Chapter 865 - Skycloud Mountain Range

    Chapter 865 - Skycloud Mountain Range

    Lin Miaoke, Ding Buhui, and the others were stunned hearing the words.

    Obviously, they did not expect Qin Nan who was riding the Skyhowl Wolf to only possess such a talent and strength.

    As they collected their thoughts, the former wore a pale expression while the latter was relieved.

    Only the Third Prince remained as calm as usual.

    Qin Nan calmly said, "As expected of the Heaven-Saber Sect's disciple, you're absolutely right. My cultivation is only at the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm."

    "Qin Nan..."

    Lin Miaoke was about to say something.

    "Sect Leader, don't worry. If Qin Nan has decided to come, it means that he's confident. Do you really think he's here to kill himself?" Before she could finish, the Third Prince smilingly whispered to her. This had happened many times in the Eastern Continent. Although Qin Nan seemed to be weaker on the surface, he always managed to turn the tables around in the end.

    Lin Miaoke was startled, but decided to keep quiet after coming to a realization.

    Yang Song was not surprised hearing Qin Nan admitting it. He gave Qin Nan and Xuan Yue a thoughtful look, before his expression became calm again, "Sect Leader Lin, since everyone has arrived, can you please take out the map so we can make our way to the Skycloud Mountain Range. By the way, firstly, Cultivator Qin Nan and Cultivator Xuan Yue, you are not allowed to notify the Dragon Emperor Clan about this."

    "Secondly, before finding the treasures, we'll team up to get rid of the hazards along the way. After all, the area deep within the Skycloud Mountain Range is extremely dangerous. When the treasure is discovered, we'll then compete for it. How does that sound?"

    Yang Song said after a deep consideration.

    Even though he could attack and rob the map now, it would be troubling if Qin Nan and Xuan Yue were to contact the Dragon Emperor Clan for backup. That being said, he was not afraid of the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan, as he also had the support of the Heaven-Saber Sect.

    The main reason was that this trip to the Skycloud Mountain Range was possibly related to a destiny-altering fortunate encounter. Once the elders from the two factions were involved, they would lose the chance of claiming it for their own good. Similar to them, the elders would want to alter their destiny too.

    Furthermore, Yang Song, Xia Hao, and Ding Buhui were not idiots. They were aware that if Qin Nan dared to show himself, he would have some trump cards to guarantee his safety.

    If Qin Nan had some trump cards, so did they.

    It all came down to whose trump cards were stronger!


    Lin Miaoke nodded in agreement.

    It went without saying that teaming up would highly increase their chances of finding the treasure. Otherwise, their efforts would all be in vain.

    Lin Miaoke flicked her finger, causing a map to appear.

    "Merge into one!"

    Ding Buhui waved his hand and revealed another piece of the same map, which slowly combined with Lin Miaoke's map into one.


    As soon as the map was combined, it shuddered violently and unleashed a Law-Defying aura.

    "No wonder they are convinced that the map contains some secret about a destiny-altering fortunate encounter!"

    Seeing this, Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment. Through the All-Knowing Scroll, he was aware that many maps were scattered around the Middle Continent.

    How could you identify if a map contained clues to finding a destiny-altering fortunate encounter?

    The aura of the maps would be the indication. Those that were related to a destiny-altering fortunate encounter would unleash a Law-Defying aura.

    That being said, the destiny-altering fortunate encounter could be classified into different tiers as well. For example, a chance to rank up from a Huang ranked Martial Spirit to a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit was considered destiny-altering too, but it was completely useless for the group.

    Only a chance to acquire a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit or above was considered a great fortunate encounter.

    However, it was impossible to determine what kind of fortunate encounter the map would bring to them without checking the place out themselves and bearing the risks.

    As a result, some people would sell maps containing clues to destiny-altering fortunate encounters. Buying these maps was similar to betting. Some would end up winning, while the others would suffer a great loss, or even lose their lives.

    "It's deep inside the Skycloud Mountain Range, let's head out!"

    Ding Buhui's eyes flickered as he led the way and flew into the distance. Yang Song, Xian Hao, and the other old man followed.

    "Let's go too!"

    Lin Miaoke glimpsed at Qin Nan, before taking a deep breath and waving her hand, encapsulating the Third Prince's figure within a glow.

    "Damn it, these snobs will pay for their actions!" Xuan Yue snapped in an unpleasant tone. As the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolves Tribe, it was his first time being treated like that.

    However, since he was a probationary mount now, he would have to follow Qin Nan's orders.

    "Alright, stop complaining and follow them."

    Qin Nan went up to Xuan Yue's head and let out a smile.

    So what if they were looking down on him, it was true that he was only at the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. However, his cultivation was different than the others'.



    The Skycloud Mountain Range was similar to the Crimson Magic Mountain Range that Qin Nan had visited in the past.

    The only difference was that the Skycloud Mountain Range was covered by the Hundred Barrier Mist. The mist was white in color, and was free of poison. However, regardless of how powerful one's eye-technique was, everyone within the mist would have their vision limited to one hundred meters around them. Therefore, walking in the Skycloud Mountain Range felt like walking in clouds, thus the reason why it was given the name.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Following a few piercing sounds, Ding Buhui, Yang Song, Xia Hao, the black-robed old man, Lin Miaoke, Qin Nan, Xuan Yue, the Third Prince, two hounds, and one mouse arrived at the bottom of the Skycloud Mountain Range.

    "The Hundred Barrier Mist of the Skycloud Mountain Range is exactly how people described. Even with my Saber Eyes, my vision is still limited to a hundred meters." Yang Song raised his head and scanned his surroundings. Even his Divine Sense was restricted.

    "HAHA, Senior Brother, I'm having the same problem too."

    Xia Hao uttered a laugh and turned toward Qin Nan, "Cultivator Qin Nan, you're the human disciple that the Dragon Emperor Clan has recruited by breaking their rules. Even though your Martial Spirit is not outstanding, you must have some superior talents? Why don't you lead the way?"

    "Sounds like a great idea! We would like to see Cultivator Qin Nan's talents too!"

    Ding Buhui and the black-robed old man blurted out.

    "Everyone, the Skycloud Mountain Range is filled with dangers. Even a fifth-layer Martial Progenitor would have trouble protecting themselves deep inside the mountain range. Since we've agreed to team up, we should explore the place together--" Lin Miaoke's expression coldened.

    Everyone knew how dangerous it was to lead the way at the Skycloud Mountain Range. These people were trying to pick on Qin Nan.

    Before she could finish, a giant hand tapped her shoulder and stopped her speech.

    "I'll lead the way."

    Qin Nan's calm voice appeared.
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