Chapter 860 - Godly Dragon Space

    Chapter 860 - Godly Dragon Space

    "Chief, did I pass the test?" Qin Nan asked.

    "Yes, yes you did!" The Dragon Emperor immediately collected his thoughts and nodded. His gaze toward Qin Nan burned passionately.

    He had surpassed the rules of cultivation. In other words, Qin Nan had displayed the same talent that the senior had eight thousand years ago. Therefore, he would surely be targeted by those people. In that case, he would surely side with the beast race!

    As for his Martial Spirit?

    With the talent that he had displayed, he could easily alter his destiny. Maybe he didn't even need to do so, as he had taken a path that no one had seen before.

    "Qin Nan, I apologize for threatening you just now. I hope you won't mind."

    The Dragon Emperor took a deep breath and spoke in a sincere tone while bringing his fists together.

    He was extremely impressed by what Qin Nan had shown him, thus he was willing to apologize to fulfill his promise.

    Qin Nan's expression became calm upon seeing this. He never liked being threatened, regardless of how powerful the person was. It was his personality.

    "From today onward, if you need any help, you can contact me with this badge. The Dragon Emperor Clan will protect you at all costs..." The Dragon Emperor took out a badge and handed it to Qin Nan.

    "Thanks, senior."

    Qin Nan kept the badge.

    The copper mirror had mentioned that what the Dragon Emperor Clan and beast race needed help with would not bring any harm to him. However, he was completely clueless about it, thus he decided not to use the badge for now. It was not something that he could use as he wished.

    "The path you're taking is extremely difficult, but someone eight thousand years ago succeeded. I hope you will work hard and won't be discouraged easily." The Dragon Emperor gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look, "There's no point telling you anything yet. Once the time arrives, I'll tell you everything."

    Hearing this, a thought suddenly crossed Qin Nan's mind, "Do I have to reach the Martial Monarch Realm first?"

    "How did you know?"

    The Dragon Emperor was startled.

    Qin Nan wore a smile and remained silent. Previously, when the Martial Serendipity Pavilion was telling him about the secrets of the Canglan Continent, it also promised that it would tell him everyone once he had achieved the Martial Monarch Realm. To his surprise, the beast race and the Dragon Emperor Clan had the same request too.

    The Dragon Emperor Clan saw that Qin Nan was not willing to tell him, thus he swiftly excused himself.

    The result of the test was extremely important. He had to tell the Beast God Forbidden Area the news!

    "It's getting more confused now, whether it be the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, or this mysterious beast race, or the copper mirror, etc. I guess I'll have to wait until I reached the Martial Monarch Realm." Qin Nan exclaimed as he calmed his thoughts.

    He should focus on improving his strength for now.

    He quickly took out the five thousand Monarch Crystals and devoured them all. Without any surprise, the Divine Battle Spirit did not rank up. The only difference was two extra streams of Vital Qi in his body.

    "I can head to the Godly Dragon Space now and see if any disciples are undergoing their Tribulations to test the golden seal's power!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened as he left the Human Peak with a flicker.

    Qin Nan soon arrived at the Godly Dragon Peak.

    Among the mountains of the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Godly Dragon Peak was the shortest, which was only half the height of the Human Peak. However, a faint dragon might was present at the mountain, causing the plants and trees growing on it to mutate and become similar to dragons.

    Normally, when ordinary disciples came to the Godly Dragon Peak, their legs would tremble.

    Qin Nan felt extremely comfortable walking on the mountain, as if he was enjoying himself in a hot spring. Even his movements were nimbler than usual.

    As he reached the peak, an astonished voice could be heard, "Qin Nan, what are you doing here? Are you planning to overcome your Tribulation?"

    The owner of the voice turned out to be Elder Ao!

    "Greetings, elder!"

    Qin Nan immediately greeted.

    "There's no need for that. You're a Peak Leader now, our status is on par with one another." Elder Ao was quite fond of Qin Nan, mainly because he had refined the blood of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon.

    Elder Ao inspected Qin Nan's figure and wore a surprised look, "That's strange, your aura feels weird. It feels like you've reached the Martial Progenitor Realm, but have yet to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm at the same time? It's different from half-Martial Progenitor Realm too..."

    Qin Nan's eyes widened when he heard this.

    He had been careless this time, forgetting to conceal his aura. It was unwise to let anyone knew that he had refined six Martial Trees, as his name would be known by the entire Middle Continent, or even the half-God region.

    It was possible that Martial Gods would be targeting him too.

    Qin Nan withdrew his aura and smilingly said, "Elder Ao, it might have something to do with the Martial Arts I'm practicing. By the way, Elder Ao, I'm close to achieving the Martial Progenitor Realm. Am I allowed to enter the Godly Dragon Space?"

    "You're not a Martial Progenitor yet? I'm assuming that you want to spectate the others overcoming their Tribulations." Elder Ao wore a calm smile. Many talented geniuses of the Dragon Emperor Clan were allowed to spectate the others ranking up in the Godly Dragon Space, so that they could prepare themselves to overcome their own Tribulations.

    "You're the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, of course you can enter. However, you only have a day's time. Furthermore, you are not allowed to enter the purple region in the Godly Dragon Space." Elder Ao explained with a stern look.


    Qin Nan nodded.

    "Roaming dragons of all sides, descend from the sky, tear the rift apart and summon the Phoenix Door!"

    Elder Ao reached out his hand and performed a hand seal, causing four illusionary dragons to appear in the sky. The dragons uttered a roar and tore at the sky with their bloody mouths. Their fangs penetrated the rift and tore it apart, resulting in a gap.

    The gap slowly formed a giant door.

    "Thanks, elder!"

    Qin Nan brought his fists together and entered the rift.

    As soon as he entered the Godly Dragon Space, before he could take a look at his surroundings, the mysterious golden seal emitted a brilliant golden glow and vibrate vigorously. It was as if it had found something in his favor, and could not wait to fly out from his body.

    "Let's wait for now!"

    Qin Nan calmed the golden seal and raised his head.

    With a glimpse, his face was filled with astonishment.

    Why was he here?
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