?

    "Cough cough, well..." Xuan Yue coughed before saying in a serious tone, "Qin Nan, now that you've become the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, and the Human Peak would require some help, I'm willing to join the Human Peak and contribute whatever I have, as long as..."

    Upon saying this, his eyes glanced toward the Dao Origin Crystal in the sky.

    He couldn't help it.

    He had no choice but to compromise as his cultivation had yet to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm. Most importantly, the Dao Origin Qi was extremely beneficial to his cultivation, which would allow it to improve rapidly.

    "So you're planning to join my side."

    Qin Nan uttered a hollow laugh.

    Why didn't you take a hold of the opportunity before? Why did you try to challenge me?

    Following this, Qin Nan's gaze coldened as he was about to drive Xuan Yue away. However, he suddenly recalled something.

    A fourth-grade Tian ranked Skyhowl Wolf who was also the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolves Tribe-making it my mount doesn't seem like a bad idea.

    "It's fine if you want to stay, but you have to be my mount." Qin Nan calmly said.

    "What? Be your mount?"

    Xuan Yue's eyes widened, before flames of anger surged within his heart.

    How conceited!

    Asking him to be his mount!

    It was a disgrace and humiliation to his dignity!

    "Mm, be my mount, for a probationary period." Qin Nan wore an expressionless face, "Which means that you're not my official mount yet."


    Xuan Yue's hair stood on end while his eyes emitted a crimson glow.

    What a bully! What a bully!

    This guy was asking for his death!

    Before he could unleash his fury, Qin Nan raised his palm and presented a stream of Vital Qi, "If you're willing to become my probationary mount for two years, I'll provide you with at least twenty streams of Vital Qi. Furthermore, you're free to cultivate with the Dao Origin Crystal. How's that?"

    "Wh...what? Vital Qi? Twenty streams of Vital Qi?"

    Xuan Yue opened his eyes wide, his face full of astonishment.

    It was really Vital Qi!

    How did he have something this rare, and he was willing to give him twenty streams of it within two years!

    If he were given twenty streams of Vital Qi, his bloodline would undergo a tremendous change!

    "It's fine if you reject the offer." Qin Nan withdrew the Vital Qi and pretended to walk away.

    "No no no..." Xuan Yue immediately waved his hand and after collecting his thoughts, he let out an awkward smile and asked with a suspicious look, "Are you really...really going to give me twenty streams of Vital Qi within two years? You're not trying to trick me?"

    Qin Nan did not respond. He pointed his finger at the Dao Origin Crystal with a calm look, but for some reason, an imperious aura could be felt.

    Xuan Yue's figure shuddered.

    That was right, this guy whose cultivation was not even at the Martial Progenitor Realm had managed to move the Dao Origin Crystal here. What else couldn't he do?

    "Fine, I agree!" Xuan Yue clenched his teeth and spoke after an intense struggle.

    Two years later, once his bloodline improved, he would have the chance to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Garden. He would surely make his name known throughout the entire Dragon Emperor Clan!

    Therefore, for his future, it was worth the sacrifice!

    Qin Nan immediately transmitted a stream of Vital Qi into Xuan Yue's body. Although Xuan Yue was incredibly self-centered and shameless, he was a straightforward person, who immediately made an oath to the Heavens and Earth that he would never betray Qin Nan.

    "Transform into your primary form!"

    Qin Nan demanded with his sparkling eyes.

    Xuan Yue hesitated for a moment, before his figure transformed into a giant five-zhang tall wolf, whose hair was like silver needles standing on end. Its crimson eyes and tremendous wolf might result in an intimidating appearance.

    Qin Nan landed on top of its head with a flicker.

    "To the peak!"


    Xuan Yue uttered a blasting roar and stomped his foot on the ground as he sprang into the sky. The impact swept into the surroundings and blew the trees and plants away.

    The two skyrocketed into the sky.

    Qin Nan glanced downward from the sky as his heart was somehow engulfed in excitement and a hot-blooded feeling.

    To him, standing on a beast and glancing downward at the world was definitely a unique experience!

    Although, he was only standing on a beast which had yet to achieve the Martial Progenitor Realm, and was only staring down at the Human Peak.

    But he now had his own cultivation territory.

    He had invented his unique path of cultivation.

    He had found himself a probationary mount.

    He believed that it would only be a matter of time until his reputation would shake the entire world.

    It would be a matter of time until he climbed to the peak, leading the formidable beasts and breaking the South-Heaven Gate!
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