Chapter 864 - Qin Nan is Here

    Chapter 864 - Qin Nan is Here


    On the dojo, Lin Miaoke, Ding Buhui, Yang Song, Xia Hao, the Third Prince, and the others simultaneously raised their heads and looked upward.

    They could see a black dot heading in their direction rapidly from the sky.

    The aura could be felt before the arrival of the beast!

    "Such a powerful beastly aura, the beast's bloodline is at least equivalent to a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit or above. Is he the one that the Wuliang Mountain is waiting for?"

    Yang Song and Xia Hao exchanged glances with one another.

    Such a beast would definitely possess a significant status in the Dragon Emperor Clan. However, their Martial Spirits were also third-grade Tian ranked as well.

    A moment later, the black dot in the sky rapidly expanded, revealing its true appearance to the crowd.

    "A Skyhowl Wolf?"

    Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the rest were stunned.

    The Skyhowl Wolves Tribe was ranked in the top thirty in the Dragon Emperor Clan.

    Meanwhile, Lin Miaoke and the Third Prince were confused after collecting their thoughts. What was going on, why was this Skyhowl Wolf here?

    Where was Qin Nan?

    "HAHA, Sect Leader Lin, is this the helper you've invited? A Skyhowl Wolf with its bloodline is quite impressive. He's surely a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, but..." Yang Song and Xia Hao wore disdainful grins upon gathering their thoughts.

    So what if your bloodline was superior? So what if you're a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan?

    This Skyhowlolf only possessed a first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm cultivation.

    Do you really think his strength was enough at the Skycloud Mountain Range?

    Ding Buhui and the other old man let out relieved sighs too. If the helper was extraordinarily powerful, it would definitely be a bad news for them.

    Meanwhile, Xuan Yue increased his speed and slammed onto the dojo, resulting in a great explosion and powerful gusts of wind due to the impact.

    Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the others remained still.

    "Third Prince, how nice of you, taking so long to tell me that you've come out from your seclusion. What do you mean by that?"

    However, a calm voice could be heard.

    Yang Song, Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, Lin Miaoke, the Third Prince, and the others were taken by surprise.

    There was someone else?

    What just happened?

    Where did he come from?

    As a matter of fact, it was not their fault at all. Since Qin Nan had discovered that his aura was quite extraordinary, he purposely concealed his cultivation. Even seventh-layer Martial Progenitors would have a hard time noticing his presence, let alone third-layer Martial Progenitors.

    As such, none of them were aware of Qin Nan's presence.

    In the midst of their doubts, they all gathered their focus toward the direction of the voice. With a glimpse, even Yang Song and Xia Hao were dumbfounded.

    They could only see Qin Nan standing on the Skyhowl Wolf's head, while two hounds with troubled looks and a joyful mouse stood beside him.

    Even without a powerful aura, it served as a great shock to the crowd.

    It went without saying that the fact that he was standing on the beast meant that he had made the beast into his mount.

    But that was a Skyhowl Wolf!

    A Skyhowl Wolf with a superior bloodline!

    How did this young man convince the Skyhowl Wolf to submit to his will?

    How terrifying was this young man?

    "Qin Nan!"

    The Third Prince was overjoyed seeing Qin Nan, and immediately went up to him. He then shook his head with a wry smile as a sudden thought crossed his mind, "It's not that I was unwilling to tell you. I was too busy with a lot of troubles here in the Middle Continent. I was about to contact you and this happened..."

    "Forget it, let's have some drinks together once this is over."

    Qin Nan uttered a laugh and punched the Third Prince's chest.

    He was not a fan of drinking.

    However, when he reunited with his brother after a long time, he would surely have a few drinks with him.

    "Sure thing!"

    The Third Prince wore a smile too and was incredibly touched for a moment. Even though his brother was no longer the same person as before, their friendship had never changed.

    "Alright, we'll talk about that later. Let's focus on the business on hand."

    Qin Nan glanced at Lin Miaoke and smilingly said, "Sect Leader Lin, it's been a while. I'll need you to explain to me what's going on. Besides, who are these people?"

    Qin Nan glanced at Yang Song and Xia Hao.

    Before he landed, he had already inspected their cultivations, Martial Arts, Martial Spirits, etc. with his eye-technique. He could easily deduce their background too, but he was clueless about their names.

    Lin Miaoke immediately collected her thoughts upon hearing this. The way Qin Nan showed up was too shocking for her. She took a deep breath to calm her thoughts and said, "These two are Yang Song and Xia Hao, who are ranked... This is Ding Buhui, the Sect Leader of the Demonic Flame Sect..."

    "I'm Qin Nan. This is Xuan Yue, my mount."

    Qin Nan nodded and brought his fists together.

    The two hounds felt unpleasant when Qin Nan did not introduce them. They were about to introduce themselves when they ended up uttering a few barks, giving them a great scare. How could they screw up at such a crucial moment?

    "Qin Nan? Mm? You're that Qin Nan from the Dragon Emperor Clan?"

    Yang Song and Xia Hao were stunned.

    They did not expect the person to be the famous Qin Nan.

    The reason they knew Qin Nan was mainly because of Cui Lixu.

    Qin Nan was ranked over two thousandth, while Cui Lixu was ranked five hundredth, but the rewards he had been given were far worse than Qin Nan's.

    "That's me." Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he communicated with the Third Prince with his Divine Sense to understand the details of the situation.

    The astonishment on the faces of Yang Song and Xia Hao disappeared upon hearing this.

    Following this, Yang Song said with a grin, "HAHA, I was wondering who could it be, so you're that Qin Nan. You were quite lucky during the Monarch Ranking Trial. If I'm not mistaken, your Martial Spirit is only first-grade Tian ranked, while your ranking is only over two thousandth right? Besides, it's only been a while since the trial, so your cultivation would at most be the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm."

    Yang Song paused for a brief moment before he squinted and said, "Cultivator Qin Nan, am I right?"
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