Chapter 861 - The Golden Seals Power

    Chapter 861 - The Golden Seal's Power

    The surrounding sky had an eerie red color, as if it was dyed with blood, resulting in a heavy atmosphere, with the presence of a vague dragon might. The ground was purple and sturdy, filled with scorched pits left by the impact of the Tribulations.

    Dragon blood as the sky, dragon bone as the ground.

    This was the Godly Dragon Space.

    Furthermore, this average-sized space was split into two zones. The area far ahead was covered in a purple haze, hiding the scenery within it. It was said that only those who achieved a personal unique Martial Sacred Realm or possessed a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit were allowed to enter.

    Therefore, those who did not meet the requirements could only overcome their Tribulations outside the purple zone.

    Meanwhile, not far from where Qin Nan was standing, a formidable force of the Heavens and Earth had gathered and formed a stormy cloud with lightning flashes. It felt like it was attempting to transform into a rare phenomenon, but the power of the Godly Dragon Space hindered its source of energy, thus stopping it from turning into the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation.

    Within the Tribulation stood a striped-dragon roaring into the sky, whose body was emitting a mystical glow that resisted the Tribulation.

    This dragon was none other than the Young Master of the Leopard-Striped Dragon whom Qin Nan had stumbled into at the Middle Sector City. Previously, he had confronted Qin Nan to fight for the spot in the teleportation portal.

    After that, Qin Nan had never seen it at the Dragon Emperor Clan, but to his surprise, he had stumbled into it today.

    "It looks like my luck is not that great today. In this Godly Dragon Space, there are only it and another beast attempting their Tribulations..." Qin Nan collected his thoughts and glanced in another direction. The Tribulation that the other beast triggered was quite ordinary, which was significantly weaker than the one that the Leopard-Striped Dragon triggered.

    "Forget it, let's try the golden seal!"

    Qin Nan waved his hand and set up a formation to prevent the two from noticing his presence. Following this, he directed his focus onto the golden seal, which had already run out of patience. It flew out from Qin Nan's body and danced around him in circles while buzzing, as if it had something to say.

    "Mm? I'll need to activate you to absorb the force of the Heavens and Earth?"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment as he raised his hand and inserted his progenitor force into the golden seal.


    The golden seal emitted a brilliant flicker together with an invisible force, which took the shape of two hands that grabbed at the two Tribulations and pulled the force of the Heavens and Earth inward.

    The Leopard-Striped Dragon and the disciple were astounded as they were unaware of the mysterious force from the golden seal.

    "What's going on? Why is the force of the Heavens and Earth disappearing?"

    Following this, their astonishment was replaced with joy.

    Since the force of the Heavens and Earth had diminished, they could easily overcome the Tribulations without any risk to their lives!

    As expected of the Godly Dragon Space!

    The two beasts subconsciously thought the Godly Dragon Space was helping them with the Tribulations.


    Qin Nan tried using his left eye to inspect the golden seal. For some reason, he was able to see through it this time.

    Inside it was a unique space covered in a golden glow. At its center was a transparent tank that stored the force of the Heavens and Earth absorbed by the golden seal.

    "Impressive, once the force of the Heavens and Earth is absorbed into the golden seal, it is as if it had lost its consciousness, no wonder the Martial Serendipity Pavilion said that the golden seal would come in handy..." Qin Nan was surprised.

    The force of the Heavens and Earth belonged to nature, thus it had its own consciousness.

    For example, once when Qin Nan was attempting his Tribulation, he felt that its force was too weak, thus he had mocked it so that the force of the Heavens and Earth would grow stronger.

    As such, many cultivators did not dare to say anything disrespectful while attempting their Tribulations.

    Which was why the saying went, The Heavens are always watching you.

    In Qin Nan's case, it was ideal that the force of the Heavens and Earth was no longer self-conscious. Otherwise, since he had surpassed the rules of cultivation, the force of the Heavens and Earth would definitely alert the Heavens, which would send the Nine Heaven Godly Thunder to destroy him.

    "I'm not sure how much force of the Heavens and Earth this golden seal is able to store?"

    With a thought, the golden seal stopped absorbing. Qin Nan waved his hand and filled the golden seal with his progenitor force, causing its power to reach its limit.


    A shockingly mysterious force burst out from the golden seal, which was exceedingly stronger than its power from before, which grabbed at the two Tribulations and transmitted the force of the Heavens and Earth into the tank.

    "The force of the Heavens and Earth is disappearing!

    The Leopard-Striped Dragon and the other disciple were excited seeing the force of the Heavens and Earth vanish rapidly. It was as if they had regained their power. They uttered a roar at the Tribulations.


    Finally breaking free from the suppression of the Tribulation!

    Qin Nan's focus was fully gathered by the golden seal, thus he had no time for the two beasts.

    Time gradually passed. A moment later, the excitement on the faces of the Leopard-Striped Dragon and the other disciple began to freeze, as the force of the Heavens and Earth from their Tribulations continued to dissipate.

    It's not stopping...

    The force of the Heavens and Earth continued to disperse as if it were trying to prove their assumption.

    The stormy cloud was now less than half its initial size.

    "How can this be!"


    The Leopard-Striped Dragon and the disciple were dumbfounded.

    They had never heard or seen something like this!

    If the force of the Heavens and Earth vanished...

    How were they going to overcome their Tribulations?

    The Tribulation wouldn't even exist!

    "The mysterious golden seal is powerful indeed. Even with the two Tribulations added together, it's not even a hundredth of the tank's capacity!" Qin Nan observed for a moment and wore a joyful expression. Following this, he subconsciously raised his head when he heard a few roars, and was stunned by the sight.

    He was so attracted by the golden seal that he had completely forgotten about the two beasts!

    The two beasts were left speechless. Their Tribulations were only a twentieth of their initial sizes. The stormy cloud only covered an area with a circumference of one li, while the lightning rays were tiny like strings of hair without any damage.


    Qin Nan yelled.

    The mysterious force from the golden seal immediately dispersed, causing the force of the Heavens and Earth to burst out from the tank and return to the Tribulations.

    The stormy clouds suddenly expanded like a raging ocean.


    The two beasts became restless.

    The Tribulation was expanding again?

    Following this, their expressions changed again as they felt like crying.

    What the f**k was going on!

    Why did the Tribulation return to normal, and appeared to be greater than before!

    Were the Heavens pulling a prank on them?
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